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Good morning to all, I have been so busy and I really want to write a post about all of the things that are flitting through my mind. Thanksgiving, and what it means to be grateful. I will have to wait for downtime tonight and tomorrow to write the way I wish to write, for now just a quick update for the week.

Yesterday at work Gigi from the Richard Simmons video was having lunch at Seasons 52, it was such a surprise when my co-worker Ryan told me I think these ladies know you. I also met her lovely friend Dawn who happens to be best friends with one of my amazing friends Jami. I love the way the universe dishes out inspiration. I promised to attend another Richard Simmons class Saturday Morning with them. It made my day and talking with Dawn gave me some wonderful ideas for charities, more to come on that note soon. My mind is spinning a bit out of control.

I worked out with Mike, my trainer and friend last night at the park. We are going to take some photos in the near future so I can share them here. We ran, and I was so proud to say I ran twice around the track at the park. I am not sure how far that is but it was the first time I ran that far without stopping. I was shocked, excited and surprised but of course Mike said he knew I could do it and I did. My anxiety about running was in my head. So onward, training for a 5k in March with the crew and management from Seasons 52. I think we are doing the Bad Prom Run, and even though it is a theme run I convinced Mike to do it with us, he is my trainer after all and it will be tons of fun.

After we ran we did the most creative workout to date. The park in the autumn after 5 pm is perfect for that, there are not a lot of people so you can really utilize all of the options there. We actually went into the children’s playground and he came up with exercises there. The artist in him comes out in his unique workout ideas. I did stairs on the kiddie stairs and did some other moves too, some a little more awkward than others. I do think sometimes your mind holds you back, so I am working on correcting that. We had a lot of fun and by the end we sprinted for a short time, and I ran pretty fast if I do say so myself. I told him I was not delicate and kind of disagreed with me, but really I am not delicate. I will prove myself and I am a work in progress. I am beyond grateful to him and happy to have made such a new and wonderful friend in the process.  Working out with Mike at the park makes me feel like a ten year old kid, getting dirty and not caring a lick what people think. It is a lesson in life, never letting go of the child inside. 

Like I said, my mind has so much going on at the moment, and I wish I had time to really write, to delve deep into the emotions and thoughts that ramble through my muddled mind. I was thinking about all of the wonderful souls that have crossed my path since I started this last July, people I would have never met. I am so grateful for all the people in my life. More on that later. For now, I am off to work, then shopping for some last minute items for Thanksgiving. Later in the evening I will be baking, cleaning, and hopefully I can sneak in a run and some writing time. Whew, I am just tired writing all of that.
I wish you a beautiful day full of sunshine and smiles.