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I am so late posting, I have had a relaxing day at home but I definitely got my workout in. I went for a walk/run and I have to admit it was cold outside today. My diet is going strong and I am so happy I lost the two pounds of water weight.

I have a dilemma, not a bad one but a dilemma just the same. I have been invited to a party in Beverly Hills by my regular guests at Seasons 52. It is Monday night, a holiday party with a performance by a Prima ballerina and her partner. I would love to attend but after losing 30 pounds, I literally have nothing to wear and not sure I will be able to find the time to go shopping by Monday. I have to buy an outfit for my birthday in two weeks and not sure I feel like rushing tomorrow to find something for Monday. Plus I really want to go to yoga and stay on track. Up until now I have only been purchasing workout and work clothes, knowing my body is changing and I am losing weight it does not make sense to buy a new wardrobe.

This party would be amazing, I meditated on it and I think I am going to pass. I do not need the distraction of food and missing a workout and yoga. I am so honored that I was invited and I truly love the ladies who asked me to go but I must stay on schedule.

On another note, I will post my 20lb charity soon. I am just waiting for confirmation from the organization. It is the perfect idea for the season of joy.

Wishing you sweet dreams.



Happy Wednesday, it is hump day. I always laugh at that reference but I am happy it is here. I work today, and then a run/walk and a night class of yoga. I am trying to get back on track with everything since the holiday weekend, and another is approaching us fast. My diet will be clean until Christmas.I am also looking into holistic ways to supplement vitamins. I have been slightly run down.

I have my twenty pound goal almost set, I am just waiting on a confirmation from the charity. I have learned it is not an easy task to get involved sometimes, it could take weeks. Plus I have been without a phone for some time which does not make things easier. Mine broke and I decided to not worry about an extra bill, and live old school. My friends and family have not liked this choice. I am happy to say I am researching which new smart phone will be best for me and my blogging. I will make a choice most likely in the New Year.

A few days ago I was inspired to add fire dancing to my fitness bucket’s long list of things I would like to accomplish. I was having a discussion with Mike my trainer and friend and he made a suggestion that I accomplish one before adding another, so I have decided to do one a month starting in the New Year. Some are easy, others will be difficult but the point of a bucket list is to have the experience and adventure and then cross them off. You are then left with the memories and the fulfillment of the moments. 

Off for now. The days are starting to really get cooler, for California standards. Last night I went for a walk/run after 7pm and it actually was cool but it felt refreshing. Happy Hump Day to all.



Good Morning, a quick post today. It is almost the weekend, and I cannot wait. Tonight is my weekly workout with Mike, and the weather is back to being warm which is great.

Yesterday my husband James was at the Dodgers game, so I brought home a healthy salad for myself since he was out. I ended up eating two of the garlic knots he had on hand. I was so guilty afterwards, almost too much and it made me realize I am not ready mentally for a cheat day. I need to keep my momentum going.

I went to the gap to buy work pants, and these pants I tried on were a little skinnier than I usually wear. There were three lovely ladies from Europe in the dressing room, and when I went to look for the salespersons opinion they made their own opinion known. They told me they looked great, and I should buy them. One thing about losing weight, when shopping you need an outside opinion because your brain is still fat bashing. It is hard to look objectively at yourself.

Off to drink my coffee. Wishing everyone love and light on this Warrior Wednesday. Sorry, I do a lot of yoga these days.