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Magical Path

Monday, some dread it, others fear it but it comes around once a week like clockwork. The first day of the week gets a bad rap, so much so if Monday were a kid on a kickball team it would be the last to be picked. As unpopular as Monday is, it cannot be shunned or avoided. I think it is time we stop bullying the first day of the week and start looking at it from a different vantage point. So put on your rose colored glasses and start envisioning Monday to be the new beginning it is meant to be.

I had a magical Sunday, full of positive affirmations and the hope of what is to come. That got me thinking, what if we chose one thing to do each day of the week to bring a little magic in our mundane routine. Something that we can seamlessly fit into our workweek, workout week, and schedules. Here is my list of things of things to do to bring a little magic back to the doldrums of Monday through Friday. I was in the musical Pippin  when I was younger, and the song from the musical score puts it perfectly.  We’ve Got Magic To Do.


Five things to add magic to your daily life

1. Remember when you were a kid and you got all excited when you made a trip to the local pool to go swimming. Maybe it was only in the summer, or maybe you went swimming during the winter at an indoor facility. To me there was nothing better than swimming. To this day the smell of chlorine takes me back to my excitement for my swimming lessons, and I thought there was nothing more magical than swimming in the dead of winter. Go swimming, dive deep, get your hair wet. Trust me water is the best therapy. Find a pool, lake or ocean and make like a fish and swim.

2.Wake up early to see the sunrise once in the course of the week. Brew your coffee before, and set the alarm. Take a moment to revel in the magnificence of the moment, and the stillness before the world has risen. Our lives can be so noisy, sometimes a silent moment of solitude and beauty is all that we need to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

3. I always workout outdoors but I bet most people spend there workouts at an indoor gym. Do not get me wrong I also go to the gym, but working out amongst nature is a completely different experience. You have a cool breeze, sunlight, and the trees above as companions. I love it when I am planking and I get an impromptu kiss from a slobbering yet friendly canine. I call this Mobile Meditation.  Try it, pack the car with your mat and free weights and see what a different perspective you have after an outdoor workout. 

4.Make time for a little weekday learning. Education does not end when you throw your graduation cap in the air. There are many little things you can do to expand your mind, your world, and have a little fun. Find a new hobby. If you have been wanting to take a cooking class, look on Groupon to get a great deal and make it happen. A golf lesson? How about attend a pottery painting class. There are no limitations, and I find browsing Groupon gives me ideas for my fun to do list. You are never too old to rediscover old interests and pursue new passions in life. 

5. Pack a blanket, and have an after hours picnic in the park and go stargazing. Nothing like lying flat on your back and looking up at a night sky, realizing how vast our miraculous universe is and how small we really are. It definitely is one of my favorite things to do and something I need to do a lot more. I see plenty of stars here in Hollywood but there is nothing like the twinkling wink from the real deal above.


Good morning to all. It has been so hectic here and Rascal woke me up at 4 am. My husband and I both lost weight so shopping for my birthday dinner for something new to wear took up our week. He lost 16 lbs and I have lost 30, (20 since I started this). It has been a long haul but worth the wait. I am going to lose at least 30 more in 2014.

My plan was to avoid buying clothes, except work out and yoga clothes, but that has become inconvenient. I needed to shop, and I bought a fabulous wrap dress that is very retro and a little sexy. I feel great but I am not yet where I need to be. So much more hard work to be done, but I am trying not to beat myself up with thoughts of not being thin enough. That damn devil on my shoulder has reappeared just in time for my birthday tomorrow, and making me feel a little less than I should be. I need to own where I am now, and enjoy my Birthday and this journey.

I have decided to switch my weigh in back to Tuesdays. I do not like to weigh in before the weekend, it seems when I weigh in early in the week it starts my week off to a great start. I know I ate more salt than usual the last week, and I am splurging on Christmas a little. I bought some amazing cookies and I plan to indulge in them.

Tomorrow morning I am going to attend Richard Simmons holiday class, it should be a healthy and fun way to kick my birthday in. The toy drive is in full swing, and this weekend I am buying my toys for Alexandria House. We are delivering them on Monday.

Off for now, more of the same hectic energy today after work. Wishing you a sun filled day on the second shortest day of the year.


I woke up with my usual pleasant demeanor, a little sore from my yoga and work out with Mike. I thought I would share my weekly workout and yoga routine.

Yoga 5 days a week
Working out with my trainer and friend Mike, 1 day a week for now
Walking 5 days a week
I have been incorporating beginning jogging as much as I can
I keep it flexible and sometimes change it up a bit. 

I may add Ballet classes, and other things as I progress more. I take the Richard Simmons Slimmons classes on occasion. They are so motivating and fun.  I am trying to really work on my yoga practice so I will return to his classes sometime in the near future. I believe my yoga practice will really open up by doing it almost daily. I am now an official yogi.

My eating plan is pretty much just eating healthy with lots of vegetables, and I am keeping a food journal. I sometimes do not eat enough and I can use to eat a bit more protein. I am a work in progress. I am not making any food off limits but I do not indulge usually. The time will come when I will get cravings, and I will deal with it then. In the meantime I am just eating clean with an occasional piece of dark chocolate from See’s Candies. Coffee is my non negotiable. I love it, and not because I need the caffeine. I actually just love the taste. So every morning as I blog I brew.

This is what I am doing, and I work from ten to three Monday through Friday so I work out and take yoga in the early evenings and I blog first thing in the morning. I live for Saturday’s, that is our fun day. 

Love and Light to all


Good Morning, Happy Thursday to all. I am up early, making coffee and planning my workout routine for the next few days. My workout routine each week consists of my weekly Thursday classes at Slimmons with Richard Simmons but he was out of town for a few weeks. Today I can say he is back in Beverly Hills and I will be dancing to his retro aerobics tonight. I really need his electric dose of energy and motivation. I found myself slightly wavering this week, so it will be good to get back to his classes. Taking his class is a natural high, he is so high on life and I usually am too. His classes bring out the very best in me and inspire me to keep going. I am meeting my friend Francie from the Richard Simmons video afterwards, we have become fast friends and we are going out for chit chat and a little treat tonight. Mind you, a little treat, I am behaving myself.

My routine was adjusted, but that is fine. It works for me to try to have some sort of routine to guide me as I continue on my quest to get fit and lose weight. It as just as important for me to be flexible in my routine as things can change from week to week. I just have to imagine I am a sailboat, adjust my sails and continue to travel the vast ocean to my final destination and goals. Sometimes the seas will be rougher, and I just need to ride it out and make it there anyway I can. 

I went to Yoga last night with Nicole over at Pink Iron. I go to Yogaworks but I enjoy Nicole’s classes so Wednesday is a permanent part of my routine. She is an amazing yoga teacher. We did a lot of shoulder openers, and it was fantastic. My flexibility is really coming back, my nose is almost to my knees in a forward fold.  It was very hot, and I was a bit tired but I did not falter nor did I give up. I am so dedicated and I will find a way to make my goals happen, one lap at a time. 

Wishing you a bright and beautiful Thursday full of natural highs.
Namaste’ Love and Light