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My workout yesterday with Mike was challenging, and I mean that in the best possible way. I hope they continue to challenge and change me. We did mostly TRX yesterday, and I admit I really love using that tool to work out. Mike hooks the TRX to the tree and we are able to do all of these exercises right outside in the park. I love working out in the outdoors, one year later I am no stranger to dirt. When things get hard I try to look up and focus on the trees.

I workout with Mike again Friday, and after work today I will be doing some speed walking, no running for now until I get used to not wrapping my toe any longer. My foot hurts a lot less now, and that is such a relief. Who knew wrapping my toe was cutting off my circulation. Mike taught me how to rub a tennis ball over my calves to loosen up the muscles. 

I made some new dog friends, a huge teddy bear of a dog and this little thing named Rudy. I love the movie Rudy, and all I think about was that last scene when everyone chants Rudy’s name at the Notre Dame Football Stadium. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!! A must see if you are looking for inspiration.

The Book Drive is still going on, I am taking more time to get the most books possible. I am weighing myself every few weeks now, just so I do not get crazy with the scale. I will step on next week sometime. I am doing everything the same food wise, I just needed a break from weekly weigh ins for now. Last I weighed I was 167 and I plan on being in the 150’s soon, and picking a new charity project. I also want to really, really progress in my workouts. Time to take it up a notch. 

Off for now. Coffee, and some attention from my Siamese cats, who are high maintenance and always want attention.

Love and Light


Good Thursday Morning to all and a very Happy Birthday to my husband James. I owe so much to him, and everything I have evolved to be is because of his influence. We are two adventurers of life, never knowing what destination we will call home. I love living life like it is a big adventure. Happy Happy Birthday Jamesy!!

We are Palm Springs bound tomorrow, so I will take lots of photos and share them. I am so excited to have a get-a-way, and I look forward to eating healthy yet delicious. I did promise my husband James I would eat some Birthday cake, even though he wants to me indulge more with him but I am not giving in. My first real cheat day is Thanksgiving. My healthy lifestyle does not slow down for weekend get-a-ways. That does not mean I will not enjoy myself, but within reason and with healthy and delicious choices.

James and Rose 1998 at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio

Yesterday was my workout with Mike, and it is now getting harder. He actually said he has never seen me sweat like that. No complaints though, I know when things start to get too easy or simple it is so important to climb to the next level even if the challenge makes you feel like you are right back to being a beginner. We did the circuit machines and the TRX, and I planked on my arms with the TRX in my legs. I thought I was so good at planking, and then a new challenged fed me humble pie, it was so so hard. We ran, and we keep running more and more each time and I think I may be improving. I still struggle with my breath but I think it may be getting a little better.

I love the park at that time of night, it is dark but the whole park is illuminated my lights. People are there doing their own personal workouts or practicing softball. There is the distraction of dogs everywhere. As we were running my eyes caught this beautiful black lab leap mid air for a softball. Right there was inspiration, grace in motion from a canine. There is a feeling of camaraderie, that spirit envelops the air you breathe and you almost feel like you are a kid playing outside after hours. I am so grateful for Mike, not only does he take the time to train, motivate and teach me, but working out with him is just plain fun with lots of laughter and it never feels like a chore. 

I love feeling like a kid again, and I believe since I have moved here to Southern California I have truly become the epitome’ of a Californian. I wonder if a lot of the New Yorker in me is fading. I am a true outdoor girl now. I am making progress and that makes me very happy indeed. Life is always evolving, and it is never ever to late to learn something new and be a better version of yourself. I will continue to always have this zest for life no matter how old I get. I love life, living, and the people and animals that make it so worthwhile.

Tonight I am just doing some cardio after work than getting ready for our weekend trip, and hanging out with that cats and James. 
Wishing everyone a beautiful Thursday of love and light.


Good Morning to all. I am so sleepy today, and I am so happy it is Wednesday. The weekend is almost here, we are almost over the hump. My little rascals were in rare form this morning, so my sleep was really compromised last night. I had to lock both cats out of the room, but of course Spanky howls loud and I had to let him back in. I adore my cats but they really love to mess with our sleep. I think they think we are their  personal play things.

Yesterday I did a new workout with Mike my trainer and friend. He had these cords you put on a tree and then you use the resistance of your own body weight.I love working out in the park, I get the fresh breeze on my face and I am surrounded by trees.  The workout was really challenging which is good, I can see this new feature to my workout is going to really work. My body is really changing and I am so happy and grateful. I am stronger, fitter and I weigh less. I cannot weight to see my weight get in the 170’s. I am so close. 

I got to meet Mike’s lovely girlfriend Maria and three precious dogs. I love dogs, we just have cats since it is a bit more convenient for us. Cats are a handful but they do not need walking. One day we will get a dog too. I would take in all animals if I could. I think it may be time I visit the animal shelter again.

Tonight is my weekly yoga class over at Pink Iron with Nicole. I love her Nicole and her class. It is not until 7:00 so it gives me time after work to figure out dinner and relax a little. I am off for now, I am so sleepy I can hardly function. Coffee, yes coffee is definitely needed today and not just for the taste. Today I need that bolt of energy from caffeine.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.
Love and Light always,