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I am still doing my book drive for Reading to Kids, and I am taking my time to get the most books. I will pick and announce my next ten pound charity within a month. I am so grateful for all the book donations from friends and new friends. Today I received a box of children’s books from someone I met at the nail salon. We began a conversation and I told her what I was working on, and she did not hesitate to offer to help by donating books.  In a mere moment in a nail salon I am granted a new friend. I am so grateful. I look forward to treating her to coffee and cake in the near future. Be kind to others, and sometimes being kind rewards you with new friends.

Children’s books are magical

On the subject of the kindness of strangers and strangers becoming new friends. I have to give a shout out to my wonderful friend Amy. She and I also met in a nail salon, she approached me when she heard I too was from NYC. When she tells the story she makes me cry, because she explains it was my kindness to the staff at the nail salon that caught her attention. In return I was gifted an amazing friend and I am so thankful she said hello to me on that sunny afternoon. Amy is one of my dearest friends and my first friend in California. 

Amy and me. 

Off for now. Tomorrow is my first workout with Mike my trainer and friend. He had to move so we took a break, and I look forward to getting back to the grind. I have been doing yoga and cardio but I have slacked on weight bearing exercises. I will be sore, this I know.

I am also grateful to Mike for taking the time out of his busy schedule and move to train me. His kindness definitely never goes unnoticed. It is amazing how people you meet become your good friends, people you may never have expected to be. You never know who you may meet around the corner or around the world. I love that about life. 

Love and Light

ALMOST ONE YEAR GRATITUDE ( introducing my trainer for one year Mike)

It is Friday the 13th, and I cannot believe it is June already. In one month it will be the one year anniversary of this project and blog. I feel I have accomplished so much, and I have come so far but I did not do this alone. I am very grateful to the wonderful new friends and all the support I have as I continue on my journey. It may have almost been a year, but for me it has only just begun.

I began this thinking I would speed walk, diet, and then return to dance classes and at the same time assisting various charities. I never dreamed of the things my body could do, or would do, or would even endeavor to do.  I never knew what this body of mine was capable of. I am now 40 lbs down, but I have gained fitness knowledge, strength, and endurance. I did a 10K,A Richard Simmons Video, and I am conquering my fitness/adventure bucket list. I can plank for 3 minutes, do burpees and push- ups and more. I feel ageless, invincible, fit, strong, and free. I am reaching for the clouds.

I have to give a huge thank you to my friend and Trainer Mike who has taught me so much about fitness, and guided my way. He is more like a teacher and a coach than a trainer to me, and I am so thankful for this last year of working out with him, and more to come. He is one of my fitness inspirations, he is doing a triathlon in Malibu in September. At first he asked me to do it as well, it is amazing when you have someone training you that totally believes in your ability to conquer even the biggest goals. We work out twice a week at the park,  I call it Mobile Meditation because you work out side by side with the trees, the clouds overhead, and a refreshing breeze that makes it all worth while. There are dogs everywhere and I admit to giving in to the cute canine distractions as I plank and a cute dog licks my face. I have taken many breaks because of the friendly dogs.

Now the workouts are getting harder, and Mike is pushing me. He knows how to strike the best balance between pushing someone and holding back so they do not get injured. It is an honor to have him in my corner as I continue on my journey. Anyone who trains with Mike is very lucky. His expertise, kindness, and motivation have truly helped me to get to where I am today. 
The journey continues, the destination a little elusive but I am chasing down my dreams and never too proud to say thank you to those who have guided my steps.

MIke, trainer and friend

TRX using a tree

Just a sampling of equipment I have to conquer

Mrs Jones, a local favorite and friend of ours at the park

One regret is I never took the time to do my measurements and fat caliber, and the gym does it for free. Better late than never, I am going to get it done asap and go from there. I know I have lost inches, and since I want to lose 40 more lbs it is definitely not to late to have this done.

Off for my day. I am doing my book drive and tomorrow taking a few hours of my time to go read to the children at a local elementary school for Reading To Kids. Life is beautiful, embrace it. There is inspiration everywhere, you just have to open your eyes and look.
Love and Light


Good afternoon to all on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. Today was a special day for me, I wanted for sometime to do a 5K, crossing  off one of the items on my fitness bucket list. I signed up for one with a team from Seasons 52, thanks to my wonderful manager Laura Dennis. We planned it a few months ago and we signed up for Run Seal Beach, a 5K and 10K in picturesque Seal Beach California.

Today I woke up bright and early before five am, and made my way to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to meet the others. It was amazing being up before the sun, and getting to witness the sunrise from a sleepy coffee shop, trying to restrain my excitement for what was to come.

Together Jonathan, Christine, Shane and I made the trek to Seal Beach and meet up with Laura, Caroline and Whitney. Laura was ready to go and she had Seasons 52 tee shirts for us. I am grateful to Laura and Seasons 52 for sponsoring us and giving me the opportunity to make one of my  fitness goals a reality. I am a long way from being over 200 lbs and out of shape, and I feel so fantastic.

Time was of the essence, we didn’t even have time to use a port of potty, they were lining up as we arrived. We all made a plan to meet after since we would all be going at different paces.
All of us were doing the 5K, except for Jonathan who is a seasoned runner, no pun intended. He ran the 10K which inspires me greatly.  I lined up towards the back with Laura, a little nervous with all of the people there. I am a novice runner and it is quite overwhelming being in such close proximity with all of the runners and wondering if I was going to get trampled. On top of that I have a slight toe injury and I was hoping the pain would hold out. I buddy wrapped my toes and took a few aspirin and believed I would be fine, after all the mind is stronger than the body.  I had my music and I was ready. They called our group and Laura told me to push through my first song and keep going. She is an avid runner and it was not long before I lost her and went at my own slower pace. At one point I noticed runners going in a different direction, but I kept moving forward, oblivious of anything around me but my own stride and the tune keeping me upbeat, energized and moving onward.

I was enjoying my experience, sprinting fast to my play list and then walking for a bit, then again running. There was a point where I may have felt that elusive runners high people speak so fondly of. The breeze from the trees was cooling my overheated body down, the rhythm of my music was guiding my pace. I forged forward thinking I must be close to being done as I saw the 3 mile marker. I felt the sense of pride for being so close to finishing my first 5K.

Not so fast, the path oddly continued on and on, the runners who lost steam walked and I ran until I could run no more and at that point I began speed walking. That is when I noticed something peculiar, The 4 Mile marker. At every mile marker I encountered I snapped a quick photo.  There were two ladies walking past me and I turned off my music to ask them how long the race was. A bit over 6 miles was the answer. We exchanged introductions, sisters Barbara and Judy kindly informed me I was running the 10K. We all got a chuckle out of the fact I accidentally was doing a 10K. As we approached the 5 Mile marker Judy snapped a photo of me standing next to it, and I also got a photo of the lovely ladies to remember them by. It was a high knowing I was accidentally doing my first 10K. 

Dynamo sisters Judy and Barbara

Realizing I went the wrong way but so happy. Quick pic and onward towards the finish line.

I kept going, at this point my toe was starting to ache but I did not slow down. Barbara and Judy wanted to beat their younger sister to the finish line so they were off running. I pondered that the Seasons 52 team was probably wondering where I was and all of a sudden I saw Jonathan walking in the opposite direction. I explained to him I never took the 5K turn and instead accidentally ran the 10K, well walked/ran the 10K. He thought it was amazing and immediately walked with me for the duration of the race.  Jonathan texted the others to let them know he found me. We decided I was going to run through the finish line so Jonathan joined me as I turned on my most inspiring tune and ran through the red arches to complete my first 10K. Judy was at the finish line and greeted me with a congratulatory hug which made me feel ten feet tall.

Thank you Judy 

I did a 10K

The others were waiting, laughing at the fact that I missed the turn. Christine immediately handed me a protein bar, banana, and water and I was congratulated for doing my first 10K. We all laughed that I missed the turn, it was such a Rose thing to do. Today was such a wonderful experience, the people, the challenge, the scenery, the camaraderie of everyone gathered to conquer their personal goals and rooting for the person next to them. No competition, sportsmanship is alive and well in Seal Beach.

The morning was marvelous and I am so happy I had such a fun team to share this moment with.  We took lots of photos and walked back to the car no worse for wear. I am inspired by the people who ran/walked beside me and honored to call them friends and co workers. Not a bad way to kick off the weekend.

Shane, Christine, Jonathan, Caroline, Laura, me and Whitney Team Seasons 52

Now what, my first half marathon? Not so fast, but I will have to make my next running goal a reality. No excuses now when I run with my trainer Mike. Our goal is for me to run around the park 4 times without stopping, and I am so inspired to make this quest happen in the near future. After all, I am ageless, fearless and I believe in me. As long as I have such amazing friends beside me I can conquer any battle. 

More photos to follow.

Love and Light to all,
Happy Weekend


Good Morning to all today. I am on my second cup of coffee, I could not sleep last night. My mind was racing about The Monday Night Mission. My volunteer date is coming up fast, and all I could think about was the little things I want to get done on Sunday, bake some cookies and bag them up and make ham and cheese sandwiches for the hungry. 

I missed yoga yesterday, we are having some minor issues on the home front, but tonight I will be back at it at Yogaworks. I have to lock my cats in the bedroom for the duration of the afternoon, the mortgage inspector is coming again and they have to come in and neither of us will be home. The building manager said they will not enter the bedroom so the cats do not flee out the front door. I hate to lock them up, but I would rather go to work and know they are safe, and hopefully the people coming in will not open the door. They said this is the last time, so I am relieved. With cats it is difficult, because every time you open the door they want to bolt. Curiosity and all, you know what they say about curiosity. I think it is imperative for humans to stay curious, but for cats not so much. I am completely curious about everything, so hopefully my curiosity will not get me into too much trouble. 

I am off for now. Long day and I may meet my friend Francie for coffee after yoga. She is my wonderful friend I met when I did the Richard Simmons video. I am so thankful, I started this project and I am making things happen and meeting some amazing friends along the way. I feel very blessed as I drink my morning coffee. Love and Light to all. 


As Richard says when he enters the room, HI EVERYBODY!!

I think I may have met my match. Not a day goes by when someone tells me how perky I am. The conversation with guests where I work is always are you always this perky? You are perkier than coffee, now I can skip my caffeine etc. Funny though, when people read my poetry they are often shocked that I am extremely deep and reflective.  Perky does not mean I am empty headed. I just love to be alive. Richard Simmons is one perky man, and you can tell he has a natural high from life. He truly loves it and lives it.  He is 65 and not stopping, and his energy could light up all of Los Angeles. I am in awe of him, his perkiness and all. And yes, he is also very deep. I feel honored to know him and have the opportunity to take his classes.

When you take on a project such as this you need to constantly keep moving and keep the momentum moving forward as well.  Going it alone is not an option. Working out with Mike on Tuesdays and attending Richard Simmons classes on Thursdays gives me that extra motivation to continue on.  As I have said I have been attending classes at Richard Simmons every Thursday Evening. It is major inspiration for me, and lasts the entire week. When I was in his video shoot I met a new friend named Francie, and our similarities of our paths were uncanny. We became instant friends. She decided to join me Thursday 8-1-13 for class. She was a dancer as well and loves to take classes and try new things. Her first time going to a Slimmons class was on the fourth of July and like me she was hooked.

I got there a little early, I am always early. I was talking to Gigi the 91 year old dynamo and she introduced me to a wonderful young guy named George who is a make up artist, and I met Erin a real Irish beauty. George has done Richards makeup amongst others. He said sometime in the future he would like to do mine. George and Erin are regulars but they usually attend on Tuesdays. I met Shoshanna, it was her first time and she was so excited and did not know what to expect. All of a sudden I saw a head bob up and yell out my name, Francie had arrived and thought I was not there, it was so crowded and she made her way over to me and to my new Richard Simmons friends. Again, as usual the energy was completely electric. 
Francie, Erin, Richard, George,Rose, Shoshanna

Rose and erin

Shoshanna and Rose

Francie and Rose 

I had told George that my ankle felt tender, and he told me to make sure I mention it to Richard so he knows. This man works you out, and he pushes unless he feels you are injured. He came over to me, kissed both my cheeks and when I told him my ankle felt a litttle tender he had me feel his knee. He was wearing a  knee brace and he instructed I go to CVS and purchase one for my ankle for extra support. He kept his eye on me but did not push.

The class was absolutely a riot and so fantastic. I do not think words could express the energy that this man brings to the table. It was Latin night coupled with amazing Latin moves and Richard was actually playing records off a record machine. Totally retro aerobics. My ankle felt fine but I stayed on the low impact side, and danced my heart out as did everyone else. You have to be there to understand how much fun it is.

Free weights came next, and then planking. I am proud to say I planked on one leg with my right let raised. I am definitely getting stronger and Francie told me she has noticed a difference in me since the video shoot. Making progress slowly but surely, all I can say is woo hooo.

Richard gave his nightly inspirational talk and wished a few people Happy Birthday and gave them a special birthday gift, he even sang the Birthday tune from Fiddler on the Roof. We took photos and were on our way, smiles and all.   Afterwards Francie and I went to Robertson Blvd for cupcakes, coffee, and conversation. I am so happy to have met her, she is an amazing young woman and new friend. I actually had just a quarter of a cupcake and a decaf skim cappuccino. A bite or two was all that was needed for me to feel satisfied. I am feeling so fufilled in other areas, this whole journey is really becoming such a fun adventure. 

When I began this project I said anything I say I am going to do I will do, no procrastination and no backing out of things. I am proud to say so far I have stuck to that vow. I am dedicated even on days when I may feel a bit fatigued, weak or tired. At the end of the day the fatigue lifts and all I am left with is that natural perky high you get from this beautiful thing we call life. To quote one of my favorite films The Shawshank Redemption. ” Get busy living or get busy dying.” I choose to live passionately, to live big, and live my authentic life. 
Love and Light


I woke up this morning a little bit more tired than usual. I have two beloved Siamese cats, Rascal and Spanky, and they take to waking me up every morning at three am chewing the air conditioner cords. It has taken it’s toll since it happens every night. So today, I must shake off the slight sleepiness I feel and drink a full cup of coffee not only for the taste but the jolt as well. I love my cats with all my being but I need to figure out how to get them not to chew on cords. 



As of Monday my weight is 193. I have been walking outdoors daily for one hour a day. Yesterday I worked out with Mike, trainer and friend. We went to the gym and did an endurance test basically. I walked one mile fast and he recorded my heart rate. Then it got a little more challenging. He instructed me to walk and each minute raise the incline until it was at ten, and after walk down to zero. That is not easy if you are not used to walking on an incline, but I could feel how good it is for you. I did make the mistake of forgetting my water bottle, I think I would not have struggled if I would have remembered to hydrate more. I will try that on my own this week, thanks to Mike who is teaching me to mix it up so my body does not get used to the same old same old. I am so open to any exercise except stairs, I hate, hate stairs. I know that means somewhere in my future we may climb stairs. For some reason that is so hard for me, well that and burpees and running. I am a work in progress. I am extremely grateful for the professional expertise and support and hopefully soon I will be in better shape to tackle anything, including stairs. I do feel stronger already and I am down four pounds. I am getting closer to meeting Mel and the whole selfless group at the Monday Night Mission, feeding the homeless and hungry will be so rewarding. I get fitness and health, and to help make a difference in the lives of others, how amazing is that!

I am so excited for Richard Simmons class tomorrow, and I will post new weekly photos. My friend Francie, who I met at the video shoot is joining me for class. We have so many things in common, and similarities are uncanny. We have lived the same places, both studied theater and dance in college, to name just a few. She called me her secret twin and she is amazing.  I feel blessed to be making such amazing new friends with this My Change For A Ten project. I would not have known Francie nor Mike, or all the wonderful people I have met at class if I did not take on this idea to lose weight and sponsor a charity with every ten pounds. If anyone knows me I love meeting new people and making new friends. You never know who you may meet. Doing this project is putting me out there to have the opportunity to come in contact with like minded individuals and I am thankful for that as well.

I have not lost that much yet but my confidence is slowly returning. I have decided to attend a poetry reading in the near future and to start getting my work out there like it was in NYC. It is time and I cannot wait. There are a few places, one in Hollywood on Thursday nights and one in Venice on Sundays so it does not conflict with my schedule. My wonderful friend Xiomara said she would love to attend with me.  No more putting off things, if I say I want to do something, I plan on following through. No more procrastination. As the Nike advertisement states, just do it!!
Love and Light