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Last night we went to an early dinner and I am so proud that I stayed on track. I even got my hour long speed walk done between dinner and our movie. That meant no time for a shower or time to change for the movie, I am dedicated!  At the movie I drank bottled water, and did not succumb to the buttery popcorn that seems to make a movie all the more fun. It was a scary film too, and the popcorn would have been a delicious distraction but I did not give in.

I started thinking about days off from exercise. I need to ask Melissa or Mike this as soon as I can. Do I need a day off from my hour long speed walking? Are rest days only for hard core working out and not for cardio? Today is Sunday and it would be my rest day if I decided to do so, but I feel I need to keep the momentum going so I will do my  speed walk sometime this afternoon.

Tomorrow is weigh in, after work. I wish I could weigh in before work since I hate eating before weigh in. I admit on Mondays I fall into my bad little habits before weigh in. This is going to take dedication on a daily basis, and that means not allowing myself to give in to distractions and temptations. So far I am winning the battle, but I need to take it one step at a time. There is no room for impatience on my program. I will choose to take a deep breath and go the distance.

Love and Light