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Weigh in Saturday is here, and I lost one pound. I ate more chicken and eggs for dinner this week, and upped my cardio since I purchased new shoes. With my toe injury I was forced to buy new shoes and work shoes and it makes all of the difference in my workout performance. 

This week Mike and I did a whole cardio workout together, and we would stop and do burpees, plank, and squats. It was a challenge but with the shoes I held my own. We had a race to see who could hold a plank the longest, at three minutes I gave in. My toe was bothering me and I dropped. Now it is on, I am going to beat him at planking. The workout was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing more challenging workouts like that in the future. He said we have just begun, and I agree. The first year is just getting me fit enough to hold my own, now it is time to take it to new levels. I am ageless, fearless, and sometimes I actually feel weightless. 

I feel great and I am pondering the next items on my fitness bucket list and my fitness goals as well. It is a lot easier now with the shoes. I never realized how shoes make a difference in your sports performance. I am still buddy taping my toe and I may still go see a Dr. to make sure everything is ok, but I think I just have a bruised metatarsal. It hurts on the ball of my foot and my second toe joint. Taping relieves the pressure. Downloading music for further inspiration for my running.

Happy Saturday to all. Love and Light.

FRIDAY 8/23/2013

Good morning and Thank Goodness it is Friday. I am so happy the weekend is almost here. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday. I am a little sleepy but upbeat at the same time. My thoughts are not quite here for me yet though, so this will be a short and sweet post. I love to write but I have to be clear in my mind and fully awake so sometimes posting at this hour can be challenging.

I think it is time to take some updated full length photos, people are starting to mention I look smaller and I have not had any recent photos since the last Richard Simmons class a few weeks ago. He has been out of town. I will do that soon and post them. I walked into CVS yesterday and the guy who works there said what I am doing is working. That always makes me want to work even harder. Results are not always visible to our own personal reflection of ourselves, but when others take notice you know then you are doing something right. I did take a selfie, to see if my face looks thinner. My Mother objects to it because she thinks it is too revealing, which I find hilarious, sorry Mom.  It is a little blurry but I can totally see my face slimming down.  My face is the first place I show weight loss.

I walk at least five days a week on the treadmill for about 45 minutes to an hour, along with the other things I am doing. Yesterday I did the incline thing that Mike taught me. After speed walking for a half hour, I walked one minute at a time raising each level for each minute until I reached level ten. After I  reached the top I reduced the incline one level at a time until I was back to level with one no incline. It is a major challenge but I did it, and I will continue to add that to my regimen as well as adding a little jogging in between my speed walking. Mike said things are getting too easy and I have to work harder, and he is right. So just when you think you have mastered a movement, you take it up a few notches. Burpees I have not mastered but I am practicing. I will do the video for Melissa at Melissa Bender Fitness but I probably will not have the stomach to watch it. 

I am also super excited that I bought a Groupon for one month unlimited yoga classes at YogaWorks in West Hollywood, thanks to Francie my friend from the Richard Simmons video shoot. It was a steal for $35.00. She sent me the link. I am so happy we have met, we call each other our secret twins since we have so many similarities. This project has introduced me to new friends and I feel completely blessed and grateful.

I have had issues lately with food and my husband. He is on board with everything I am doing, but sometimes he wants things like Pizza and I just do not wish to have anything that may derail me at this point. I am too soon in the game, and I need to keep the momentum going. Pizza I guess is not as fun if you are not sharing it. I am also trying to drink the whey protein shakes I bought for work so I will not get so famished and lightheaded anymore. It is a subtle but important change. I love my hot pink shaker, it is so cute. It has three compartments, one for the powder, one to shake it in, and one for vitamins. I am very excited about it. It is the little things in life as well as the grand that make me happy.

Wishing everyone a Fantastic Friday