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Sometimes I get impatient, well a lot of times I am impatient. If you were to ask my husband what is my worst flaw he would tell you I am too impatient. It is no different in regards to fitness and weight loss. I do love the journey as well as the destination, and I am so happy where I am. I do have that little devil sitting on my shoulder telling me I should have come farther by now, and I need to work harder. Yes, I need to work even harder but I should be proud of where I am and where I am going. I am far removed from where I was. I can be my own worst critic, and self bashing is a slippery slope and I will nip this negative banter in the bud. I am in a much better place than I was yesterday, and definitely in comparison to there I was when I began this in July 2013. I will be grateful and not impatient.

So from now on I am just going to focus on my clean eating, my fitness and flexibility. I will be starting my fitness bucket list as well and I am working on my book drive for children which is my next ten pound milestone charity. All of this and work too.

Yesterday my workout with Mike my trainer went smooth. I ate enough and my energy was high. I was timid about running again, I admit I have slacked off on running and I have been walking instead but once I got going it was not so bad. I am grateful to him and he has helped me tremendously, he is good at what he does and I owe him a lot. We are going to video tape me doing my burpees in a week or two. I have improved considerably.

Coffee is my morning elixir on days like these. We are supposed to be getting a rain storm, so I may be spending more time indoors at the gym instead of my outdoor workouts. Mixing it up is always a good thing and California desperately needs rain even though I miss the sun when it happens. I have become a true Californian.

Off for now
Love and Light


Good Morning to all. I just woke up and went to do my Tuesday routine and weight myself on my scale and it is broken. Never in my life have I been so disappointed in the fact that I cannot weigh myself. So now, light breakfast and I am contemplating if I will weigh myself tomorrow with a new scale, or wait one week and skip the scale all together this week. I will probably look for a scale at CVS tonight.

Last night a co-worker and friend Casey asked if I would like to go hiking in Griffith Park after work, so I skipped my yoga plans and went hiking. We went until it poured rain, and we got soaked but we got a good hour hike in. The view was incredible and I want to go hiking more. It is good to mix up your activity now and then. Before she took me for sushi, and it is new for me since I just quit being a vegetarian. I liked it though, and I loved the green tea. I am not usually a fan of Asian food but I really did enjoy it and it was super healthy.

She snapped a few full length photos of me. These are me still at 180 since I do not know how much I weigh today. For the record that is my weight so far until I get on a scale. Look at the definition in my arms. You can see I am working out. At the bottom I am posting one of my before photos to compare.

Off for my day, more hard work to do and a scale to buy.
Namaste’ Love and Light

Before photo below
Before photo above