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Good Day Monday. In the spirit of Thanksgiving I feel an over abundance of gratitude. This weekend was a very emotional weekend for me and many others. Richard Simmons Slimmons Studio held it’s last class in Beverly Hills CA. I was lucky enough to be living back in LA to attend the last class. It was such a bitter sweet moment, a reunion and a goodbye; yet for me the connections and friendships will last a lifetime. Richard Simmons himself did not teach the class, and he was missed dearly yet it still was such a beautiful moment, a gathering of people from all ages who are forever connected by Richard Simmons and his message. Love yourself, love others, such a simple yet profound message.


If you have followed my weight loss blog and journey you know in the beginning in 2013 I was in the Richard Simmons’ HairDo video, and soon after I was a regular and a member at Slimmons Studio in Beverly Hills. I met so many wonderful people through my Slimmons experience, and getting to know Richard Simmons was indeed a high point not only in my weight loss blog and journey but in my life. I made life long friends, I became part of a community where everyone is welcome. We are all on the same path, working towards better health and wellness and Richard Simmons, the Slimmons staff and members of Slimmons welcomed me and everyone with open arms. I felt like family.


In 2014 I moved to San Francisco, and it was about the same time Richard Simmons decided to take a break from public life. He stopped teaching classes at his studio. I continued to follow my friends online and I followed his Facebook page from afar. Like the rest of the world I was concerned about him. I am so grateful I was back in LA to be at the last class taught before Slimmons closes its doors for good. 

A little back story about my Richard Simmons experience. Way before I ever met him, before my little appearance in his video, and before the classes, I was a dancer who did my Mother’s Sweatin’ to the Oldies tapes with my sister in our living room in Cleveland, Ohio.  I can still do all the routines. My favorite tape was Sweatin’ to the Oldies 2, it had the best music. I dreamed of appearing in one of his videos. ( little did I know that one day I would be in one of his videos).  Every time I hear the song Heatwave, or Shout I bust into a routine and skip through a grapevine, it doesn’t matter where I am or who I am with. 

I am and always will be in awe of Richard Simmons and the whole Slimmons community and I am forever grateful to call myself part of it.  Richard Simmons and his community were the beginning and inspiration that got me rolling on this weight loss journey and blog. The video was in July 2013, the exact week I began my weight loss blog. I almost did not go because I was so embarrassed about my weight. Since that moment I am now at 164 lbs. I am 29 lbs away from goal.  I have learned many lessons along the way, lessons from Richard Simmons and his community.



I owe so much to Richard Simmons, Slimmons and the friends I met along the way at that little lively Studio in Beverly Hills, CA.  Saturday was a moment of memories, of tears, of people gathering around and dancing to the music. The energy could light up all of Los Angeles. Richard Simmons was not teaching, but the wonderful staff (Sherry, Michelle, and Anne) captured that same spark, that feeling that I kept coming back for. I am alive, and I love life. That is the feeling I got from Slimmons classes. It was not about the size of my thighs, or how my body image felt on that particular day. It was this sensation, you know that magical feeling when the hairs on your arm stand on end? That is what it felt like to dance within the hallowed walls of Slimmons.

It was Magical. 



I am only half way there but so grateful for the journey. In my head I will always hear Richards words of wisdom:

Drink your water

Move every Day

Watch your portions

Be kind to yourself and to others.

The closing of Slimmons was a reunion, a sad yet joyful reunion. I was just grateful I had the opportunity to be here and share in the moment and memories with the people I now call life long friends. My inspirations, my mentors, my contemporaries, the loves of my life.  People of all ages, we are all connected by Richard Simmons.

I walked away with renewed willpower and inspiration. I am looking into becoming a group exercise instructor myself. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time and Marie a member of Slimmons (and an aerobics instructor) inspired me to go for it. I admit the last few weeks my will lass been at a low. I got sick, I have an injured rotator cuff but reuniting with the Slimmons family was just what I needed to keep going. I am sad it is closing but so grateful for the experience.

I will take this renewed inspiration and move forward. I will try harder, work harder, and be kinder to myself as I am out chasing my goals. I will keep in touch with the lovely souls from Slimmons I call friends, and I will attend classes of those who now teach in the style that captured the world by storm. The eye of that storm as retired yet his influence will go on forever.

Next time you take a sip of your water with lemon, remember Richard Simmons is the straw that stirs the drink. Keep Dancing. You are beautiful. We are family.

Much love and Light to all

Let’s Sweat

We love you Richard Simmons

Love, Rose



Good Morning Monday. Here is my schedule for the week. This is week 4 of the BenderFitness 12 week bikini prep workouts. I am totally sticking to it, and I feel great and motivated.

I have this app on Facebook that looks back at my memories, and at the same moment I was looking for a great and inspiring fitness quote to include in this post. My memories were two years ago when I began my weight loss blogging journey, and when I was in a Richard Simmons Video.  The quote I happened to come across is from the man himself. So today as I go forward with all of my goals, I will reflect on my beginnings two years ago when I met the man Richard Simmons, a man who really changed lives and helped people believe they can do it too. I am honored I had the opportunity to not only dance with him in his video, but to attend many of his classes before he decided to take some time off. I am always inspired by Mr. Richard Simmons as I continue on with my weight loss/fitness/philanthropic goals. I am forever grateful for the impact he has on me and so many others in the world. When he decides to teach again, I will be waiting outside Slimmons with bells on. Have a wonderful week and don’t forget to sweat!!!

What’s the secret to weight loss? People ask me this all the time. Let’s ask the weight saint himself?

Number one, like yourself. Number two, you have to eat healthy. And number three, you’ve got to squeeze your buns. That’s my formula.

Richard Simmons



Monday: 15 Minute Home Workout

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Wednesday: 10 Minute Fat Burn

Thursday: Flab-U-Less Arms and Abs, 30 Minutes Cardio

Friday:Fitness Transformation: Workout 5, 30 Minutes Cardio

Saturday: Off 

Sunday: Mix It Up Workout, 30 Minutes Cardio



It is my birthday, the winter solstice, the day with the least amount of light yet I feel like I am surrounded my the radiant wonder above. I am so blessed beyond belief, and as I get ready to kick in my Birthday with a class at Richard Simmons. He is having his holiday bash and there is no other way to begin my birthday than with a holiday dose of health with my guru himself. I am excited beyond belief, I love the energy that comes from those four walls. You could bottle it up and raise a mint for charity.

I am also going to Musso and Frank’s tonight with James for dinner, it is a bucket list must. Read my post about Huell Howser and you will understand why. More to come later, and lots and lots of photos.

I feel like I am celebrating life and making dreams come true. The Toy Drive is coming along with the amazing assistance of Seasons 52, and more on that tonight or tomorrow. I am happy to say as the New Year approaches I do not have one regret. I am making it happen, with a lot of help from my friends. Without them I would not be where I am today, or get to where I will be tomorrow. The sun does always come out tomorrow, even on the shortest day of the year.

Lots of love and light


I woke up with my usual pleasant demeanor, a little sore from my yoga and work out with Mike. I thought I would share my weekly workout and yoga routine.

Yoga 5 days a week
Working out with my trainer and friend Mike, 1 day a week for now
Walking 5 days a week
I have been incorporating beginning jogging as much as I can
I keep it flexible and sometimes change it up a bit. 

I may add Ballet classes, and other things as I progress more. I take the Richard Simmons Slimmons classes on occasion. They are so motivating and fun.  I am trying to really work on my yoga practice so I will return to his classes sometime in the near future. I believe my yoga practice will really open up by doing it almost daily. I am now an official yogi.

My eating plan is pretty much just eating healthy with lots of vegetables, and I am keeping a food journal. I sometimes do not eat enough and I can use to eat a bit more protein. I am a work in progress. I am not making any food off limits but I do not indulge usually. The time will come when I will get cravings, and I will deal with it then. In the meantime I am just eating clean with an occasional piece of dark chocolate from See’s Candies. Coffee is my non negotiable. I love it, and not because I need the caffeine. I actually just love the taste. So every morning as I blog I brew.

This is what I am doing, and I work from ten to three Monday through Friday so I work out and take yoga in the early evenings and I blog first thing in the morning. I live for Saturday’s, that is our fun day. 

Love and Light to all


Good Morning, Happy Thursday to all. I am up early, making coffee and planning my workout routine for the next few days. My workout routine each week consists of my weekly Thursday classes at Slimmons with Richard Simmons but he was out of town for a few weeks. Today I can say he is back in Beverly Hills and I will be dancing to his retro aerobics tonight. I really need his electric dose of energy and motivation. I found myself slightly wavering this week, so it will be good to get back to his classes. Taking his class is a natural high, he is so high on life and I usually am too. His classes bring out the very best in me and inspire me to keep going. I am meeting my friend Francie from the Richard Simmons video afterwards, we have become fast friends and we are going out for chit chat and a little treat tonight. Mind you, a little treat, I am behaving myself.

My routine was adjusted, but that is fine. It works for me to try to have some sort of routine to guide me as I continue on my quest to get fit and lose weight. It as just as important for me to be flexible in my routine as things can change from week to week. I just have to imagine I am a sailboat, adjust my sails and continue to travel the vast ocean to my final destination and goals. Sometimes the seas will be rougher, and I just need to ride it out and make it there anyway I can. 

I went to Yoga last night with Nicole over at Pink Iron. I go to Yogaworks but I enjoy Nicole’s classes so Wednesday is a permanent part of my routine. She is an amazing yoga teacher. We did a lot of shoulder openers, and it was fantastic. My flexibility is really coming back, my nose is almost to my knees in a forward fold.  It was very hot, and I was a bit tired but I did not falter nor did I give up. I am so dedicated and I will find a way to make my goals happen, one lap at a time. 

Wishing you a bright and beautiful Thursday full of natural highs.
Namaste’ Love and Light


Good Morning Thursday, I wish everyone a beautiful day today. I am drinking extra strong coffee this morning, the Siamese nightly wake ups were much more frequent last night. I am about to call Jackson Galaxy from My Cat From Hell, he would be able to fix my issue. Funny, all night long in between the cats being rowdy I dreamed about Stormy, our beloved Tabby who we lost to renal failure last January. We will always miss her, so naturally I feel a bit melancholic this morning. Here she is doing her best downward dog, she was the mascot for the yoga event I planned in Griffith Park for Kitt Crusaders, it was called Downward Dog For Cats.

Yoga was fantastic, as is Nicole my teacher. We did a lot of emphasis on hips and quad stretches. We were working on pigeon pose, and she taught us how to take our mat to the wall and do the pose up against the wall. It is a fabulous albeit hard stretch to do, but I can see how this is going to improve pigeon pose and our quad flexibility. I am so happy that my old flexibility is returning. I guess it is true that you have muscle memory. My Change For A Ten is working for me because of all the time I am putting in working out and doing yoga etc. I believe I would not feel this fabulous if I did not work out.  It takes the balance of diet and exercise to really see a difference in my body. I am so motivated to go forward and I really am enjoying the process as well as the results.

Richard Simmons will be traveling for the next few weeks so I will miss his high energy inspiration. I can still go to Slimmons for the class, but I think tonight I am going to go to the gym or take a class, or something to do with water. I love being in water, always have. It makes me feel completely alive and serene at the same time. I was a lifeguard in my twenties, I felt compelled to learn how to save a person from drowning. 

Here is a poem I wrote years ago about my love of being in the water and swimming, written in 2005.  I actually spent the afternoon swimming, then I took a shower and glanced out the window at the pool with the sun shining through the trees and the poem came to me right then and there. I had to have my husband write it down for me since I was in the shower, lol. Sometimes inspiration hits at the least convenient time, but I am always happy when it does.
Wishing you sunshine and serenity.


I dive in a pool of crystal clear waters,

My worries float away.

I gaze at the sapphire sky, the sun

Blazes brightly above me.

Clouds drift aimlessly

Making a myriad of shapes and sizes.

My wistful spirit is baptized,

I am consumed by this show of

Sky high fireworks;

Warming my soul and body.

Trees pirouette in the wind, a minuet

For weary eyes; I am taken away.

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey


Wonderful dancers inspire me
Trying to remember his name, so nice.
Five pounds down
Me with Richard and this nice lady Barbara

The most patriotic girls hamming it up with me after class

I was really tired yesterday, but after class the fatigue had lifted. I had made myself a promise to not skip anything I say I am doing. I have stuck to that vow. Class was completely electric and so was Richard Simmons. The music was so fun, he started off with Madonna’s Vogue, and then he played a lot of rock music. He had everyone dance with people from across the room,  ACDC You Shook Me All Night Long makes people really boogie on down. Nothing like classic rock to get you in the spirit of things.  There was a professional photographer there snapping photos as well, it was really a hoot. And yes, we all played the air guitar.

I met this lady Barbara a few weeks ago, and we decided to take our photo with Richard together. She is really sweet and loves to ballroom dance. She pointed out this dancer who had been there before, she told me to watch him dance. Sure enough he did a few pirouettes and of course that stole my heart. I had to talk to him, being a former dancer. I told him to never quit, my one dance teacher who was 60 and ageless told me dance will keep you young. We took photos together, he was so sweet. I am embarrassed to say I cannot remember  his name for the life of me, or I think I do and I do not wish to post the incorrect name. He goes to Slimmons regularly according to Barbara, so I will get that name and post. Come fall, I will be in dance classes again, so inspiring. Who cares what age you are, as long as you are alive and breathing you can do anything your heart desires. Only we hold ourselves back, and I have decided I will no longer ever hold myself back from anything. I choose to feel ageless.

There was a group of friends dressed in patriotic colors who are spending the summer living together here in Los Angeles. They were too cute, and we took a photo together after class. They are all a little sad since soon they will be going there separate ways, but I am sure they will remember their memories together forever. Richard Simmons gathers people from all walks of life together, it is like a big party. I love it.
At the end of class Richard showcased some wonderful people who have lost anywhere from fifty to over one hundred pounds, it was so inspiring to see their proud faces as he announced their individual weight loss achievements. If that does not inspire I do not know what does. 

I walked home, a little extra exercise. I think it is about a mile walk, and I had a protein shake for a healthy meal replacement before bed. I know I need my protein so I am making an effort to make sure I get enough protein.

When I started this My Change For A Ten I had two goals, to lose weight the healthy way for myself and get back to my former dancers shape, and to help others with each ten pounds. I never knew it could also be this fun adventure. Do you remember Susan Powell, the stop the insanity woman with my  platinum blond hair, she was once a weight loss guru on TV. She once said you must enjoy the process as much as the end result, and I see that is completely accurate and true. This process is such an fun journey, and I am having the time of my life making my goals a reality, each baby step of the way; never forgetting my gratitude to those who guide my steps.

Love and light


As Richard says when he enters the room, HI EVERYBODY!!

I think I may have met my match. Not a day goes by when someone tells me how perky I am. The conversation with guests where I work is always are you always this perky? You are perkier than coffee, now I can skip my caffeine etc. Funny though, when people read my poetry they are often shocked that I am extremely deep and reflective.  Perky does not mean I am empty headed. I just love to be alive. Richard Simmons is one perky man, and you can tell he has a natural high from life. He truly loves it and lives it.  He is 65 and not stopping, and his energy could light up all of Los Angeles. I am in awe of him, his perkiness and all. And yes, he is also very deep. I feel honored to know him and have the opportunity to take his classes.

When you take on a project such as this you need to constantly keep moving and keep the momentum moving forward as well.  Going it alone is not an option. Working out with Mike on Tuesdays and attending Richard Simmons classes on Thursdays gives me that extra motivation to continue on.  As I have said I have been attending classes at Richard Simmons every Thursday Evening. It is major inspiration for me, and lasts the entire week. When I was in his video shoot I met a new friend named Francie, and our similarities of our paths were uncanny. We became instant friends. She decided to join me Thursday 8-1-13 for class. She was a dancer as well and loves to take classes and try new things. Her first time going to a Slimmons class was on the fourth of July and like me she was hooked.

I got there a little early, I am always early. I was talking to Gigi the 91 year old dynamo and she introduced me to a wonderful young guy named George who is a make up artist, and I met Erin a real Irish beauty. George has done Richards makeup amongst others. He said sometime in the future he would like to do mine. George and Erin are regulars but they usually attend on Tuesdays. I met Shoshanna, it was her first time and she was so excited and did not know what to expect. All of a sudden I saw a head bob up and yell out my name, Francie had arrived and thought I was not there, it was so crowded and she made her way over to me and to my new Richard Simmons friends. Again, as usual the energy was completely electric. 
Francie, Erin, Richard, George,Rose, Shoshanna

Rose and erin

Shoshanna and Rose

Francie and Rose 

I had told George that my ankle felt tender, and he told me to make sure I mention it to Richard so he knows. This man works you out, and he pushes unless he feels you are injured. He came over to me, kissed both my cheeks and when I told him my ankle felt a litttle tender he had me feel his knee. He was wearing a  knee brace and he instructed I go to CVS and purchase one for my ankle for extra support. He kept his eye on me but did not push.

The class was absolutely a riot and so fantastic. I do not think words could express the energy that this man brings to the table. It was Latin night coupled with amazing Latin moves and Richard was actually playing records off a record machine. Totally retro aerobics. My ankle felt fine but I stayed on the low impact side, and danced my heart out as did everyone else. You have to be there to understand how much fun it is.

Free weights came next, and then planking. I am proud to say I planked on one leg with my right let raised. I am definitely getting stronger and Francie told me she has noticed a difference in me since the video shoot. Making progress slowly but surely, all I can say is woo hooo.

Richard gave his nightly inspirational talk and wished a few people Happy Birthday and gave them a special birthday gift, he even sang the Birthday tune from Fiddler on the Roof. We took photos and were on our way, smiles and all.   Afterwards Francie and I went to Robertson Blvd for cupcakes, coffee, and conversation. I am so happy to have met her, she is an amazing young woman and new friend. I actually had just a quarter of a cupcake and a decaf skim cappuccino. A bite or two was all that was needed for me to feel satisfied. I am feeling so fufilled in other areas, this whole journey is really becoming such a fun adventure. 

When I began this project I said anything I say I am going to do I will do, no procrastination and no backing out of things. I am proud to say so far I have stuck to that vow. I am dedicated even on days when I may feel a bit fatigued, weak or tired. At the end of the day the fatigue lifts and all I am left with is that natural perky high you get from this beautiful thing we call life. To quote one of my favorite films The Shawshank Redemption. ” Get busy living or get busy dying.” I choose to live passionately, to live big, and live my authentic life. 
Love and Light


Happy Sunday to all. I woke up slightly sore yet totally inspired from The Richard Simmons class. He has taught people for decades to love yourself, every single ounce of yourself. I am motivated as I make my way documenting my quest to lose weight for good and make a difference in the lives of others by sponsoring a charity with every ten pounds I lose. At the age of 46 I plan to be fit and fearless.  Combining my love for others and learning to love myself is the best thing I have done in forever. I live my life with such a love and acceptance for all people and animals but I have not given myself the same respect. Loving all of myself is the hardest part, but I am making long strides on the path to self acceptance. I have followed Mr Simmons for years, I did my Mother’s videos with my sister but somewhere his beautiful message of loving yourself alluded me until now. It took having the opportunity to dance with him in his music video and taking his extremely energetic class for the message to finally make an impact on my opinion of myself. 

There are many things I have personally put off because I felt I was not thin enough to do them. What is really an eye opener for me is I followed this self destructive pattern when I was fit and thin. The first step is to love your body as is. My body is my temple and I  am accepting it and loving it and all of its flaws. This is a first for me. I am so motivated with the process of my new transformation, the ups and downs. I am changing my mind as well as my body. Someone this week asked me if posting my before photos was liberating and I shrugged at him and said no. I felt embarrassed and ashamed. I have completely changed my outlook since my Richard Simmons experience. I do feel completely liberated and inspired.  I  really am taking the E out of EGO and I truly enjoying the beginning of my personal journey. No fear, no more. Fear is my second Achilles heal behind procrastination but that has completely changed this week. 

I have always felt such a gratitude for life, love, and living. This week I add true self love to my life filled with such beautiful abundance. Love yourself as you love all creatures of the universe. After all, you are a spectacular creature yourself. You are human. Thank you Richard Simmons for inspiring me and the masses for decades. 
Namaste’ love and light.