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Good morning to all. One year ago today was my first workout with my trainer Mike, and I was so intimidated and awkward. Here we are, a full year later and I have come a long way, but I could not have done this alone. Mike has been very inspirational and motivating to me, and I am so grateful for his patience, expertise and time. He is very modest but he has done so much to help me evolve in my quest for fitness. I love working out at the park, it is so serene. My mobile meditation.

Yesterday we did an fitness evaluation to see how far I have come. I think I have a long way to go, and well Mike just thinks I think too much.

The best part about our evaluation workout was our plank competition. About a month or so ago we competed in planking, and we got to 3 minutes and I threw in the towel.  We had a rematch yesterday and we got to the 5 minute mark and Mike dropped. I thought I was going to drop after 3 minutes but I decided to hold on. I looked at Mike who was starting to fade just a little and at about the 4 minute mark I heard the words I thought he would never say to me. ( Excuse me for cussing here, if you know me I do not cuss, and Mike rarely does either but sometimes those four letter words just slip out when you are in pain from working out).  Mike told me he f’in hates me, and I could not help but laugh and hold on even harder. It was just the thing I needed to beat him, this time.

So we are at a tie, he won once doing a 3 minute plank, and I won this time at the 5 minute mark.
It will be a rematch soon, may the best planker win.  Mike 1, Rose 1

I never knew I could be so competitive, who knew?