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Good morning to all on this gifted Friday. I am away in Las Vegas for the weekend. This week I have decided everything I do I will do with 100% of my heart and soul. From the creative things I do, the physical, the mundane. If I am putting in my time and I putting my heart into it as well. I am also making some lists of larger things to accomplish in regards to my fitness journey, personal goals, volunteering and charity ideas. My day to day workouts with be harder too, and I will be pushing more. I am proud of how far I have come but I am reaching beyond the stars I love to gaze at. I will be kind to everyone that crosses my path, and I will try to exercise patience as well.

I feel I was stronger and worked harder with my workouts with Mike this week. My toe feels like it is healing, and we ran on Wednesday again for the first time in forever. No pain, and I feel great. We are working on pull-ups with the TRX.  Mike is helping me inch my way into a full pull up, and when I am able to master that I will be taking trapeze classes. It has been on my bucket list since NYC to take Trapeze Classes. I first saw the Trapeze School at Chelsea Piers and said I have to do that. I was actually planning on beginning a NYC bucket list blog and then we moved suddenly to Los Angeles. When I moved I saw the Trapeze School was also here at the Santa Monica Pier. I noted I could still take my classes but quickly realized I needed to work on my strength first. Side note about Mike my trainer. He is honestly a gift and anyone who works out with him will be lucky indeed. I hope he gets so many clients in the future, I am doing things I never knew I could do. I hope one day my best friend Melissa Bender from Melissa Bender Fitness can meet him, they both are my fitness inspirations. They also both put up with my issues and tell me to eat more, something that I am working on. No one can go it alone. It starts alone, but having a support network and friends who believe in you makes the journey more of a joy ride.

Wednesday was the best day ever. I met so many kind people who want to help me collect children’s books, and it continues on. I am so grateful for the kind people I am meeting. I was more excited about getting all the books for kids than leaving for Las Vegas. I tend to be a little, or a lot out of the box. More on my book drive soon. I was on my way home and I saw a man with a bag and I had to take a photo, it was a sign that I am moving in the right direction.

Off from my upgrade to a suite at the Orleans Hotel to the Bellagio this afternoon. Meeting up with my husbands best friend Ted who shares a birthday with James.  This suite is heaven. I ordered a pot of coffee from room service and I am in blogging heaven.

I made friendly chit chat with the gentleman at the front desk and got this upgrade.

The pot is always half full

Happy Friday to all
Love and light


My workout yesterday with Mike was challenging, and I mean that in the best possible way. I hope they continue to challenge and change me. We did mostly TRX yesterday, and I admit I really love using that tool to work out. Mike hooks the TRX to the tree and we are able to do all of these exercises right outside in the park. I love working out in the outdoors, one year later I am no stranger to dirt. When things get hard I try to look up and focus on the trees.

I workout with Mike again Friday, and after work today I will be doing some speed walking, no running for now until I get used to not wrapping my toe any longer. My foot hurts a lot less now, and that is such a relief. Who knew wrapping my toe was cutting off my circulation. Mike taught me how to rub a tennis ball over my calves to loosen up the muscles. 

I made some new dog friends, a huge teddy bear of a dog and this little thing named Rudy. I love the movie Rudy, and all I think about was that last scene when everyone chants Rudy’s name at the Notre Dame Football Stadium. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!! A must see if you are looking for inspiration.

The Book Drive is still going on, I am taking more time to get the most books possible. I am weighing myself every few weeks now, just so I do not get crazy with the scale. I will step on next week sometime. I am doing everything the same food wise, I just needed a break from weekly weigh ins for now. Last I weighed I was 167 and I plan on being in the 150’s soon, and picking a new charity project. I also want to really, really progress in my workouts. Time to take it up a notch. 

Off for now. Coffee, and some attention from my Siamese cats, who are high maintenance and always want attention.

Love and Light