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Moving is full speed ahead, as soon as we are able to secure an apartment. This is very difficult from afar since we are both still working our present jobs. A lot of stress and it is easy to fall of the wagon. Yesterday I decided I would find time to work harder than ever, to keep my momentum going despite of the stress. I will be on my own in the city by the bay, without the security of having my trainer Mike push we twice a week. I need to reset my goals and plan for what is to come in a new city. Mike will still be helping me with my fitness bucket list and I know he will help me from afar as much as he can.  My husband James said Mike gave me the keys to fitness, now it is up to me to open new doors in my new city.

I took a Body Pump Class yesterday, I think it will be perfect to help me transition in San Francisco. I am working out and pushing myself, and downloading brand new music to get me moving to a new upbeat tune. I ran into my dear friends at 24 Hour Fitness in West Hollywood, and was so grateful we could capture a photo. 

James wanted Chinese, and what’s a girl to do? Steamed chicken, vegetables and brown rice, and I only ate half a portion with some fruit. I have a piece of dark chocolate for later, after I work out. It is so important now more than ever that I stick to my healthy lifestyle.
Off for today, we need to start going through our belongings and purging and donating what we do not need.
Love and Light to all

Steamed brown rice, veggies, and chicken with no sauce. 

I love Peter and Agatha, They swim daily


Good Morning to all. It is Thursday and I am back to my routine since being out of town, even though my routine for today is a little different since my trainer Mike is out of town. I believe he will be back next Tuesday. My friend Francie invited me to join her at Equinox in Beverly Hills for a ballet class, followed by a stretch class after work and I accepted. She feels this will be a good prerequisite before I join Align Ballet Method. I happen to have shoes, I think they may be too big but they will totally work for this class. I am looking forward to it immensely, getting my ballet toes wet so to speak. I am still doing my burpees and my to do list from Mike. I may bend but I will not break.

Coffee now, darn cats have been so wild since we were away, and they woke me up about three times last night.  Work has been hectic so now I have to bring my clothes with me so I make it to my classes and training sessions on time. I have to overcome the skipping meals issue, it is my biggest challenge now.

Wishing you sunshine and smiles today.
Love and Light.