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Good Morning to all. We are a little under the weather here, so I am just trying to get through it and feel better by my big weekend. I have been shopping both for my Birthday outfit, and for my husband since he lost a few pounds as well and works later than I do. It has been a project, shopping for a man. I just need accessories for myself, I found some killer heals to go with my dress, these should put my 5’2 frame at 5’8. They are that high, I hope I can walk.

Just a quick post, this cold has got the best of me and I do not have much energy, but I have been using the Neti Pot and I seem to be getting better at a quicker pace than my husband who refuses to use it. I believe it truly works, and I can say I can breathe this morning.

Wishing you a beautiful day. My toy drive is in full swing and we deliver the toys on Monday. Christmas just comes and goes too quickly, I will be happy when I can return to my normal routine and lose this 30-40 pounds once the new year arrives. I got a hair trim the other day, and I had not been in the salon in months and the staff went on and on about my weight loss, that made my week.



Good evening to all.
I love it when I find inspiration in unusual places. Today I spoke to the bus driver on the way home, and it was one of the best conversations I have had with someone in a long time.He was originally from D.C. and has fallen in love with California. He told me he believes I am now a California girl. I have assimilated to life here on the sunny side of the country. I am even planning to do a 5k in March with two of my wonderful managers from Seasons 52. That means I need to take my running serious from here on out.

Then my husband told me a story, such an inspirational story that truly makes me believe in destiny and fate. A woman had a dream of running in the NYC Marathon, and she made her dream come true at the age of 86. The next day she passed away, she did what she was meant to do the last day of her blessed life.

I love stories of people making dreams reality. Just what I need as I shake off this head cold and work even harder in the direction of my dreams. Today the lovely young lady that works at CVS told me she just lost nine pounds, and that I inspired her to begin her own weight loss journey. We are all here for each other, making our dreams come true looking for inspiration, and sharing the inspiration we gain with others as we go along our way.

Off for now, I wish everyone love and light and sweet dreams.