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Stand tall and reach for the sun

Good afternoon to all. My husband James is under the weather, and I decided to repost a post from one year ago today since most of my day will be preoccupied. When I looked at the post exactly one year ago today, I found something very interesting. One year ago today we went to the ER, he was not feeling well and we make the trek to the hospital. He has an auto immune disorder so we do not play around, always have to be safe then sorry.

I find it interesting we did the same exact thing one year ago today. Health is number one.

Here is the post from July 20th 2013 and an essay I wrote about living life to the fullest.

Happy Sunday.


love, light and good health to all


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Alan Jackson;Jimmy Buffett – It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere

Good Morning to all. I am up and drinking my coffee, and listening to some upbeat music to begin my day. Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet, It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere. People think it is funny that I love Jimmy Buffet since I have never been drunk, but I am a poet and so is he. I love his music, it gives me goosebumps. My friend in Pittsburgh is keeping me posted for tour dates here on the west coast.

Tonight after work I am meeting my trainer Mike at the gym instead of the park at five a clock, ironically enough.  We are mixing it up since it has been cooler and there seems to be a mosquito issue lately.

I am sure my workout will be more intense, since it will involve a treadmill and incline. Mike really wants to get my intensity up and I think he is right. Time to step it up a few notches.

Next week on Wednesday my friend Meagan and I are delivering some homemade baked goodies to Alexandria House for Valentine’s Day. Seasons 52 and Monica offered to donate their mini indulgences as well. I am happy to bring some sweets to the sweet residents of Alexandria House, a transitional home for women and children.

Off for now, busy day ahead and not much time to write. Happy Thursday, remember It’s Five A Clock Somewhere.

Melissa Bender Fitness: 30 Day Workout Challenge

I am adding this to my routine for the month of December, answering the challenge to make sure no matter what happens I get these workouts in. Love it, Thanks Melissa Bender.

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