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Fall nine times, get up ten.

These are my dailies. I just committed to really try to post daily everything in regards to this brand new journey. I am starting from scratch and my plan is to be a much better version of myself at the time of my winter solstice birthday December 21st. I am not looking behind at past successes and failures, I am now striving to be completely forward thinking. I may start a Youtube channel with one video a week but for now below are my dailies. Of course there will be more but this is the basics that I plan to really stick to. One Hour workout, it may be one hour of cardio and some days my benderfitness workouts combined with TRX, yoga, weights and cardio. No rest days, on rest days I will take a long walk but I need to keep it going or I will quit. I am all or nothing. I also plan to workout on some days around midnight since I work nights.

My food lifestyle is vegetarian but I eat mostly vegan and my days are mostly raw foods. This may sound confusing. I am vegan 95% but if I am out I allow flexibility, In example I am going to a dinner party tomorrow and the host asked how I eat, my husband James responded vegetarian so tomorrow I will do my best to be vegan. On work days I eat mostly raw foods, I am not 100% raw but I am learning so much. I don’t think I can be 100% raw but I like incorporating more fresh and raw living foods into my lifestyle. I will do a post later about which online  raw foods influencer I am following for inspiration. I am also counting my calories on the LoseitApp. I am trying to stay under 1,300 calories daily. The calories help me incorporate foods on occasion without blowing my plan. My online food journal is a must.

The good, the bad, and the ugly. I will post every single day. I need to learn to post from my Iphone. I am not going to get into SEO’s and things I am not familiar with. I have time constraints and my plan is to document this journey and get inspired by those doing the same. To learn from others, experts and people going through similar challenges in life. I will blog and countdown to my winter solstice birthday every single day. I hope to hire someone to help me fix up my page to make it more user-friendly and to learn more about WordPress. In the meantime, I am present and in the moment. Today is day two, and my workout today will be late after work. No excuses. 

My husband James and I are working together to become better versions of ourselves. We are using affirmations and positive self dialogue. No more calling myself fat, or diminishing a complement when someone is kind enough to give one. There is a business center here in our complex and we plan to hold manifestation meetings at least once a week. I also plan to treat myself to swimming and the hot tub, feels so good after working out. Less television time and more doing. 

That is the basic plan. There are a lot of goals I am working on, some financial, personal, creative, and some to do with family and friends. This is the basic weight loss and fitness plan I am doing. Let me know how you get back to working on weight loss and fitness goals after a long hiatus.

It has been way too long, and I am so happy I am back. I promise despite my struggles and the nuances of life I will be accountable here and keep up my dailies. I also want to get back to doing charities so Monday is my day off, I will be making phone calls.

With love and Light





Good Morning, love and light to all. Yesterday’s post was a raw emotional one for me, sharing my  new reality as I navigate myself here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I too, have bad days but those bad days for me are a sincere call for change. I do not like my job. The people are lovely and welcoming and it is a means to an end, but it is not for me. Too many long hours and six days has made it difficult for me to transition my healthy lifestyle I built in Los Angeles.

Ok, so I recognize a need for change and I have only been here a month. I will start with January. In the New Year I am going to state I need two days off a week. Then my plan is to either look for a job closer to home to work, or continue on there for a little while. Waiting tables is money for me, not a career.

The full plan is to free up my time a little so I can restart My Changeforaten, my fitness milestones, weight loss and charities, and  eventually get certified in fitness as well as yoga. The long term plan is to work in fitness and leave waiting tables for good. I started waiting tables when I went to college for Theater, and it stuck because of the fast cash and flexibility. With time, it has worn on me and the nights and weekends no longer fit with the new life I have built since I started this project in Los Angeles. My plan is to work in fitness, work on this project, and be able to have time for my poetry and artistic endeavors.

That is the plan. In the meantime I will survive this month, this transition and try to find some calm within the chaos. Much love and light to all.