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My body is my temple, my spirit is my paradise within

Happy Sunday to all. James my husband suggested I change the look of my blog, a fresh look for a new year and a new life in San Francisco. This is what I have decided on for now. I may change it again, but I do like the zen quality of the color of sea foam green. I am taking everything to another level and a fresh face lift on my blog is just what I need.

Today is day 8 of month one of the three months of Melissa Bender Fitness Bikini Prep workouts. I will also do my cardio. It is a sleepy Sunday and I have not taken a rest day in over ten days. I finally made a Dr. appointment for next week to have my toes looked at. I have one injured toe on my right foot, and I actually lost a toe nail on my left foot and the one underneath is bruised too. I think my shoes are too large and it may be causing me major issues with my workouts and cardio. Challenges do not slow me down though. I adjust and get through the obstacle courses that come my way. 

Off for now. Wishing everyone a beautiful and zen Sunday.
Love, Light, and Peace


Summer 2014 and now. New pics from Arizona in a few weeks.
Where I was last year. I will never let myself go again.

Good morning to all. I am up and drinking my morning coffee and contemplating a lot of things. Yesterday was my Tuesday workout with Mike and it was a lot of fun. We did push ups, core work, and a lot of boxing and kicking which I actually find to be a blast. I planked for one minute and a half. I need work with my punches, but hey I am a work in progress.

I ran around the track once and walked once. Mike told me our goal is to get me to be able to run around the track four times. I am still very intimidated with running, but with my new ipod it is a lot easier. It was cool and my lungs felt irritated because of the weather and allergies, so I did not push it. I am always careful with my joints and I listen to my body. I told him I am with him on this goal, and I believe I can make it happen even if I have been somewhat of a timid runner. A big thanks to Mike for being so patient with me and for being a great trainer, but also for being one of my first motivators.  I wonder if we had not started working out if I would have been so dedicated. Sometimes it just takes one or two people to say you can do it to make it a reality. The other person is of course Melissa Bender, my best friend and a fitness dynamo. She tells the masses they can do it, and she always pushes me even when I do not see it in myself. Melissa is the first person who made me believe age is just a bunch of digits and it does not define you. A big thanks to all of my friends, family and followers for always cheering me on in this quest, supporting me with the charities and being there for me. I never wish to forget I am not in this alone.

My 5K is two weeks from this Saturday. This is the first item I am crossing of my fitness bucket list, which keeps evolving as I move along in this journey. I have changed it a bit, so this is the new list.

I saw a ballroom dance opportunity back east, something I have said to my friends I wish would happen, and it has but I am no longer living in NYC. This got me thinking and planning. I want to dance Ballroom bad, get shoes, get a partner and compete. I am going to find a way to make this happen. Last night James downloaded a lot of music to inspire me on this quest. One of the biggies on my fitness bucket list and the music inspires me to run too, so I can listen to it on my 5k.

Tonight I am going to do some serious cardio. I am trying to step it up so the scale reflects my hard work. I am almost in the 160’s. Pushing forward yet looking back.

FITNESS BUCKET LIST  REVISITED…One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to continue on my journey. Part of my fitness journey is conquering my fitness bucket list. I may add things as I go along. My first 5K is in a little over two weeks,I am doing The Seal beach 5K on April 5th 2014. I will run/walk it so I put on this list I want to be able to run around the park 4 times. I am working on my distance. 
Happy dreaming

1. Trapeze Classes at the School of Trapeze in Santa Monica   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trapeze-School-New-York-TSNY-Los-Angeles/252082627475

2. Synchronized swimming classes at Aqualillies in Los Angeles   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aqualillies/315260815022

3. Michael Cornell Ballet Classes at   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Align-Ballet-Method/132494413452882  I am doing this very soon.

4.Ballroom Latin Classes at 3rd Street Dance in Los Angeles   I want to get shoes, get a partner and compete down the line. https://www.facebook.com/3rdstreetdance

5. Go to Pittsburgh, work out with best friend at Melissa Bender Fitness http://www.benderfitness.com/

6. Go to San Diego, take yoga and aerial yoga with one of my best friends Tracy Gittens at Galaxy Lifestyle, Fitness, and Aerial Yoga. Grand Opening July 19, 2013.

7. Surf if I am not too afraid of sharks…. I have an update on this, Mike my trainer has offered to teach me when I am ready and when I can do a good push up, and I will take him up on that. He said next summer when the water is warmer. I am excited to do this and I have really been working on my push ups to prepare. I think I may go swimming too.

8.Run around the park 4 times. 

9.Some type of Yoga Retreat by the ocean.

10. Be in or on the cover of Weight Watchers Magazine or inside the magazine. (Hey, a girl can dream and they use real people all the time). 

11. Do a 5K in 2014. I am doing The Seal Beach 5k in April 5th with a team from Seasons 52.

12. Practice my yoga and get into the difficult poses I am struggling with. Do inversions, backbends, and anything to do with my leg behind me. This means gaining more flexibility in my quads. I want to take photos by the trees I love in yoga poses and I can now do dancers pose. I think I will do the poses and photos this summer.

13. Do a 30 day yoga challenge, and do yoga every day for 30 days in a row.

14. Swim with dolphins, not really fitness related but is in a way. I would love to have this experience.

15. Learn Tai Chi or some sort of Martial Arts.

16. Get some sort of certifications down the line so I can pass on my new knowledge and help those who need it. Maybe volunteering for the needy.I am going to do this through ACE, The American Council of Exercise and a yoga certification.

17. Take Fire Dancing classes at Firegroove here in Los Angeles. Francie did it and it sounds amazing, maybe a little dangerous but that makes it even more intriguing.

18. Aerial Yoga here in Los Angeles.

19. Take a reformer Pilates class.

20. Take a Burlesque dance class.


I have done well, and I am proud but my husband and I were discussing that I am not even half way there. How do I sustain the momentum to get to where I am going. I still would like to lose 40 lbs more. Food has been a struggle and I feel like I am playing a tug of war with my thoughts about dieting. I decided to nip this feeling in the bud, reinvent my vision and start to do Weight Watchers online. I can attend occasional meetings, track my points and weigh myself in the privacy of my own home. My weigh in is now Saturday mornings, I think the perfect time to weigh in. Today my scale was not cooperating so I decided to be safe and add four pounds to my weight of 177, just in case I have put on a bit of water weight. So I tracked my starting weight at 181 lbs. I would rather error on the high side and work my way back down. During the holidays I did not watch my sodium, so that is why I feel I may have gained a bit of water weight.

I am motivated, it is a new year and I have brand new momentum. Reinventing my vision to get to where I want to go is necessary to keep it fresh and keep up the pace. I also love if I feel I need extra support I can attend a meeting. So my next charity will be in roughly 14 pounds or around 168 pounds.  That is my first goal. If I get the scale working today I may update this, if not I will go with the higher number I posted and purchase a new scale. I just felt the need to get this documented now.

Quick update, scale is working and my weight is 179. I gained two pounds only, and this is after two cups of coffee, 16 oz of water and breakfast. I am on track pretty much. So thrilled.

Wishing everyone a fresh new beginning as the 2014 begins. 
Rose Bruno Bailey