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At the casino, almost kicked out for taking a photo

Salad kept me full so I would not eat anything too bad. At Ruby’s Diner in Palm Springs

Salt is not my friend. I did great with my eating this weekend in Palm Springs but since I ate in restaurants I am positive I ate more salt than I usually do. I control my sodium at home but it is difficult to do when away. You may be able to eat healthy, but some extra sodium and salt is inevitable. I got on the scale and I am happy to report I only went up a pound. My current weight is 178 and I am completely confident that one pound is just water weight from my long weekend away. 

I got on the scale and it is done, now I am off and ready to lose more weight. I have two weeks before Thanksgiving to lose more and stick to my program. I am cheating on Thanksgiving, it would not be Thanksgiving without a little indulgence to go along with my gratitude.

Tonight back to yoga, and hopefully time for a long walk before. Last night I made a wonderful and healthy chicken soup with grains and vegetables and I will post a recipe this weekend. I wish everyone a beautiful sun filled 11-12-13.


PALINOIA  The obsessive repetition of an act until it is completely mastered. Interesting word I found on a page I follow on a Facebook called Word Porn. I am in love with words and this one struck me as being peculiar and interesting. I am in awe of this word, and I am the strive to be the epitome’ of this word in my yoga practice as I was and will be again in my dance.

This is what I am doing in my yoga class, and Matt the manager mapped me out a schedule so I can practice 7 days a week if I choose to do so. I am seeing such progress but there are so many areas in my practice that need improvement by repetitive actions. My quads need to be more flexible, I finally learned last night from Vladamir my Iyengar teacher the reason my leg does not bend far behind me. I am flexible forward but not backwards. I will work on this until I get it. I do not give up and I am so competitive with myself.

When I was 19 I set out to train to be a lifeguard, and I practiced over and over and it was not easy for me. I passed the lifeguard test with flying colors, because I put the time in to really perfect all of the dives. Some of those dives were extremely difficult for me but in the end I finally did them. I practiced over and over and did not give up. It is the same with pirouettes. Find your spot and turn, and practice, practice, and practice yet some more.

Tonight I am really excited about my class with Clara. She is absolutely fantastic and inspiring. After it is some much needed fun time with James my husband and then a three day weekend. Wishing everyone a Happy Friday. Love and light.


Good Morning and a Happy Wednesday to all. I am fighting a headache that started last night, I think it may be allergy related because I have a lot of pressure in my eyes. It made for challenging yoga practice but I made it through. I try not to ever take medications but I may break down today and take some ibuprofen. I also allowed myself to get dehydrated before class, a big no no.

The Helipad class on the top of the hotel was cancelled. I was so disappointed. I really was looking forward to that experience. It may be rescheduled one more time before the season ends, so I am not sure I will be able to make it this season. I decided to turn my attitude around and myself in the direction of Yogaworks in West Hollywood and take a Vinyasa class instead. One thing I am learning, you can find your peaceful place and zen wherever you are. It is a state of mind. If something does not work out, just turn it around and make 
something new work out instead. You have reign over your thoughts, and they are more powerful than you think.  My disappointment was there, but I decided to let it go and move forward in the direction of my usual yoga class. There was no way I would throw in the towel and head home with a bad attitude dragging behind me. Bad attitudes only weigh you down.

Today is my  weekly workout with my friend and trainer Mike. I hope this headache goes away so I can be at my best. I do not and will not slow down. I think practicing yoga three to five days a week will help me progress in my workouts with Mike, working out with Mike will help me in my yoga practice. I am only getting stronger.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day. To quote my adorable Mother, I am closing now. That is how she lets you know she is signing off the computer. Too cute for words.

Love and Light


Yesterday’s class was a major challenge. For some reason I struggled at yoga, and I was weaker than usual. All of a sudden I became a little dizzy and I almost got sick in class. The good news is I took a moment to collect myself, drank some water and I finished the class. It was very hot, and I probably did not eat enough. I have never got sick from not eating enough, but I guess it could happen and it did happen to me. Lesson learned, I need to eat more frequently.

I am happy I did not leave and that I stayed. I was not as balanced as usual, but everyone has off days. I showed up and I persevered so that is all that matters. I also think my allergies have been bothering me. My breathing feels a little shallow and my eyes feel so heavy.

This journey is every day, and some days will be a breeze and others a challenge. We are only as good as we feel, and sometimes our mind is more powerful than our body and it sees us through the rough patches. Sometimes we must listen to the signs our body is telling us; to eat more, to rest more. I showed up, I stayed, but I did listen to my body in class and I did not push it too far. I am strong and flexible and I can bend to whatever challenges comes my way, like the willowy trees I see daily doing their own yoga poses for centuries before our time. 

Today is a fresh day, and every sunrise is a chance to begin anew. I bought a shaker for protein shakes to drink at work since I do not have time to eat. That should help me with my issue of not eating during the day. It is a subtle change but one which will help me sustain the larger changes and goals I am seeking.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day.


There is nothing like Yoga practice to give you that mind body connection. I feel so zen today after my class with Nicole Sherman at Pink Iron. I am trying to do as much yoga as possible, and I can see my practice is opening up with each class. Today we did a lot of hip openers, which feels completely marvelous, especially afterwards. I am really getting more flexible by the day and that makes me completely happy. Afterwards I awarded myself with a fresh squeezed carrot/cucumber juice from my friends at WeHo Bistro. Now it is time to eat a healthy lunch and workout soon. I love being so active, I feel like I am floating on a cloud.

Yoga fuels my muse, here is a poem I wrote that was featured in Lightworkers World. It is how I view my yoga practice. 
Love and Light to all


Coming from me, a poet and former ballet dancer,
yoga combines the cerebral aspects of my brain with the physical reality of my body;
stanzas gesturing in motion.
As I transition from asana to asana, my mind poses that
age old question; am I one with the universe?
The answer is always a definite yes.
I feel as if I am the salt of the earth below my toes, the clouds hovering above my head.
I realize not only am I one with the earth and the universe, I am so with all creatures;
and one with my sometimes puzzling psyche.
By the time I reach the elusive state of savasana I feel as if I am floating above my body.
I finally return back to earth in prayer pose to recite that final namaste,
in that belated moment of clarity I am reminded of the gratitude I have for being heaven sent yet earth bound.
(c) Rose Bruno Bailey


Good morning and Happy Saturday to all. I am enjoying a quiet morning with my cats and my sleeping husband. Just me, my thoughts and some delicious coffee to begin the day. I think I am in good company. Richard Simmons is having a theme class today, he is going to play all Beatles music. I wish I could go since I love the Beatles, but I feel I needed at least one morning at home to decompress and gather my thoughts from the week. I will do my cardio later in the day. My ankle still feels slightly tender but I am not going full speed so it will be as good as new by Monday or Tuesday. 

I love exercise, and I absolutely love Yoga.  Yoga gives me much of what I remember from ballet class. A true mind and body connection. I plan on taking ballet classes at Align Ballet Method here in West Hollywood as soon as I feel comfortable enough to put on a leotard. I have not taken a formal yoga class in over one year, but I have been meaning to add it to my regimen. Tomorrow is the day I do so. 

My favorite local yoga teacher teaches right by my house three days a week, and today I am calling to see if you can drop in on her yoga classes. If so, I am taking class with her Sundays at 11:00 am. Her name is Nicole and I will include a photo of her at a future date. She has the quality that every yoga teacher I know has, that serene nurturing quality. I am totally happy I may be able to take classes with her again. She also has a company called Honu Yoga and she makes yoga shirts for men, women, and children. She made me one last year when I hosted Downward Dog For Cats. Tomorrow at class I will be picking up my very own bright orange Honu Yoga tee with My Change For A Ten on it. She is so lovely and I really look forward to practicing with her again.


Last Autumn I contributed three poems to the wonderful website Lightworkers World. They also have a Facebook Page by the same name. These poems are all about inspiration, light and are related to the yogi mindset.  Here is the link if you would like to read three of my poems featured at Lightworkers World. I hope you enjoy them and I wish you a beautiful Saturday full of love and light.