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Good morning to all. One year ago today was my first workout with my trainer Mike, and I was so intimidated and awkward. Here we are, a full year later and I have come a long way, but I could not have done this alone. Mike has been very inspirational and motivating to me, and I am so grateful for his patience, expertise and time. He is very modest but he has done so much to help me evolve in my quest for fitness. I love working out at the park, it is so serene. My mobile meditation.

Yesterday we did an fitness evaluation to see how far I have come. I think I have a long way to go, and well Mike just thinks I think too much.

The best part about our evaluation workout was our plank competition. About a month or so ago we competed in planking, and we got to 3 minutes and I threw in the towel.  We had a rematch yesterday and we got to the 5 minute mark and Mike dropped. I thought I was going to drop after 3 minutes but I decided to hold on. I looked at Mike who was starting to fade just a little and at about the 4 minute mark I heard the words I thought he would never say to me. ( Excuse me for cussing here, if you know me I do not cuss, and Mike rarely does either but sometimes those four letter words just slip out when you are in pain from working out).  Mike told me he f’in hates me, and I could not help but laugh and hold on even harder. It was just the thing I needed to beat him, this time.

So we are at a tie, he won once doing a 3 minute plank, and I won this time at the 5 minute mark.
It will be a rematch soon, may the best planker win.  Mike 1, Rose 1

I never knew I could be so competitive, who knew?


Good Morning, and a Happy Wednesday to all. This weekend I plan on writing more in depth about the Monday Night Mission, and Seasons 52’s role in donating food. I have been very busy and I need some free time to get it done. It was definitely a humbling and moving experience and I plan on returning at least once a month if I can get a friend to accompany me downtown. I was proud to serve the residents of Skid Row for my ten pound goal, and hope to do more in the future.

Yesterday morning I weighed in and I lost 2 more pounds bringing my total weight loss to 17 pounds and my weight total is now 180 pounds. When I started in July I weighed 197 pounds. I am so happy to be making this happen the healthy way. I am also grateful to have such supportive people in my corner. I have pushed my next charity Project Cuddle to 30 pounds since it is going to take a little time to plan, so I am looking for a charity for my 20 pound goal. I am so close, and I will do the charity when I am a few pounds past my twenty pound goal to make sure I have the  20 pound weight loss set in stone. It feels amazing to get fit and lose weight all while helping others in the process. I always wish to give more of myself, and that will always be a goal of mine. 

Last night I worked out with Mike, and we really had a great workout. I bought some new shoes, and it really seemed to make a difference. At first I was scared, he almost found some stairs to climb. The stairs were not an option since the building was closed so he decided we would run instead. My ankle is about healed and I have new shoes so no more excuses, time to step up my game. I did great, and at a few points I actually ran fast, or fast for me. It was an amazing feeling to be able to do something that gives me anxiety. Part of the issue is I am a heavy breather and it is embarrassing. I even made a joke that we should prank someone when I am running, I sound like a heavy breather on the other end of the telephone. Off topic, do kids make prank calls anymore? We pranked people all the time, I guess with modern phones you cannot do that these days. I am guilty for some really bad prank calls back in my early teens.

We ran, and did more core work and worked the machines over and over. It was challenging but I am feeling so much lighter and stronger. I planked and went up and down from an elbow plank to a hand plank, and that was definitely challenging but I did it. Towards the end we were running around the park one last time, and this dog jumped at me to as if to say hello as we ran by, and Mike made a joke that the dog was my cheering squad there to get welcome me over the finish line. I imagined all of these dogs lined up  at the finish line to cheer you on as you complete your marathon. One of the things I love about this park is that there are dogs everywhere, and you always make a new dog friend each week. This week I made friends with Dexter, a beautiful German Sheppard, and of course my white fluffy furry cheerleader.

Today is work, I slept well for the first time in days so I feel great. Yoga with Nicole later this evening. I am going to try to sneak in a treadmill workout in between work and yoga. I wish everyone a bright and beautiful Wednesday. Love and light to all.