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My body is my temple, my spirit is my paradise within

Happy Sunday to all. James my husband suggested I change the look of my blog, a fresh look for a new year and a new life in San Francisco. This is what I have decided on for now. I may change it again, but I do like the zen quality of the color of sea foam green. I am taking everything to another level and a fresh face lift on my blog is just what I need.

Today is day 8 of month one of the three months of Melissa Bender Fitness Bikini Prep workouts. I will also do my cardio. It is a sleepy Sunday and I have not taken a rest day in over ten days. I finally made a Dr. appointment for next week to have my toes looked at. I have one injured toe on my right foot, and I actually lost a toe nail on my left foot and the one underneath is bruised too. I think my shoes are too large and it may be causing me major issues with my workouts and cardio. Challenges do not slow me down though. I adjust and get through the obstacle courses that come my way. 

Off for now. Wishing everyone a beautiful and zen Sunday.
Love, Light, and Peace


Healthy carb i moderation.

Happy Sunday to all. I am contemplating a no carb diet, and wondering if that would help me get past this little weight loss plateau. To carb, or not to carb, that is the question. As soon as this thought popped into my head I saw Fitness Magazine posted an article about what to eat before and after a workout. Carbs are included in moderation. I have decided to try to only eat certain carbs, and listen to my trainer Mike and try to up my protein a little.

Here is the link to the article in Fitness Magazine if you are interested.

Some things I am going to incorporate into my diet.

Before workouts
Oatmeal, berries, greek yogurt.
Whole grain bread with peanut butter and bananas and cinnamon
Greek smoothies with fruit and no sugar
Eggs and vegetables and fruit
Chicken, fish and vegetables
Tuna, whole grain bread and vegetables

After my workouts
Chicken and vegetables and salad
Fish, vegetables and salad
Sweet potatoes

Sounds simple, but I do not excel in meal planning. Plus I am married so I have to think of someone other than myself, and that can be so challenging.
Making changes this week.
I will post how this is working mid week.

Love and Light


My workouts with Mike my trainer at the park were on back to back days, Wednesday and Thursday. They are really evolving and I am so thankful to him and happy for my progress so far. I have noticed my appetite seems increased, and I have been eating too little. I tried to eat a little more today and I felt super strong during my workout. I am also trying to make an effort to get in enough calcium. I am a work in progress as far as my eating habits are concerned. I tend not to eat enough when I feel rushed. I am trying to stop that and make sure I fuel before I work out and hydrate with water and coconut water.

The park tonight was kind of quiet, except for a lot of dogs. I fall in love with the dogs there, they run up to greet us and make it difficult to work. Today we met Mrs Jones and a large poodle named Beatrice. I swear West Hollywood is animal heaven.

I am wiped out so this is a short post, when I am tired I cannot think straight.It will be an early night for me. I need a good nights sleep. Working out makes me hungry and tired.

Wishing you love and light.