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I went to Marshall’s today to look for a new bathing suit and a few summer dresses. For the amount of money it costs to purchase a pair of jeans I found a bunch of summer dresses on sale for my upcoming weekend away. A shout out to my future personal shopper at Marshalls, Debonie. She was incredibly kind and helpful and we decided when I get to my goal weight we are going to town shopping. I can use the help and I am so grateful I met her today.

I have lost considerably but I still have a ways to go. I decided to take selfies of my purchases to see how they look, and get the best reflection of where I stand. My bathing suit I bought is retro and fun, I am not yet daring enough for more. I need to get a sport one for swimming laps. I am very happy with my new finds.

Wishing everyone a beautiful week. Keep moving forward.
Love and Light

Retro bathing suit My arm looks huge, bad angle lol

Blue Maxi Dress

Cut out in the back

Bathing suit cover up

I did not get this one.

showing the cut out


Good morning to all. It has been so hectic here and Rascal woke me up at 4 am. My husband and I both lost weight so shopping for my birthday dinner for something new to wear took up our week. He lost 16 lbs and I have lost 30, (20 since I started this). It has been a long haul but worth the wait. I am going to lose at least 30 more in 2014.

My plan was to avoid buying clothes, except work out and yoga clothes, but that has become inconvenient. I needed to shop, and I bought a fabulous wrap dress that is very retro and a little sexy. I feel great but I am not yet where I need to be. So much more hard work to be done, but I am trying not to beat myself up with thoughts of not being thin enough. That damn devil on my shoulder has reappeared just in time for my birthday tomorrow, and making me feel a little less than I should be. I need to own where I am now, and enjoy my Birthday and this journey.

I have decided to switch my weigh in back to Tuesdays. I do not like to weigh in before the weekend, it seems when I weigh in early in the week it starts my week off to a great start. I know I ate more salt than usual the last week, and I am splurging on Christmas a little. I bought some amazing cookies and I plan to indulge in them.

Tomorrow morning I am going to attend Richard Simmons holiday class, it should be a healthy and fun way to kick my birthday in. The toy drive is in full swing, and this weekend I am buying my toys for Alexandria House. We are delivering them on Monday.

Off for now, more of the same hectic energy today after work. Wishing you a sun filled day on the second shortest day of the year.


Good Morning, a quick post today. It is almost the weekend, and I cannot wait. Tonight is my weekly workout with Mike, and the weather is back to being warm which is great.

Yesterday my husband James was at the Dodgers game, so I brought home a healthy salad for myself since he was out. I ended up eating two of the garlic knots he had on hand. I was so guilty afterwards, almost too much and it made me realize I am not ready mentally for a cheat day. I need to keep my momentum going.

I went to the gap to buy work pants, and these pants I tried on were a little skinnier than I usually wear. There were three lovely ladies from Europe in the dressing room, and when I went to look for the salespersons opinion they made their own opinion known. They told me they looked great, and I should buy them. One thing about losing weight, when shopping you need an outside opinion because your brain is still fat bashing. It is hard to look objectively at yourself.

Off to drink my coffee. Wishing everyone love and light on this Warrior Wednesday. Sorry, I do a lot of yoga these days.