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5 Things I Did To Start Losing Weight

One of my next items on my fitness bucket list is to surf in the Mighty Pacific. I would never have attempted this if I did not lose weight. I feel completely ageless.Here I am in my first very own wetsuit.

I meet a lot of people, and I talk to everyone. I met someone the other day who was so upset about his weight gain, and after speaking to me he later emailed me about his new resolve to do something about it. I explained to him it is only weight, we can gain weight and we can lose weight. To lose weight just takes a choice, and then action. Now he decided to take action, and I believe he will be a success.

Everyone has that light bulb moment when they decide the time is now to lose weight and become fit. I had two of those moments, but for me it was the second moment that struck a chord. My first moment was in 2011. I went to a Dr. in Beverly Hills who basically fat shamed me to the point of tears. I was walking home weeping and I was stopped by the Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino. He wanted my business card, he said he was interested in putting me in his latest movie. I was crying about the Dr. and blew my one moment. I did not have a business card with me, and because of how belittled I felt from the previous moment I just shared my name with Mr.Tarantino. This is why confidence is so important, opportunity will walk right past you if you do not have the confidence to bring your dreams to a fruition.
Rose Bruno Bailey Before Pictures
My second moment was the one that stuck in 2013. It was 2 years after the Quentin Tarantino moment, and I went to an open mic to read my poetry. I felt great, and I thought I looked great. My friend took a photo of me at the microphone, a photo that made me really look at myself for the first time in a long time. I did not think I was thin or fit, but I had convinced myself I was just a little chubby. I was beyond chubby, I was obese and the scale would soon cement my heavy weight of over 210 lbs. It took a few months but it was that moment when I decided to combine my weight loss efforts with helping others. Two years later, fifty pounds lighter and happier than I have been in a long time. Oh, and I put off my opportunity of getting my poetry book published back in 2013 because I lacked confidence. I am happy I will be a first time author in a few months. No more waiting for life to find me, I am finding life.
As I am busy finding life I am also trying to break a plateau and move forward with my fitness goals and philanthropy. I have maintained my weight loss and exercise routine. I am now looking into all kinds of adventures as I move forward. It was that  2013 aha moment and the new routine I developed for myself that made me stay the course.
Here are the five things that kick started my weight loss journey
1. It sometimes takes a vulnerable moment to make you change. Do not wallow in the moment, use it to motivate you. Get on the scale, face your demons and tackle those pounds one day at a time. Start today!!
2. Find your tribe. I was in a Richard Simmons video, which introduced me to so many inspirational new friends. My best friend Melissa Bender was my biggest supporter. My new friend Mike Morello offered to help me and train me and he stuck with it even when I whined and complained. The list goes on and on but I never did any of it alone. Do not be afraid to get a little help from your friends new or old.
3.Find what works for your body in regards to exercise and nutrition. I began with Weight Watchers, and soon enough figured about how to eat. I did not really love running until this year thanks to Melissa Bender Fitness and being 50 lbs lighter. Before my weight loss I enjoyed speed walking.  If you love what you are doing you will stick to it. Exercise and eating right is like brushing your teeth. Daily movement and healthy daily eating are the keys to success. Lace up those sneakers and get moving. I once crawled in the dirt and I was horrified, and now I am not only 50 lbs lighter but I am no longer afraid to get dirty and be one with nature. Your journey may change how you view yourself.
4. Weekly weigh ins and keeping a food journal. This will keep you accountable and you can track how you are doing. The largest weight loss is in the beginning.
5. Believe you can do this, and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep going, keep moving, and love yourself. Love the body you are in today and know you are headed in the direction of health and self confidence. Trust me it feels amazing.
With love to all enduring the struggle, it is just weight. It comes on, and just as easily it can come off. You just have to work at the weight loss and fitness part. You can do it. It really is all about the work, but the rewards are magnificent.

Best Foot Forward

I am on day nine of my workouts that I am doing since I became a fitness ambassador for Melissa Bender Fitness.I am doing the 12 weeks of bikini competition workouts and feeling great. http://www.benderfitness.com/2013/02/my-first-bikini-competition-prep-month.html

I ran to the running store yesterday, since I do have my share of challenges as I progress. I have a foot/toe injury and I feel so much better when I have inserts from a running store. It takes the pressure of the front of my foot and it really makes a difference how my feet feel all day. I am now putting my best foot forward and chasing after my goals pain free.
My diet is on track and you can find my food journal on my facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/MyChangeForATen
When I work I usually eat the same things in the am and afternoon, to make it easier to plan.
Week two is underway, and I am so happy to be back in the swing of things. I had two months off from the move and it really depressed me, I need those endorphins.
I am looking into doing a raffle for my next charity, and raffling off something exciting. The photo on this post holds a hint of what I will be raffling off. I have not been on the scale in a while, since I have been focusing on my fitness and clean eating and trying not to obsess. I will do another weigh in soon and I am purchasing a new scale tonight since mine broke in my move.
Off for my day, I admit I am a little sleepy this morning, it is that darn San Francisco fog. Much different then the LA sun I am used to.
Happy Transformation Tuesday to allplaystation


It has been one year since I began this project and blog, and I am so happy where I am and where I am going, my journey is far from over. One year ago I was just too embarrassed to post my weight and before photos, and my trainer Mike explained to me to be authentic I have to come clean even if it feels awkward. One year later I am so happy I have those photos to chart my progress, and even though I am trying now to focus on fitness I am glad I have a before weight as well. Now at 167 lbs,  It is fun to look back, and  look forward into the future as I envision where this is leading me. I am reaching for the clouds.

This week I worked out with my Trainer Mike on Tuesday and Wednesday and we are really pushing it now, and I admit this week I struggled a little. I was running late on Tuesday and did not eat enough, and I am discovering the role nutrition plays on your workouts. I was a bit sluggish and off, and on Wednesday I ate more but I got a little sick to my stomach. Sometimes I notice if I eat too much right before my workouts, or if I drink too much water it affects me in a not so positive way. So now I am on a quest to find what works, a year later for tougher workouts. Mike is completely patient with me, and I am grateful for his guidance and knowledge, he is an excellent teacher and I cannot believe one year as gone by. 

I am still trying to collect books for my book drive, and I have two bags of beautiful books thanks to generous and talented friends. I need to hang more flyer’s and get many more. I am in no rush to do so, my goal is to get as many books as humanly possible. My next charity will be announced after the books are delivered to Reading to Kids.

Last night was one of those nights when I needed sleep bad, and now today I feel completely renewed and refreshed. I am always learning and evolving in my quest to be as fit I can be. Sleep is one of those things when you are expelling so much energy that is non negotiable. Do not skimp on sleep ever.

Happy Thursday and keep moving forward.
Love and Light to all

One year ago I posted my first before photos, and here they are now.

JULY  10, 2013

JULY 10, 2013


I have lost 33 pounds so far.

People often ask me how I am losing weight. This blog is my journey to lose weight, get back into my former dancer’s shape and make a difference in the world by sponsoring a charity with every ten pounds I lose. To accomplish all of this is taking a tremendous amount of hard work and determination. In between picking and planning which charities I will assist, comes the day to day work. The dieting, the exercise, finding my zen and my mind and body connection. Every now and then some fun comes up and I am challenged, but the hard work never takes a break or a vacation. It has been an incredible, adventurous journey and I am loving the ride.

With all of that said, my wonderful friend Melissa Bender at MelissaBenderfitness. com has suggested I share what I am doing to be successful. She said even though this is a journey blog and not an instructional blog, that I should still share what I am doing to get to where I am now and where I am going. So here goes. These are the 12 steps I follow to be a success with my plans. I have many more steps but these are the ones I follow consistently.


#1. I drink 16 oz of water upon waking and when retiring at the end of the evening. I drink water all day long, I try to never let myself become dehydrated. I also drink pure coconut water daily. 

#2 I Eat tons of produce, fruits and vegetables. I do not omit certain ones, I eat them all. First thing every morning is a banana with my water. 

#3 I never skip my morning meal. I probably should eat more than I do in the am, but at 6 am I eat what my stomach can handle. I am obsessed with Think Thin protein bars. They are gluten and sugar free and offer 20 grams of protein. They taste amazing with coffee, and they are what I have been eating since July every morning along with my fruit.

#4. I eat with moderation in mind. No food is off limits, but with that said I cannot tell you the last time I indulged on a big fatty meal. My portions are in check and I use the 90% rule. The majority of what I eat is clean and good for my body.

Everything in moderation, including moderation.” Oscar Wilde

#5. We rarely eat out because it is challenging, but when I do I am still in check. When I order salads I always request oil and vinegar instead of dressing. I eat egg white omelettes at brunch with tons of veggies, and the only cheese I will have is feta and just a bit. I love greek omelettes. I make my health a priority and I do not undo my weekday hard work at one weekend meal.

#6. I exercise 5-6 times a week. Twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays I work out with my Trainer Mike. I do yoga 3-5 times a week and I walk/run as much as I can. I stretch every morning and every evening. Movement is key to my success, but it helps living in this mild California climate.

#7. I am now following Weight Watchers online, it helps me keep in check. I joined after Christmas because I found I was being too strict with my food.  I needed this to slow down and breathe. I have a history of eating disorders and doing Weight Watchers helps remind me that food is not the enemy. I love that I can eat what I want and lose weight. I believe nutrition is healing.

#8. I know there is often a carb and sugar backlash, but I enjoy those things in moderation as well. I use real raw sugar in my morning two cups of coffee, and I eat a few servings of delicious whole grain foods. I love Ezekial Bread when it is toasted, and so does my husband James. It is a spelt bread, so full of natural wonders for the body. I rarely eat white flour, but when I do I do not beat myself up.

#9. I follow a routine Monday through Friday. It keeps me on track and truthful even though it can be hectic. I am up at 6 or 7 am daily and I go to sleep no later than 10 pm.

#10. I never touch artificial sweeteners. I believe they are poison to our livers and our bodies. If for some reason I want a soda, I drink the real deal, bottled with real cane sugar. They call them Mexican Cokes here because in Mexico they still make the sodas the pure, old fashioned way. When I am out with friends I drink sparking water with lime.

#11. I weigh myself every week, same time, same place and then I move on until next week. My diet is healthy, I watch my sodium and eat as many pure foods as I can find. 

#12. I spend as much time outdoors as I can. I believe nature is healing. I work out with my Trainer Mike outdoors, and I walk/run outdoors. I try to make “play” time and make it to the beach to go walking even if it is chilly. I spend time in the sun and under the stars.