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I am planning my twenty pound charity, and decided to do something that was a perfect fit for December and the season of joy. I decided to do a toy drive for Alexandria House, with the recommendation of a dear friend named Dawn who attends Richard Simmons. I am grateful for her friendship and support. 

Here is some information on Alexandria House below. I am organizing my twenty pound charity at my place of employment, Seasons 52 in Century City, CA. with the help of my amazing management and co workers. I am grateful for the support and everyone who is so kind to give a toy to a child at this time of year. My co-worker and friend Meagan and I are delivering the toys December 23rd. I will post more information later this week. The toys are starting to accumulate, and I am really excited. I am beyond grateful and moved to have such kind people in my corner and thank you to Michele and Judy at Alexandria House.
Happy Monday


 Response to the compelling needs of the women and

 children living in the house, as well as the 

 neighborhood needs before us each day, the goal of

 Alexandria House is to be a community-oriented

 transitional house and neighborhood center which is

 intentionally multicultural, antiracist and where the

 needs of women who are economically poor are


 We are supported by a community of caring

 individuals and groups who share our mission.
 Company Overview

 Founded in 1996, Alexandria House is a non-profit 

 transitional residence and house of hospitality

 providing safe and supportive housing for women and

 children in the process of moving from emergency

 shelter to permanent housing. Located in the densely

 populated and ethnically diverse Mid-Wilshire area,

 Alexandria House also serves its broader 

 neighborhood community by providing educational 

 and enrichment opportunities for residents and

 neighbors alike.


Good Morning to all on this sunny Thursday here in Southern California. I must do a short yet sweet post since I am running a bit late today. The cats are so happy we are home from Palm Springs, and the holidays are approaching so it is mandatory that I push even harder because this is the danger zone time.

You know the time of year, you want to snuggle at home with your honey and watch Christmas movies, and that takes time away from your routine. I need to stick to my routine and get through the next few months. If I can lose another ten pounds by the New Year I will be very happy. I gained a pound this week and I did not even cheat while I was in Palm Springs, and on Thanksgiving and Christmas I am allowing myself to finally cheat, so this time of year may be difficult if not impossible to lose weight but I will make it through and make it happen.

Tonight after work I am working out with my trainer and friend Mike and if I have time I am going to try my best to make it to Nicole’s Yoga Class at Pink Iron at 7:15. So I will be running with Mike, and then running to make my Wednesday yoga class, but it is so worth it.

Off to work in a bit, my cat Spanky is snuggled on my feet. These are the times when you all of a sudden want to stay home and play homebody.  Coffee is so needed for an extra nudge out the door. Wishing everyone love and lots of light.