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No complaining, I stayed the same this week. I am grateful for the fact I progressed this far, and I am so much stronger than I was.  I lost 2 last week and I am hovering at 171. I will get over this hump, and this week I am upping my cardio. I have been a little careful with my toe but I feel as long as it does not cause pain I am good to go. I understand as a woman over 40 this is much more challenging, but I am up for the challenge.

Back to my focus on fitness and fueling my body for my fitness goals. I admit this week I ate hummus instead of dinner for a day or two.Starting today I am cleaning up my diet, no salt, no carbs, I am eating clean to see how this week fairs. It is going to be chicken, salad, fruits and veggies. 

I am heading to the gym to attempt to swim some laps for the first in years. My toe is not 100% but it is getting better, and realized wrapping it does help me get through my active day. A little ibuprofen goes a long way.

Happy Saturday,

WEIGHT UPDATE 10-22-2013

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday. I have to admit I am a little disappointed this morning. I got on the scale and I stayed the exact same. I stepped on that thing 5 times or so, and it did not budge. That means in two weeks I have stayed at 180 pounds. My weight loss since July is still 17 pounds.  I have not had a cheat day, so not sure why I am plateauing so soon. I am happy I did not gain though, I have not had a weight gain at all since July, except once when I gained .5 of a pound.  So that is a relief.

I have decided I would start keeping a food journal again, I stopped and when I do not food journal I sometimes find I skip meals. I am also definitely incorporating more running. I am hoping next week will be that stellar weight loss week I have been working towards. In the meantime, back to work and back to the drawing board. Time to step it up just a bit more.

Time for coffee, and tonight I am either working out with Mike, or I am going to go running and then go to yoga. Time for my morning coffee now. I wish everyone a wonderful day. 


Good Morning and Happy Friday. I posted this photo I took from The Lee Strasberg Studio because I must remind myself to stay focused and keep my eye on the work and not always the results. I waver from time to time, sometimes I feel like I have these moments when I am reminded how far I have to go and I get a little discouraged. This week is a weak week for me, I feel like I am off kilter, as I ice my sore ankle from yesterday’s Richard Simmon’s class. I actually ate a half of bagel yesterday, and I feel incredibly guilty about that.

It was great to be back in class mind you, and I met some wonderful new people. Richard was in top form and it was amazing. There is this young woman named Tori from Utah who comes all the way to take Richards classes, he is that inspiring. Tori and I will keep in touch via Facebook, the best way to keep up with new friends from afar. I also met a great couple who were a lot of fun, and of course saw a lot of the regulars who are fast becoming friends. The energy is always unreal, and a few really young girls told me they love my energy. If I could just bottle it up and keep it with me during moments like now when I am tinkering on the brink of self doubt. 

Francie and I went to out and I did not get home til around 11:40 which is very late for me since I wake up so early. It is Friday so I can cope with that but I am sleepy just the same. It is always great to chat with Francie, and we can talk for hours. She is a lovely human being and friend.

I am a few days closer to weigh in, and I am going to eat as clean as I can all weekend. Hopefully this ankle issue with subside soon, it is really lingering on. I wish everyone a fantastic Friday.


Happy Sunday to all. It is the Labor Day weekend and I must say this is my first food challenge but I am sticking to plan and staying strong. It is not easy though, everyone is having summer food and treats but I am on a mission and I cannot falter. I am also finding time for my workouts and yoga in between the fun. Today I went to a morning yoga class with Nicole before my husband and I head out on a day trip. Yoga was fantastic and I am so happy I squeezed it in. We  now are going to just hit the road and see where it takes us. I love road trips, the freedom of the open highway and the unknown when you are just spontaneous and drive to wherever the freeway takes you.

Signing off for now. I will stay strong when we stop for a bite to eat. It is not easy but so worth it. I wish everyone a wonderful Sunday and Labor Day Weekend.
Love and light