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Good Morning, Happy Friday to all. I am so excited, the holidays are coming. I was making my morning coffee and tragedy ensued, no raw sugar. I was forced to use Stevia instead, which is supposedly healthy but a little bit bitter. I gave up Splenda for good, it caused side pain every time I used it. I was later diagnosed with three liver hemangiomas and one adrenal adenoma and even though they are benign and are not supposed to cause pain, every time I used Splenda my side would ache for days. So I gave up Splenda for good.

What do you use in your coffee? I prefer a little raw sugar, it is just a hint of delightfulness every morning. I was also out of my morning think thin bar, I am just devastated.
The sun hopefully will peak out today, it has been so overcast and believe it or not rainy. I have to admit I missed the sunshine, California is spoiling me.

Wishing you a bright and beautiful day. Love and Light to all.
Namaste’ Love and Light all