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Ok, so I am new at trying to budget food but I think I have food for two for the next five days. That would balance out to ten dollars a day. I am trying to improve my food budget and I probably can do so even more. This is my first attempt.

Sometimes for dinner I make simple tuna sandwiches with veggies with no salt albacore tuna and veganaise. I bought mahi mahi burgers to have with either brown rice or baked potatoes with fat free sour cream and lemon.  I also purchased 97% lean burgers to eat with veggies and potatoes or brown rice and Dr Praeger veggie burgers with vegetables. I am hoping this works through Wednesday and next time I may walk to Ralph’s or Jon’s to see if I can do even better and buy food for a full week.

We have eggs, oatmeal, protein bars and vegetarian sausage and bacon on hand. We also have a loaf of Ezekial sprouted bread and bags of frozen fruits. I know I could be stocked up better but this is a beginning. I do all of the shopping on foot so this is where I began with my quest to eat healthy on a budget. I got a lot of my ideas from my bestie Melissa Bender Fitness.


Here is my grocery haul for the next five days. I still need to pick up a bag of onions, some 0% Greek yogurt and vinegar and more protein bars and coffee. I probably should make a list.

I have been in a major slump the last few days. I am trying to pull myself out of the gutter so to speak. This healthy eating and planning should help. I am a work in progress and this is my first meltdown so to speak in one year. I almost started crying out in public earlier. I think I may start a gratitude journal to get myself back to my Pollyanna ways. I am human, after all.

Love and Light


I have been pondering my former lifestyle of being a vegetarian. I was a vegetarian for almost ten years in the 90’s, and then for over two years since I moved to Los Angeles. I started eating meat again exactly one year ago and to be honest I have been in denial about it. I have lost weight, and eating protein and less carbohydrates may have helped me to do so. With that said, as my weight drops I am tinkering with the idea that I will return to being a vegetarian in 2014.

To live your authentic self, it sometimes is difficult to follow a path even though you know it is the right way. You get lost, you stumble and you find yourself on the wrong side of the tracks so to speak. You deviate from your beliefs, and as in my case you choose not to think about it. That is how I feel about eating meat. I by no means wish to come across preachy here, or to pass judgement on anyone or myself for that matter. I just feel like I have strayed from my authentic self and I need to be true to everything I am about. Eating meat for me makes me feel like a hypocrite, and that is the last thing I want to be. I need to breathe, forgive myself and turn around and head back in the direction that fits my spirit.

I am going to make it a New Year’s Resolution, to return to my former vegetarian lifestyle. To try again to make it work and continue to lose weight will not be easy, it will be a process, everything is but it will be worth it to me. I will start slow, and not be hard on myself if I slip up. I will also have to plan and make sure my protein is not lacking. Just another challenge in my quest to be a better version of myself. I am always up new challenges.

Happy Weekend to all and to all a goodnight.


When you decide to dedicate yourself to a project, you can be assured a time will come when you are challenged. It is happening to me this week, minor challenges but they are testing my will and perseverance. I weighed myself Tuesday, and I stayed the same. I know I am losing and also shedding inches so I will not give up, I have lost weight and I am in a far better place than I was months ago. I am stronger and by stamina and energy are much greater. I am winning this battle and becoming a better, healthier version of myself.

That and a few other minor annoyances left me in a bit of a cranky mood as I started my day on Tuesday. My husband was a bit shocked, since I am rarely, ever crabby. My ankle is still a bit tender, and that has been really upsetting me. I have not been talking about it too much, and I have been working through it. I want to be 100% and when your body does not cooperate with your mind it can be a bit irritating. I have ordered new athletic shoes and new work shoes, I think that may be part of the problem.

Mike was not feeling well yesterday, so we did not work out together. I send him healing thoughts and hope he feels back to normal soon. He mentioned he wanted to work out today, so if he is well and able I will be doing my weekly workout with him this evening. If not, I will head down to YogaWorks and do some walking as well. 

I had a nightmare last night, one of those gut wrenching dreams that frighten you so much that when you finally wake up you are so relieved they are not a reality. I dreamed I was in Cleveland and all of a sudden the whole city was under some apocalyptic evacuation. All the residents were forced to gather in one location. I remember in my dream I was more concerned about making sure my family and pets was safe then I was about my own safety. This dream however disturbing put my silly little annoyances in there place. I woke up, and my family and pets are safe, so all is well with the world. 

My mother is the epitome of a survivor and her challenges were far greater than mere daily annoyances. She was such a stunning beauty as well, yet she never knew it. I get so much inspiration from her, her courage and way she looks life in the face. I should probably not say this here, but she cusses like a sailor and even though I never swear I love that quality about her, it makes her very human and very funny. 

Shout out to Shirley Bruno as I sign off. Life you wish to challenge me? In my Mother’s style I will say confidently and with a little does of her humor, bring it on B!@#& !!!! 🙂
Love and Light

My gorgeous Mother Shirley age 16  in the black bathing suit
Shirley my Mother in black again, with a friend and my eldest sister Dona as a child