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I will be a steadfast and strong in my endeavors as this majestic tree.
Graceful and timeless.

Good afternoon and Happy Saturday to all. This week was a little different from my routine, I kept up all of my exercise and yoga, and I even got a ballet class in. I was out of town last weekend, so that through a wrench in my routine so to speak, and my trainer Mike was out of town this week.  Last week I was so happy I lost 3 more pounds bringing my weight loss up to 35 lbs. I am due for that monthly visitor, it is the end of the month and I gained 2 pounds. I know the scale goes up and down and I refuse to be upset. A few weeks the scale goes down and all of a sudden it goes back up. It is natural and since I am decided to focus on my fitness I am not going to stress about it. Scale fluctuations happen especially for my women of my age.

I will in shame admit I did something yesterday that was stupid and may have contributed to my small gain. I fell back into a day of eating disorder mentality. I hardly ate any real food on Friday and I did not drink enough water. I woke up with a headache and I realized that is the most stupid and insane thing to do ever to your body. I am a work in progress and I am not perfect but I am growing and learning from this project. To admit my mistakes, trials and tribulations is not an easy thing to do. I have opened up therefore I will be completely honest with everything I do, the good and the bad. I will not do that again, I promise myself this. The only way to healthy loss is to eat clean and not skip meals, exercise and be patient. Rome was not built in a day and losing weight is a marathon and not a sprint. I slipped up one day, caught myself and now I am back on track the healthy way.

This week my focus is on my nutrition and trying not to skip meals, and on my fitness progress. I also have to so some more research on future charities and giving back endeavors. Mike is back in town this week so I will be back to my Tuesday and Thursday workouts with him, and I am joining Francie Wednesday at Equinox in Beverly Hills, in addition to everything else I am doing. I am off for now, time to eat some healthy whole foods that nourish my body and well as my spirit. Taking a moment to meditate and manifest all that is good in the universe.

Love and Light and Happy Weekend


Gaining my composure after one stressful week, I plan to stand tall and graceful as my beloved trees.

Good Morning to all, and Happy Chinese New Year and the first day of February. Today feels like another new beginning to me, leaving this week behind. Last year at this time we lost our beloved cat Stormy, and this week has been a hectic and stressful week. Coincidence? Well, I have put the stress behind me and I look forward to regaining my zen and composure. 

Stormy doing her downward dog. I cannot think of that week one year ago, when I do tears take over.

I weighed in today, and I went up a pound. I know it is probably water weight. I am due for that monthly visitor and I did eat more sodium than usual this week. I had a few vegetarian products that taste delicious, and are low in fat and calories but so high in salt. I will try to limit those from here on out. My weight is now 175 lbs, and I hope to lose this water weight asap.

I admit I did not track my food and points, this week I will be diligent about that. It is amazing how worry and stress can overcome your plans and leave you vulnerable for slip ups. This week I shall breathe, drink my water, and make sure I am not skipping my meals. My workouts demand fuel and I should know better after all of this time. I am human so it is natural to have off weeks, I just need to nip it in the bud so to speak and start anew right now at this very moment in time. 

Wishing you a beautiful Saturday. Love, and Light. Onward and upward.


I have done well, and I am proud but my husband and I were discussing that I am not even half way there. How do I sustain the momentum to get to where I am going. I still would like to lose 40 lbs more. Food has been a struggle and I feel like I am playing a tug of war with my thoughts about dieting. I decided to nip this feeling in the bud, reinvent my vision and start to do Weight Watchers online. I can attend occasional meetings, track my points and weigh myself in the privacy of my own home. My weigh in is now Saturday mornings, I think the perfect time to weigh in. Today my scale was not cooperating so I decided to be safe and add four pounds to my weight of 177, just in case I have put on a bit of water weight. So I tracked my starting weight at 181 lbs. I would rather error on the high side and work my way back down. During the holidays I did not watch my sodium, so that is why I feel I may have gained a bit of water weight.

I am motivated, it is a new year and I have brand new momentum. Reinventing my vision to get to where I want to go is necessary to keep it fresh and keep up the pace. I also love if I feel I need extra support I can attend a meeting. So my next charity will be in roughly 14 pounds or around 168 pounds.  That is my first goal. If I get the scale working today I may update this, if not I will go with the higher number I posted and purchase a new scale. I just felt the need to get this documented now.

Quick update, scale is working and my weight is 179. I gained two pounds only, and this is after two cups of coffee, 16 oz of water and breakfast. I am on track pretty much. So thrilled.

Wishing everyone a fresh new beginning as the 2014 begins. 
Rose Bruno Bailey


Vegetable juice to help me reset my body 

The Thanksgiving Holiday was amazing, and having all of the time off was great but now it is time to get back to work. This week is a short work week,which I love. I think the weather may get a little cooler, which always makes it challenging to go and work out but I will get through the December temptations. I am about to weigh myself, I cheated on Thanksgiving but to be honest even though I only cheated one day, I did not watch my sodium as much as usual over the weekend. So I will see how the scale reacts, also I may have some female water weight to boot. Female water weight with Thanksgiving, a double weight whammy. So, in essence I need to make sure I am right on track up until my birthday in three weeks, I am going to be extra diligent with my diet until December 21st. We are going to Musso and Frank’s for my Birthday, a LA bucket list must. I want to get a new outfit and celebrate all that I have worked hard for, and take lots of photos.

Ok so the damage is two pounds. It is disheartening to see the scale up, but I know with female water weight and the holiday that may not be permanent. I am just going to push harder up until Christmas, do the December challenge to work out every day this month that Melissa Bender Fitness suggested. When the New Year hits I will even work harder. I have this, for me at my age it is taking some time but I am getting there. When I was younger I lost weight so quickly, but I understand the challenges of being a woman in my forties. I am just going to reset with healthy choices and work out and clear my mind and body.

Off for now, workout or yoga tonight, and if I go to yoga I am running all the way there. I will conquer this just in time to do my twenty pound charity. I am just waiting on an email and checking a few details before I reveal what I am doing this month.

Love and Light