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We have moved a lot, and I’ve purged before each move and found wonderful new items for each new home. I love living a life of creativity. Does it take a lot of money? When you are on a budget you can still surround yourself with beauty by repurposing your ideas and things, and just getting a little creative while spending less cash. Abundance is for everyone and it’s not expensive. Moving has taught me this. This blog is about life and losing weight and getting in great shape, all while giving back. It’s also about living your best life. I’m definitely working on happiness on every level. We all deserve beauty in our life.

I have four beautiful black blazers, all different styles. I bought them at a discount day at a local thrift store for a little over a buck a blazer. Dry cleaned and they look fabulous and trendy with jeans. When you are losing weight it helps to feel good in all aspects of your life. Buying clothes is difficult as you are changing your body, so spending less makes a lot of sense.  Having an inviting space to live in is the ultimate comfort. Here are some of the creative ways I live my life for the better without spending a lot of green❤️ Wishing you beauty in all aspects of your life. 

Create your own art

Order used books on Amazon or find them at garage sales, thrift stores, library sales and discount book stores.

Make homemade and healthy treats.

I love finding pretty things at Marshall’s and Ross for Less.

Start photography and frame your work.

What to do with scraps when you prep fruits?

Add Chai Tea to scraps with cinnamon and water and simmer in a tea pot to make your home smell naturally delicious.

Simmer on low, add vanilla too. So much you can do to make natural room scents.

This was a dress for only 8 bucks at Ross. It’s my new fave girly robe. Morning motivation. Coziness and coffee.

I was curious about this book, got it used on Amazon for 10 bucks with prime free shipping. Another hint, with Amazon Prime you get discounts at Whole Foods.

A lantern makes an interesting piece stacked on books.

IKEA cart and inspiration from a coffee shop. Perfect book shelf and a place for fresh flowers.

Jonathan Adler butter dish I repurposed as decor for my living room.

Everything found in a thrift store. An Andrew Wyeth signed art work, the table, the cake plate Holding the apples. The candlesticks.


Be Happy Rose Bailey

Simple but profound advice: Be happy

(Sorry I haven’t blogged in a little while. We’re still adjusting to northern California and I’ve been busy with work, some new poetry projects, and of course, the fabulous Melissa Bender workouts. Later this weekend I plan to add a list of charities that I’ve helped through this My Change For A Ten project, and I’ll be back to blogging more next week. Thank you, as always, for reading.)

The Dalai Lama says, quite simply, that the purpose of life is to be happy.

To be happy. What a wonderful concept. We are all chasing down happiness. Is there happiness in material gains? Happiness in what we achieve and how we go about doing it? Sometimes if we spend a life chasing happiness down the wrong ally we end up smack face in a dead end with nowhere to go. My friend Ted wrote about this a few times on his blog, including the idea of “being content” and the idea that happiness is actually a U-Curve.I believe happiness is love, and loving others and all creatures of the universe. Happiness can be found in nature and not a mall. Happiness is giving to others and spending out days creating rather than spending. (That’s basically why I started this blog!) Yes, the whole discussion of money and happiness is an old one. Money does offer freedom and with that freedom there are less stresses about security for the future and more time to do the endeavors you are passionate about. I get the importance of financial freedom. When that green piece of paper becomes the only thing you strive for then it becomes more of an empty goal even if your bank account is full. Balance is one of the keys to happiness. Dive into crystal clear waters, climb a tree.  Worry less, smile more.

Sometimes it takes a mere reminder to let you know how lucky you really are to be alive.I was sitting at the train station, listening to my music when my vision caught a sight from across the tracks. It was a woman in a wheel chair who obviously had no movement in any of her limbs, her companion and their adoring dog. As I sat and watched this family interact with one another, I was reminded what unconditional love is all about. I watched the lady smile from ear to ear as the man gave her a sip of something cool to drink, and the dog vying for both of their attention. The epitome’ of love and family. I was not the only one that was watching, it was apparent that this moment did not go unnoticed by the commuters surrounding me. A beautiful and poignant lesson to remind me and others of the power of life and love.
Moments like this make me realize why I love to help others, and that giving back is so rewarding. Everyone deserves to be loved and appreciated, and we are all the same connected to the core that is our humanity. I admit the last weeks have been difficult, and I have challenges I am trying to overcome. But such a moment makes me realize my challenges are just minor glitches in an otherwise life full of much abundance. My challenges can be overcome, and I am here to make a difference and help others with their larger and more monumental challenges in life.
This reminds me why I chose to combine my weight loss endeavors with giving back to society. I already enjoyed helping others, but I needed to help myself become healthy again and I feel it was the perfect marriage of giving to myself and giving back. In the process I have met myself.
I am working on my latest charity and I will announce when I am on my way to deliver what I have collected. I am keeping quiet until I am on my way, since I want to make sure everything goes as planned.
Glitches in life are just that, tests to see how we will react. It is how we overcome such snafus in life that show our true character. Today I am happy. I am breathing, I have a roof over my head and a warm cup of coffee to sooth my soul. I am happy I have a cold and not anything more detrimental. I am happy my challenges can be overcome, and I am healthy enough to give back to others who need it most. I will just be.
Be Happy.


What I found walking a few miles yesterday in my own backyard

Good Morning Tuesday. I am sleepy today, drinking my coffee and trying to wake up. Today is a new day, back to work and working out tonight after. My husbands lung x-rays were the same as they were a year ago, so I am happy he is still stage zero with his auto immune disease Sarcoidosis.

So health scare averted, back to work and working harder than ever on my workouts. Looking for adventures to conquer. I am alive, so I will follow all rainbows in the direction of bliss.

Happy Tuesday.
Love and Light


Stop and smell the flowers

1. Go to bed early and wake early every day. I learned this lesson in NYC. Burning the candle at both ends just snuffs out all of your energy and leaves no time to cultivate a happy life. Make sure you have enough time in the morning for breakfast and coffee, and wind down time at night. I look forward to my daily routine. I make the time to begin my day and time to reflect on it as the sun sets. If you work a job with odd hours, try to find your routine on your own time.

2. Take some time to be outdoors daily if you live in a mild climate. Breathing in fresh air and feeling a warm breeze does amazing things for your psyche. If you live in a cool climate and cannot handle the cold, find a zen place like an indoor heated pool or a sauna. When the weather warms, walk in the rain and soak in the splendor of the sun.

3. Use water as therapy. Buy a home water fountain with running water or youtube the sounds of the ocean. Live near water?  All the better. Get to the beach and just listen to the soothing sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. Do not take Mother Nature for granted. I like to call her Mother Nurture because getting out in nature nurtures the soul.

4. Surround yourself with positive people who make your spirit soar. Your friends should be your biggest cheerleaders and you theirs. Trust me on this one, I have the most inspirational friends. 

5. Find your passions and don’t be afraid to chase them down. Reinvent your visions and rediscover yourself. Believe in you, never know who you may become. Do not define yourself by a number. I have decided to live with no fear and feel ageless.

6. Routines are important when setting goals,  but when a special occasion occurs do not be afraid to be spontaneous. 

7. If something is making you unhappy, do not complain, change. Do not be afraid to take that leap of faith, you will always land on your feet. The universe has your back.

8. Do something altruistic. Giving back to others fires off neurons in the brain that helps alleviate stress symptoms. It is good for others and good for you. Everyone wins when you lend a helping hand to those who need it most.

9. If you do not exercise regularly and feel you do not have the time to begin, try walking 15 minutes a day. It is good for your mind and body and you may find you crave more movement.

10. Is life feeling predictable and boring? What did you love in school the most? Field Trips!! Take an adult field trip. Take a day trip to a nearby city or go visit a museum or two. Get creative, the things you can do are endless. Fun is just as important as work.

Dean Martin – Good Mornin’ Life

Good Morning Life,
I had to share this old tune, it just makes me want to skip down the street and smile at all the people and pets that I pass by. Oh wait, I do this anyway, well without the skipping. Happiness is a choice, and I choose to live my life as a gift and I will sing along with Dean Martin. Good Morning Life.
Love and Light,