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Motivation Monday


Good Morning to all. It is another Monday. I am on the brink of some amazing things happening and I feel like I am about to take flight. Some big changes may be happening as well.  My book will be out soon and I will do a whole separate blog post to announce it. With the book release comes events to be planned, and contacting the independent book stores that agreed to carry my book. I have a small but wonderful  small  east coast press publishing my book and most of the marketing is on me. One of my poems in the book has a line, “change comes on slow than rolls you over.” That statement could not be more true for this moment and time, and I am just trying to focus on my daily goals as I wait impatiently for the change to happen. I will come out better on the other side if I continue to focus on my daily and weekly goals. Large goals cannot be obtained without the daily little goals you set for yourself.

 Robert Frost once said, “The best way out is through” 

So here I am, week three of my Melissa Bender Fitness Bikini Prep workouts and challenge. It is Monday and I am motivated. I am taking it day by day, and week by week. I had a cheat day over the weekend and I realized there was a reason why I rarely had cheat days. They just do not make me feel good. I would rather use a few of my extra points and count in a mini treat than have a day that makes me feel ill and cheats my goals. That is just me. I hope you are chasing down your goals and living in the moment.


Here is the breakdown of my weeks schedule of workouts, again tailored for my Monday-Friday Schedule. You can find these workouts a www.benderfitness.com and I am on week three, month one of the 12 weeks. My weight is still stuck in the 160’s but I will get to the 150’s as I focus on fitness, strength and health; and I plan to share a home yoga schedule soon. Happy Monday to all and remember to love the body you are in as you focus on the body you want. You only get one so love it as you love others and it will love you back. 




Day 15: Monday Full Body Home Workout, 30 Minute Cardio

Day 16: Tuesday Home Workout For a Tight Body

Day 17: Wednesday  Improve Your Rear View Workout 30 Minutes Cardio

Day 18: Thursday Fitness Transformation: Workout 4, 30 Minutes Cardio

Day 19: Friday 30 Minutes Cardio

Day 23: Saturday Off

Day 22:Sunday  Full Body Shaping Home Workout




The sun always smiles through even the darkest of clouds

Good Morning to all. It is Monday, but for me it feels not like a Monday and not like a weekend either.  My routine is off kilter, I have taken a few days off to spend time with my husband James as he gets some needed tests done at the Dr. He has an auto immune disease in which he was diagnosed back in 2009. At the time he had to have a lung biopsy because they assumed he had Lymphoma. That was a very scary time for us, and I remember I did not hold up as well as I should have.

He ended up with Sarcoidosis, stage zero. Even though the disease is not a joke and must be taken seriously, I was completely relieved it was not what they thought it was. I remember clearly the day, it was raining and I skipped in the puddles through the rain to the nearest coffee shop as he slept. When the manager asked how I was, I exuberantly explained with a joyful response on how great I was doing since my husband did not have cancer. He responded back with a good for you!!! My heart goes out to all to have to fight such a tsunami of a disease.

So now, he is having symptoms again and it seems to be affecting his vision, so more tests to make sure it has not progressed. I took off a few days from work, which I hate to do especially since last week I took off a day because my toe was just hurting and I felt I needed to rest it. Oh well, health comes first. I stopped wrapping my toe and now it feels so much better now, and I am staying positive regarding my husbands condition. He tends to think the worst, but I need to be calm within the mini storm.

This does not mean I eat off routine, and do not find a little time for a run or workout. Tomorrow when all is well, it is back to work and working out with my trainer Mike in the early evening. This will all be ok, and I can continue to focus on working even harder than before since I have hit the one year mark.

As Mattie Stepanek once said

Remember to play after every storm.


Good Morning to all on this overcast Monday here in Los Angeles. The next two days may be a bit cooler than usual. I am sleepy today, but no worries I brewed some delicious coffee and I should be on my way in a few hours. Tonight I am heading to yoga, I am going to try to sneak in some running before if I have time. I found this photo on pinterest, and I love it so I thought I would share. 

This week I am going to try to run more than I have to date. Tomorrow is weigh in and I have been on a little plateau and I need to break that pattern. Mike and I have discussed it and I am sure I will get over this little hiccup in my weight loss. 

Mike and I are teaming up for my 20 pound weight loss milestone and charity. I will write about it later this week. I am pretty excited about my idea, it is clever if I do say so myself.

Off for now. Short and sweet this morning. Time to get moving and greet the day head on. 
Wishing you a beautiful start to your week.


Happy Monday Morning. I have to make this a quick post, I have a long day ahead. I have to start bagging the cookies for to give to the Homeless tonight at The Monday Night Mission. I have to work, and that makes my day a bit more hectic. I also woke up with a sour stomach, so trying to nip that in the bud. 

I will post all about the experience of helping The Monday Night Mission, and of course I have said I will do a post all about Seasons 52 as soon as I get a moment. Off for now, hoping I have a break in between work so I can walk around the mall and get somewhat of a workout in.
Love and light to all. Namasta’


Happy Monday to all.  I am on my first cup of coffee and smiling already, coffee and the fact that I wake up each and every morning is enough to make me smile. I am alive and able to drink this hot creamy cup of perfection, so I greet Monday morning with a big thank you.  I prefer to savor the little things in life as well as the grand.  I have chosen to make my life a happy adventure, full of creative endeavors. Yes, it is Monday morning but I am up early and ready to embrace my day with an open mind and heart. I am creating the life that I wish to have.

Tomorrow is my weigh in and my weekly workout with Mike. We are going to videotape me performing burpees either this week or the next. Melissa at Melissa Bender Fitness is going to post the video, with future videos of me improving on the move. We all know I need to improve on the move, since I feel so awkward doing them. She is such an amazing motivator. I am so grateful for her help and for Mike’s help. Mike really is a one of a kind trainer and I am so lucky to have his help.  I feel incredibly blessed to have such positive people in my corner. I could not go it alone, no one can. 

I have been working hard on my My Change For A Ten project and I am just around the corner from volunteering with my first charity The Monday Night Mission. My plan is as soon as I reach my first ten pound loss, I will give my place of employment heads up two weeks in advance so they can order the food that they are donating to the Monday Night Mission on my behalf. Then we are going to join the lovely people at the Monday Night Mission to help feed the residents at skid row. So the actual date of my first charity volunteer work with be a few weeks after I reach my first ten pound goal. Mike is going with me, and any other friends are welcome as well, I think Francie may join us. The more to help the merrier. Compassion for others is contagious.

I wish you a sunshiny day full of everything your heart desires. Yes, that may be a tall order for a Monday morning but greatness has to begin somewhere. Just order yourself a tall latte’ to inspire caffeinated creativity, after all a little coffee always helps.  Think it, believe it, and make it happen. 
Love and Light to all


Happy Monday to all.  Sometimes I feel like life moves on the fast track and again like clockwork comes Monday morning. Where did the weekend go?  On Mondays I begin my week of workouts and make my plans for My Change For A Ten.  I am a little sleepy this week thanks to my Siamese cat Rascal and his fascination with the air conditioner cord. I have to get at the bottom of this mystery, I think he does it for attention because I wake up and feed him then he comes back and does it again. Thank goodness I hear him and I am able to stop him, this is a dangerous habit he has started and a great way to make me a little groggy Monday morning.

I have decided that I do not need to physically take the time to go into Weight Watchers to weigh in, when I can be using that time to do some sort of other workout activity. I can do Weight Watchers online and weigh in on Tuesday mornings first thing, and I believe that is the way to get the most accurate read on my weight. Plus my trainer Mike has asked to see my food diary on Tuesday, and that helps too. I really think I am doing well, and I have already started to get comments about my weight loss and I have only lost a few. I know I am losing inches too and I feel awesome albeit sleepy.

I wish everyone a beautiful and bright day. I am off to drink some needed coffee on this Monday Morning and eat a protein bar. I am way too sleepy for more. 

Here is a Monday poem, written in NYC waiting for the train in the midst of winter. It may make you appreciate that it is summer now. I remember how hard it was to be sleepy and go out into the bitter cold. California thank goodness saves me from that experience.


It’s another monotonous morning,
birds are chirping, but spring
has hardly paid a call or visit.
I drink my hot coffee, gripping
the cup like it holds liquid gold.
Fatigue sets in, mentally, physically;
a rat races inside my head.
I am emotionally, physically
drained from running mundane
marathons to empty destinations.
I imagine a kiss, a zealous kiss
that would bring summer
to my wintry body and soul.
Instead I sip, caffeinated tepid cafe;
and long for lips that scald,
daydreaming of a moment
that could warm all of my seasons.

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey


Today is Monday, and my first weigh in. Monday and weight, two things that are not so popular, but I am totally excited for my first weigh in. Monday, well I am a little sleepy thanks to our two Siamese cats Spanky and Rascal. They think three am is jungle gym time. Let’s just say the little Rascals are not so popular with me this morning as I make my way to begin my day and week. They are our babies but for some reason they only mess with me at night, and not my husband. Coffee is definitely needed today. I feel I had a successful week but I will see what the scale says later after work. Tomorrow is my second workout with Mike, my trainer/friend. This is a commitment but one that makes me happy and totally inspired and motivated. Bring it on, burpees and all.

After my first ten pounds I am volunteering with the Monday Night Mission, and donating food. I wrote a post about all of the wonderful selfless acts they do to keep the people at Skid Row in Los Angeles from being hungry. They are a blessing to the people of Skid Row and I am humbled by all that they do.

Homeless people have always touched my heart, and the fact that it could be anyone. No one on this earth is better than you or me, we are all the same. I was in NYC and I saw an older homeless woman crying on the street, and that night I wrote this poem. I do not rhyme usually but this one came to me in a rhyme. Remember, everyone has a story and everyone is someone important in the scheme of life. We are all one, we are all connected.

Step into my worn shoes,
How would you feel?
When People walk by,
Forgetting you are real.
Beyond your reach,
Hopes of a warm meal;
Or a place to lay your head,
To let your weary body heal.
Your spirit is broken,
But your head held high;
Only to be ignored,
By oblivious eyes.
A face with no name,
Is what they see;
Unloved, forgotten,
Throughout society.
Such lonely solitude,
Unanswered prayers;
Hopelessness and sorrow,
Does no one care?
Who will miss you
When it’s your time to go?
Will anyone remember,
Your name is not John Doe.
Rose Bruno Bailey


Monday has come again, like it does week after week. As I wake up, I ponder Monday, a not so popular day and word.  I really do not mind you at all, without Monday there would be no Friday to look forward to. So I awaken to coffee and water, and a healthy breakfast to get my day going.  I wish a sincere Happy Monday to all, as I continue on my journey of getting fit, losing weight, and sponsoring a charity with each ten pounds I lose. Yes, it is Monday, but it is ok.

So now another unpopular word. Weight. I have finally posted before photos and if I do say so myself I took more than I would have thought I would. I have lived through the dreaded full body photo.  Now comes the business of posting my beginning weight. It is not such an easy thing to put all of  your digits out into the world. Your age? 46  I have come clean there. Your weight? Ok, so tonight after work I am weighing in at Weight Watchers so my weight will be here tomorrow morning. No more hiding, no silk screens here. I will post my beginning weight each week after weigh in with more photos.

So Monday, and weight. I am facing my  fears and challenges head on and they are not as frightening as one may seem. I can do this, and I feel exuberant as I make my way through my Beautiful Monday. After all,Monday it is just a few days off from Friday.