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Selfless Saturday

When I began this blog in 2013 I had two intentions, to lose weight and get as fit as possible and to help charities with each ten pounds. I accomplished much in the time between July 2013 and May 2017. My hiatus and weight gain after 2017 was the result of a few personal losses.

Here I am approaching 2020 and beginning again like it’s a brand new journey. I still have some personal struggles I’m dealing with, but the point is I’m getting through and getting back on track. Life happens to all of us, it’s how we react and take action that shows who we really are. I’m first navigating through the holidays then really setting my intentions on my goals for 2020.

I want to start Selfless Saturday’s beginning today, so here’s my first contribution to my weekly Selfless Saturday. Feel free to join in and let me know how you are celebrating paying it forward on Saturday, this one has a bit of a backstory.

As my weight loss journey evolved coffee is still my non-negotiable. People have said to me, now you must stop drinking coffee. That didn’t happen in 2013 and it’s not happening now. I also believe in kindness, giving back and paying it forward; all while fueled on my delicious morning java. One cup is usually my limit, with an occasional second cup when I visit book stores and coffee shops.

Of course sometimes disaster strikes in the form of a broken down coffee maker. This happened back when we first moved to San Francisco in November 2014, my new co-worker Alba sold me a brand new coffee maker for just ten bucks, and she put what seemed like a years worth of coffee in the bag for me.  That coffee maker made delicious coffee and kept me going for a few years.

The dreaded broken down coffee maker moment happened to me again last week. I woke up and my coffee maker just stopped working. We are on a budget and a new coffee maker was not in the cards. Cue my dearest friend Kristen who happened to have two coffee makers she never uses. Do you believe Kristen doesn’t like coffee? Yes, neither did I, but her wonderful qualities outweigh her lack of coffee love. The one coffee maker I chose to use is working perfectly and it turns off automatically, which is needed because I tend to be just a slight bit neurotic. The other coffee maker is a two cup single use coffee maker, a black and decker.

I was at work this week and one of my co-workers was brewing coffee and I mentioned how delicious it smelled. He told me he agreed, and how his coffee maker recently just stopped working. I, of all people understand the horror of a broken down coffee maker. I mentioned the extra coffee maker Kristen gifted me with, so today I’m taking it in for him so he doesn’t have to purchase a new coffee maker. I’m sure he would rather spend the extra cash on Christmas gifts for his daughter. The beauty of the ricochet effect. That’s what I call when people share kindness and pay it forward, it comes back to you ten fold. I’m grateful to Kristen for helping me fuel my mornings with my much needed cup of caffeinated joy. This is my first Selfless Saturday and it wasn’t even planned. Kristen started it and I’m just paying it forward.

My hopes for you this Holiday season is that people share their kindness with an open heart, and you go forward doing it for someone who may need an extra smile or just a cup of deliciousness found in coffee. It warms the heart and soul. Happy Selfless Saturday. Love and light Rose 






I am planning my twenty pound charity, and decided to do something that was a perfect fit for December and the season of joy. I decided to do a toy drive for Alexandria House, with the recommendation of a dear friend named Dawn who attends Richard Simmons. I am grateful for her friendship and support. 

Here is some information on Alexandria House below. I am organizing my twenty pound charity at my place of employment, Seasons 52 in Century City, CA. with the help of my amazing management and co workers. I am grateful for the support and everyone who is so kind to give a toy to a child at this time of year. My co-worker and friend Meagan and I are delivering the toys December 23rd. I will post more information later this week. The toys are starting to accumulate, and I am really excited. I am beyond grateful and moved to have such kind people in my corner and thank you to Michele and Judy at Alexandria House.
Happy Monday


 Response to the compelling needs of the women and

 children living in the house, as well as the 

 neighborhood needs before us each day, the goal of

 Alexandria House is to be a community-oriented

 transitional house and neighborhood center which is

 intentionally multicultural, antiracist and where the

 needs of women who are economically poor are


 We are supported by a community of caring

 individuals and groups who share our mission.
 Company Overview

 Founded in 1996, Alexandria House is a non-profit 

 transitional residence and house of hospitality

 providing safe and supportive housing for women and

 children in the process of moving from emergency

 shelter to permanent housing. Located in the densely

 populated and ethnically diverse Mid-Wilshire area,

 Alexandria House also serves its broader 

 neighborhood community by providing educational 

 and enrichment opportunities for residents and

 neighbors alike.


Good evening to all. This blog post is late, it was a hectic day and tonight we met friends at a sports bar to watch the World Series. Now I am sleepy but I have decided to do a quick post before bed about kindness. Have you ever done a good deed for a stranger and pondered the idea that sometimes we are being tested from above? is it possible we have ever encountered an Angel disguised as a homeless person? Do Angels walk amongst us?

I have been reflecting on a lot of things of late, especially the importance to being kind to strangers. I also have been brainstorming ideas for  my next charity since I am so close to the 20 lb mark. I have been discussing my ideas with Mike my trainer and friend, and I will announce what my plans are in the next week. He is again helping me with my charities and we are teaming up again to make a difference and I am very grateful for that. There is truly no I in the word Team. I could not do this project alone.

So off to bed it is for me. I wish everyone sweet dreams, love and light.