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Good Morning to all, and it is Wednesday which means the weekend is almost here. I love this silent time of the morning, when James is showering and the cats have settled down. It gives me time to get in my head. The marine layer is out, and I wish I did not work today so I can go somewhere and just write some new poems. Funny, I am very outgoing and a tend to be a talker, but there are times when I really enjoy silence, you have to really know me to know this. When I get quiet James always calls me cranky, but it is not crabbiness but a stillness that comes over me at times, the best moments to write poetry.

I worked out with Mike, my trainer and friend and it was great and challenging as usual. We actually got at the park when it was getting dark, but everything was illuminated from the park lights and people were gathering for their practice for whatever sports they play. Trees are everywhere, I have this little obsession with trees, so I love that.  I always notice everything around me, and I can feel the positive energy of the park even after dark.

As soon as I get the new shoes I need and my ankle is completely better we are going to resume jogging and up my intensity. We did more TRX, and today I am a bit sore but not nearly as sore as I was last week. We also did a lot of core work, and I laugh at myself because I actually do it in the grass without a mat and I am ok with it. Since moving to California I become more and more of an outdoor person, and it is amazing coming from an east coaster whose only outdoor time was a sidewalk cafe at brunch in Manhattan or Astoria, Queens.

I am very grateful to Mike for training me, and I am really beginning to get positive comments from people. I will have more information about him as he progresses in his fitness training goals. He said I am his protege’ and I am happy to be that. I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be but this is giving me the foundation to build upon. I want to be in the best shape of my life and I am thankful and I know Mike has the expertise to get me there. I cannot wait to buy my leotard and head to ballet class, but not until I feel ready. I am on my way.

Tonight is yoga with Nicole at Pink Iron. She is so fantastic, and I love her class. She also has a company Honu Yoga, which makes tee shirts for the stylish yogi. I have a few, so as soon as I get a chance I will post some updated photos of me in my bright colored Honu Yoga tanks. 

I am off for now, I have coffee to drink and then I have to get ready for work. I wish everyone a beautiful day full of lots of illumination and radiance.
Love and Light


Good morning Wednesday. I am up extra early today, savoring a few precious moments of sunrise, solitude, and silence and trying to gather my thoughts over a delicious cup of coffee. I greet my day with a heart filled with gratitude for everyone that has graced me with their positive presence. I am grateful for this beautiful planet we reside in and of course for my beloved cats and this cup of coffee. I am grateful for the sheer blessing of being alive, tired yet so alive.

I am really getting much stronger and more balanced in my workouts with Mike my trainer and friend. Yesterday he stepped it up a few notches, He said he has been too easy on me and it was time to make things more difficult, and he and guaranteed I would be sore today. I woke up sore of course, but it is that job well done type of soreness that comes with accomplishment. 

We jogged a lot, or for me it was a lot. The hardest part is my breathing, and some of that may be due to allergies. Nothing that the neti pot cannot cure. I actually did more than I thought I could, and I will continue to improve on the jogging part of the workouts. I will do some jogging this week when I do my walking.  I have also been googling breathing techniques. I will get this. He plans on us jogging longer distances. Nest week we are going to video tape me doing simple beginner burpees for Melissa @ Melissa Bender Fitness so she can post them on her blog. We figured out a way for me to do them using the bench as a prop so I can ease into them without straining my knees. 

My core is pretty darn strong. I was a dancer and of course your “center” as we called it in dance is the most important part. You have to constantly pull up, suck in, relax your shoulders and do not arch the back with your hips tucked in. I still walk like this to this day, head high. I guess some habits stick over time and this particular dance habit is really helping me with my core. The core matters!  My sit ups are getting so much more fluid, I was really proud yesterday. My hard work is starting to really pay off and I feel so motivated to continue. I am very grateful to Mike, he teaches as well as instructs and I can feel my body changing. I am so much stronger than I was over six weeks ago. 

When I got home I did some yoga poses to stretch, but of course doing yoga poses at home with cats is a challenge. They are mesmerized by the mat, and attack your feet as you are doing downward dog. Tonight is yoga with Nicole. I will be sure to drink enough water and eat enough so I do not get lightheaded or sick like I almost did last Wednesday. I still need to get to YogaWorks and use my month unlimited Groupon, it doesn’t expire and works from the first day you use it. I will begin there either this week or the next. I am really enjoying the process as well as the results, and that is what keeps me going each and every single day. This is my lifestyle and I absolutely love it.

Wishing you a Happy Wednesday
Love and Light