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Kristen and Milo

The last few days my heart has been heavy, my friend  Kristen in Pittsburgh PA lost her cat Milo last week. She searched endlessly, posting fliers, sharing his photo on the Internet and searching for him on foot. The one thing she did not do, she never ever gave up hope. Finding her beautiful cat Milo was her number one mission and today I am happy to say I woke up to the happy news that he is finally back by her side. 

To never give up hope, that can be a hard one. Yes, sometimes in life problems seem to big to tackle and it is easier to admit defeat. This is a lesson to me as I continue My Change For A Ten that hope is never lost. To persevere even when things are difficult or downright impossible. Another thing I have learned is we are never in it alone. People are truly amazing. Kristen had the whole community at her side helping her find her beloved Milo. 

Yesterday I was on the bus and I glanced at my hand mirror, and thought I have so much weight to lose as I looked at my refection. A few seconds later an elderly woman sat next to me and smiled. She literally touched my face and told me in broken English I had a beautiful face. I thanked her and told her she did as well. We smiled at each other as I exited the bus and I was shamed that I had a moment of self doubt again. She gave me a life lesson at the very moment it was needed. Beauty is not measured by age, or size, just heart. 

I made my way to my weigh in at Weight Watchers, and I lost three more pounds making the total four pounds.  I also went to buy new work pants and I went down a size from a 16 to a 14.  I was very, very happy and pleased with myself.  I was so grateful to the elderly lady and her message I am beautiful regardless of my size.  From here on out I will try not to succumb to such negative self banter. 

I could not go this distance by myself, and I am blessed to have so many supportive people in my corner. I know I have a long journey ahead of me, to sponsor a charity with every ten pounds I lose and to keep the weight off for good, but kind words from a stranger and today’s news about Milo returning home reminded me I will never give up hope either and I am not in this alone. Thanks Kristen!!  🙂
Love and Light