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Last time I was on a dance team in 2005-2009

Good Morning. I am up with the sun and contemplating my fitness bucket list, which one can I tackle soon? It is going to take a lot of thought. In the meantime everyday fitness is rolling, and I had a long walk with some running last night. I also did a lot of leg lifts at the park. Tonight I work out with my trainer Mike, and it should take me a week or two to really feel strong again. I learned something over my Christmas Holiday, do not stop resistance training. I was actually having some aches and pains, and then we worked out and they all subsided.

One of the items on my fitness bucket list is to audition with the LA Sparks over 40 dance team. I am on the lookout for dance auditions. It was something I wanted to do but I did not have the guts to do it, so I skipped it. Thank goodness I did not do that with the Richard Simmons video. Saturday is class and then we are all going out to lunch for Gerry’s 92nd Birthday. She is such an inspiration, she works out daily and never stops.

Off for more coffee. I am also brainstorming for a new title for my poetry collection. My original title was too long. I am thinking maybe Lapses in Time, or Winter Solace since I was born on the winter solstice. This is the hardest part.

Wising you love and light.