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Last week after my outdoor workout with my trainer Mike, I went to the yoga studio. I was speaking to the kind staff member and he asked me where I work out. When I told him I exercise in the outdoors, he said how wonderful he thought that was. He said working out in the open space of a park is so grounding, leaving me connected to the earth. I could not agree more, I do feel extremely grounded and centered since I started this project last July. The last time I spent time outdoors on this level I must have been under the age of twelve. I have found my inner child, carefree and connected to the soil below my feet. I am doing more than changing my health and body, and helping others. I am evolving my soul. I practice mobile meditation when I work out. The soil is grounding my soul.

I was lucky to have a wonderful weekend. Friday was The Eagles concert, a band who often sang about California and the desert. Their lyrics seem to mimic my new found feeling. We have been in Santa Barbara for the remainder of the weekend, staying at the oldest hotel in California dated back to 1871, The Upham Hotel.  Talk about getting back to roots, it feels as if I have time traveled. I should be basking in the sun holding a parasol and not a computer. The people here are so lovely, and the scenery makes me breathless.

Speaking of getting back to my roots and feeling grounded, I got the chance to visit the largest Fig Tree in the USA, The Moreton Fig Tree in Santa Barbara California. It is a breathtaking sight, the root system is massive and like nothing I have ever seen ever. We had a surprise gift and met up with friends who joined us for the day. This lovely couple really seems to get the bigger picture. I think they were as excited as me to see this tree, they are just as obsessed with trees as I am. I am in awe of the trees here, and seeing this awe inspiring work of art from Mother Nature was such a gift.

I will take this grounded, centered feeling with me as I return home and back to my routine of working out, yoga and life. I shall revel in the simple moments as well as the grand, and I will always have gratitude for life. My husband James told me yesterday he has never seen anyone more full of life than me, which is the biggest compliment a woman can receive from her husband.

Wishing you a very Happy Martin Luther King Jr day. We are all connected to the core that is out humanity, connected to the earth and one another.
Love and Light,


Sometimes you hear a phrase in a particular setting that can have relevance in life. I work out with my trainer Mike and he taught me to breath into it when I am stretching. It is similar to what Nicole my wonderful yoga teacher taught me about the difference between pain and sensation. I think the phrase “Breath Into It” can have an impact in all arenas of life. Having a bad day? Slow down, breath into it, catch yourself before you fall. It can make all the difference in the world when you get out of your body and into your heart. I would say get into your head but unfortunately sometimes our minds move all too quickly and it may be hard to breath when your thoughts are racing. Find your heart center, and breath into it. Everything is will be fine if you just breath.

I am excited beyond measure, James and I are attending The Eagles concert tonight at the re-opening of the Forum Theater in Los Angeles. ironically enough this concert will leave me breathless, but in a good kind of way. I am moved easily and the Eagles are such an Iconic Band. They traveled to Joshua Tree State Park in California to get inspiration, and their cover photo of one of their albums was shot there. If you listen to the lyrics of Peaceful Easy Feeling you can get a sense that the inspiration came from that moment in the desert. I cannot wait for tonight. Hotel California here we come.

                                                     Peaceful Easy Feeling”

I like the way your sparkling earrings lay,
Against your skin, it’s so brown.
And I wanna sleep with you in the desert tonight
With a billion stars all around.

‘Cause I got a peaceful easy feeling,
And I know you won’t let me down
’cause I’m already standing on the ground.

And I found out a long time ago
What a woman can do to your soul.
Oh, but she can’t take you anyway,
You don’t already know how to go.

And I got a peaceful easy feeling,
And I know you won’t let me down
’cause I’m already standing on the ground.

I get this feeling I may know you as a lover and a friend.
But this voice keeps whispering in my other ear,
Tells me I may never see you again.

’cause I get a peaceful easy feeling
And I know you won’t let me down
’cause I’m already standing…
I’m already standing…
Yes, I’m already standing on the ground
Oh, oh
                                                                  The Eagles


Sometimes periods of incredible inspiration and motivation are followed by moments of self doubt. It is like that evil elf sitting on your shoulder telling you, not so fast. You find yourself questioning how you will ever go the distance, and then he has you in the palm of his little charred hand. His hold on you feeds on your insecurities and all of a sudden that motivational high comes down a few pegs. What do you do then? Let him consume you or make a quick get-a-way?

I came home from another electric Richard Simmons class last night. I met a wonderful family from Houston, Texas and my friend Joanna joined me as well. Nothing happened to me to all of a sudden feel anxious yet I do. I need to nip these little feelings of uncertainty immediately. I have no reason to worry I will not go the distance, but reasoning has nothing to do with that other side of you that seems to speak way to loudly to your insecurities.

My plan is to continue to do everything I am doing, and then some. I will not get this fleeting moment of self skepticism get in my way. I will keep up with working out six days a week and tracking my food. I am having one weak moment but I will not let that get in my way to make my goals and My Change For A Ten a success. After all, anything of worth is work, hard work. That includes battling those belated moments of self doubt that seem to high jack your positive thoughts.

I will focus on the process, the slow process, and the charities at the end of each ten pounds. I am doing this for two reasons, for health, and to make a difference in the lives of others. Each day is a brand new opportunity to excel.  I will not let those ugly emotions get the better of me. I am an optimist, sometimes to a fault so I will rely on my usual upbeat demeanor to help me forge forward. Plus I am surrounded by many inspirational people and I continue to meet new people that inspire me with their stories. I silently tell myself  “you got this,” as I listen to one of my favorite bands, The Eagles, and sing along to The Long Run. I am in this for The Long Run. 
Love and Light