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I am not a complainer nor have I ever been, but with that said I am human as well. I am working six days a week now, five days during the week and Sundays 12-5.  I personally would prefer to always have Sundays off, but right now it is working for me and I will not bitch about it. I am looking at it from a different vantage point. I need to make some money, and I am going in with the attitude of abundance. My workouts will not be compromised because my nights are still free. I am feeling inspired, happy and always ready to conquer all of my goals.

I got out at 5:30 and did not plan my meals or pack food. Work was busy, which is a gift but I hardly ate all day. I am home now, and off to do some running and walking. My dinner if you can call it that consisted of toasted Ezekial bread and a little bit of popcorn. I also drank a protein shake on the way home. I know this is a food fail, lacking in nutrition but hey sometimes it happens. I am aware I need to eat more and plan more.

So off to work out, the breeze should make it all worth it. No rest for the weary, progression is the key. I look forward to this brand new week, my workouts, and all of the abundance it shall bring.

Love and Light
Never Give Up