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Happy Sunday to all.


Sunday is the last day of my work week, I am off Mondays & Tuesdays. Sunday is the day I reflect in gratitude and plan my goals for the week. I am always looking for inspiration, and I believe there is inspiration everywhere. I try not to focus on worries and the hardships of life. If I succumb to that, I will be unhappy and lose sight of my goals and dreams. Life is beautiful, but it definitely is not easy. Nothing of worth is easy.

I met someone this week named Guy who told me when you find yourself feeling caught up in your troubles, to Let Go and Let God. I found those words to be so poetic and powerful; to let it go, and give it to God to take care of. It doesn’t matter if you do not believe in God or if you are not a spiritual being, you can let it go, and leave it to the universe. To release your worries and let go is the best way to move forward in my opinion. if you hold onto stress and pain, it only hinders your health and well being. I believe health goes beyond just the body. I am trying to be healthy and happy in mind, body, heart and soul. 

So today, I will Let Go, and Let God. I will focus on the beauty of nature. I will be silent and meditate as I do my morning yoga, reflecting on my gratitude of life. I have so many goals as I move forward in 2017, but today I will just be. I will be grateful for my life and loved ones, for the food I eat, and the nature my eyes get to see as I do my runs and walks.

Today, I will Let Go, and Let God







ALMOST ONE YEAR GRATITUDE ( introducing my trainer for one year Mike)

It is Friday the 13th, and I cannot believe it is June already. In one month it will be the one year anniversary of this project and blog. I feel I have accomplished so much, and I have come so far but I did not do this alone. I am very grateful to the wonderful new friends and all the support I have as I continue on my journey. It may have almost been a year, but for me it has only just begun.

I began this thinking I would speed walk, diet, and then return to dance classes and at the same time assisting various charities. I never dreamed of the things my body could do, or would do, or would even endeavor to do.  I never knew what this body of mine was capable of. I am now 40 lbs down, but I have gained fitness knowledge, strength, and endurance. I did a 10K,A Richard Simmons Video, and I am conquering my fitness/adventure bucket list. I can plank for 3 minutes, do burpees and push- ups and more. I feel ageless, invincible, fit, strong, and free. I am reaching for the clouds.

I have to give a huge thank you to my friend and Trainer Mike who has taught me so much about fitness, and guided my way. He is more like a teacher and a coach than a trainer to me, and I am so thankful for this last year of working out with him, and more to come. He is one of my fitness inspirations, he is doing a triathlon in Malibu in September. At first he asked me to do it as well, it is amazing when you have someone training you that totally believes in your ability to conquer even the biggest goals. We work out twice a week at the park,  I call it Mobile Meditation because you work out side by side with the trees, the clouds overhead, and a refreshing breeze that makes it all worth while. There are dogs everywhere and I admit to giving in to the cute canine distractions as I plank and a cute dog licks my face. I have taken many breaks because of the friendly dogs.

Now the workouts are getting harder, and Mike is pushing me. He knows how to strike the best balance between pushing someone and holding back so they do not get injured. It is an honor to have him in my corner as I continue on my journey. Anyone who trains with Mike is very lucky. His expertise, kindness, and motivation have truly helped me to get to where I am today. 
The journey continues, the destination a little elusive but I am chasing down my dreams and never too proud to say thank you to those who have guided my steps.

MIke, trainer and friend

TRX using a tree

Just a sampling of equipment I have to conquer

Mrs Jones, a local favorite and friend of ours at the park

One regret is I never took the time to do my measurements and fat caliber, and the gym does it for free. Better late than never, I am going to get it done asap and go from there. I know I have lost inches, and since I want to lose 40 more lbs it is definitely not to late to have this done.

Off for my day. I am doing my book drive and tomorrow taking a few hours of my time to go read to the children at a local elementary school for Reading To Kids. Life is beautiful, embrace it. There is inspiration everywhere, you just have to open your eyes and look.
Love and Light


Stop and smell the flowers

1. Go to bed early and wake early every day. I learned this lesson in NYC. Burning the candle at both ends just snuffs out all of your energy and leaves no time to cultivate a happy life. Make sure you have enough time in the morning for breakfast and coffee, and wind down time at night. I look forward to my daily routine. I make the time to begin my day and time to reflect on it as the sun sets. If you work a job with odd hours, try to find your routine on your own time.

2. Take some time to be outdoors daily if you live in a mild climate. Breathing in fresh air and feeling a warm breeze does amazing things for your psyche. If you live in a cool climate and cannot handle the cold, find a zen place like an indoor heated pool or a sauna. When the weather warms, walk in the rain and soak in the splendor of the sun.

3. Use water as therapy. Buy a home water fountain with running water or youtube the sounds of the ocean. Live near water?  All the better. Get to the beach and just listen to the soothing sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. Do not take Mother Nature for granted. I like to call her Mother Nurture because getting out in nature nurtures the soul.

4. Surround yourself with positive people who make your spirit soar. Your friends should be your biggest cheerleaders and you theirs. Trust me on this one, I have the most inspirational friends. 

5. Find your passions and don’t be afraid to chase them down. Reinvent your visions and rediscover yourself. Believe in you, never know who you may become. Do not define yourself by a number. I have decided to live with no fear and feel ageless.

6. Routines are important when setting goals,  but when a special occasion occurs do not be afraid to be spontaneous. 

7. If something is making you unhappy, do not complain, change. Do not be afraid to take that leap of faith, you will always land on your feet. The universe has your back.

8. Do something altruistic. Giving back to others fires off neurons in the brain that helps alleviate stress symptoms. It is good for others and good for you. Everyone wins when you lend a helping hand to those who need it most.

9. If you do not exercise regularly and feel you do not have the time to begin, try walking 15 minutes a day. It is good for your mind and body and you may find you crave more movement.

10. Is life feeling predictable and boring? What did you love in school the most? Field Trips!! Take an adult field trip. Take a day trip to a nearby city or go visit a museum or two. Get creative, the things you can do are endless. Fun is just as important as work.


Good morning to all, I have been so busy and I really want to write a post about all of the things that are flitting through my mind. Thanksgiving, and what it means to be grateful. I will have to wait for downtime tonight and tomorrow to write the way I wish to write, for now just a quick update for the week.

Yesterday at work Gigi from the Richard Simmons video was having lunch at Seasons 52, it was such a surprise when my co-worker Ryan told me I think these ladies know you. I also met her lovely friend Dawn who happens to be best friends with one of my amazing friends Jami. I love the way the universe dishes out inspiration. I promised to attend another Richard Simmons class Saturday Morning with them. It made my day and talking with Dawn gave me some wonderful ideas for charities, more to come on that note soon. My mind is spinning a bit out of control.

I worked out with Mike, my trainer and friend last night at the park. We are going to take some photos in the near future so I can share them here. We ran, and I was so proud to say I ran twice around the track at the park. I am not sure how far that is but it was the first time I ran that far without stopping. I was shocked, excited and surprised but of course Mike said he knew I could do it and I did. My anxiety about running was in my head. So onward, training for a 5k in March with the crew and management from Seasons 52. I think we are doing the Bad Prom Run, and even though it is a theme run I convinced Mike to do it with us, he is my trainer after all and it will be tons of fun.

After we ran we did the most creative workout to date. The park in the autumn after 5 pm is perfect for that, there are not a lot of people so you can really utilize all of the options there. We actually went into the children’s playground and he came up with exercises there. The artist in him comes out in his unique workout ideas. I did stairs on the kiddie stairs and did some other moves too, some a little more awkward than others. I do think sometimes your mind holds you back, so I am working on correcting that. We had a lot of fun and by the end we sprinted for a short time, and I ran pretty fast if I do say so myself. I told him I was not delicate and kind of disagreed with me, but really I am not delicate. I will prove myself and I am a work in progress. I am beyond grateful to him and happy to have made such a new and wonderful friend in the process.  Working out with Mike at the park makes me feel like a ten year old kid, getting dirty and not caring a lick what people think. It is a lesson in life, never letting go of the child inside. 

Like I said, my mind has so much going on at the moment, and I wish I had time to really write, to delve deep into the emotions and thoughts that ramble through my muddled mind. I was thinking about all of the wonderful souls that have crossed my path since I started this last July, people I would have never met. I am so grateful for all the people in my life. More on that later. For now, I am off to work, then shopping for some last minute items for Thanksgiving. Later in the evening I will be baking, cleaning, and hopefully I can sneak in a run and some writing time. Whew, I am just tired writing all of that.
I wish you a beautiful day full of sunshine and smiles.


Good Morning and a Happy Wednesday to all. I am fighting a headache that started last night, I think it may be allergy related because I have a lot of pressure in my eyes. It made for challenging yoga practice but I made it through. I try not to ever take medications but I may break down today and take some ibuprofen. I also allowed myself to get dehydrated before class, a big no no.

The Helipad class on the top of the hotel was cancelled. I was so disappointed. I really was looking forward to that experience. It may be rescheduled one more time before the season ends, so I am not sure I will be able to make it this season. I decided to turn my attitude around and myself in the direction of Yogaworks in West Hollywood and take a Vinyasa class instead. One thing I am learning, you can find your peaceful place and zen wherever you are. It is a state of mind. If something does not work out, just turn it around and make 
something new work out instead. You have reign over your thoughts, and they are more powerful than you think.  My disappointment was there, but I decided to let it go and move forward in the direction of my usual yoga class. There was no way I would throw in the towel and head home with a bad attitude dragging behind me. Bad attitudes only weigh you down.

Today is my  weekly workout with my friend and trainer Mike. I hope this headache goes away so I can be at my best. I do not and will not slow down. I think practicing yoga three to five days a week will help me progress in my workouts with Mike, working out with Mike will help me in my yoga practice. I am only getting stronger.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day. To quote my adorable Mother, I am closing now. That is how she lets you know she is signing off the computer. Too cute for words.

Love and Light


Good Morning Thursday, I wish everyone a beautiful day today. I am drinking extra strong coffee this morning, the Siamese nightly wake ups were much more frequent last night. I am about to call Jackson Galaxy from My Cat From Hell, he would be able to fix my issue. Funny, all night long in between the cats being rowdy I dreamed about Stormy, our beloved Tabby who we lost to renal failure last January. We will always miss her, so naturally I feel a bit melancholic this morning. Here she is doing her best downward dog, she was the mascot for the yoga event I planned in Griffith Park for Kitt Crusaders, it was called Downward Dog For Cats.

Yoga was fantastic, as is Nicole my teacher. We did a lot of emphasis on hips and quad stretches. We were working on pigeon pose, and she taught us how to take our mat to the wall and do the pose up against the wall. It is a fabulous albeit hard stretch to do, but I can see how this is going to improve pigeon pose and our quad flexibility. I am so happy that my old flexibility is returning. I guess it is true that you have muscle memory. My Change For A Ten is working for me because of all the time I am putting in working out and doing yoga etc. I believe I would not feel this fabulous if I did not work out.  It takes the balance of diet and exercise to really see a difference in my body. I am so motivated to go forward and I really am enjoying the process as well as the results.

Richard Simmons will be traveling for the next few weeks so I will miss his high energy inspiration. I can still go to Slimmons for the class, but I think tonight I am going to go to the gym or take a class, or something to do with water. I love being in water, always have. It makes me feel completely alive and serene at the same time. I was a lifeguard in my twenties, I felt compelled to learn how to save a person from drowning. 

Here is a poem I wrote years ago about my love of being in the water and swimming, written in 2005.  I actually spent the afternoon swimming, then I took a shower and glanced out the window at the pool with the sun shining through the trees and the poem came to me right then and there. I had to have my husband write it down for me since I was in the shower, lol. Sometimes inspiration hits at the least convenient time, but I am always happy when it does.
Wishing you sunshine and serenity.


I dive in a pool of crystal clear waters,

My worries float away.

I gaze at the sapphire sky, the sun

Blazes brightly above me.

Clouds drift aimlessly

Making a myriad of shapes and sizes.

My wistful spirit is baptized,

I am consumed by this show of

Sky high fireworks;

Warming my soul and body.

Trees pirouette in the wind, a minuet

For weary eyes; I am taken away.

(c) Rose Bruno Bailey


I have been contemplating my quest as of late, and I realized I could not do this without enthusiasm. It gives you that extra spark and energy to go forward. Ever notice when you are around enthusiastic people it spreads like a California wildfire. There is a reason cheerleaders are present at football games, everyone loves to be cheered on and to join in on the enthusiasm of the moment.

Yesterday I worked out with my trainer and friend Mike and today I have to say I am so sore this morning…. but in a good way. He helps me keep my enthusiasm up even when I find some of the exercises challenging or awkward. My ankle feels completely good as new. Exercising in the outdoors is a completely different experience and I love it. I will improve, I love a challenge and I am so enthusiastic about getting stronger as time progresses. Enthusiasm inspires, and keeps us moving in the direction of success.

I started thinking of one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever seen on television. I was first introduced to Huell Howser on PBS when we moved from NYC to Los Angeles. His enthusiasm was so electric, we were hooked. Now when I think of everything I am trying to accomplish, I look to people like the late Huell Howser for inspiration. 

I wrote this tribute to a man I would never have the honor of meeting, but he impacted my views of life here in California. I will go forward with My Change For A Ten with the same enthusiasm as he displayed in his wonderful television shows.


Moving from New York City to Los Angeles, California has definitely been a whirlwind of an adventure, but it happened so quickly that I hardly had time to process the magnitude of the move. One morning in late September 2010 I had breakfast in my beloved big apple, and in just a few hours I set foot in the City of Angels. What made it even more interesting was the fact that I was moving to a state I had never visited, not even once.
My husband and I, along with our two cats made the trek from LaGuardia airport to L.A.X. and lastly to our new home in West Hollywood, C.A. The move went off without a hitch, we had rented a furnished apartment so we were able to just unpack and settle in with ease. The swiftness of the move didn’t give me much time to think about what I left behind, that would come later when the newness of my adventure had worn off. I had left N.Y.C in the wake of the jet stream, and embraced L.A. full speed ahead. It was like a snow globe had shook up my world, but I would not feel the after effects til much later.
We soon started exploring this blissful state of the magnificent Pacific and we were in love. Eventually though, the brand new feeling would subside and the realization that everyone we knew and loved were three thousand miles away would start to take its toll. I started to romanticize about the life I left behind. The Manhattan lights, the energy, the amazing vibe that fueled my poetic soul. I started to compare and I am ashamed to say I began to take my majestic new home for granted.
I began spending time looking back at my life in N.Y.C. instead of looking forward to all the riches my new home offered. I would see N.Y.C. on television and openly complain I wished to move back.I felt that feeling when you leave a lover behind. NYC was like that lover, too fast and dark for my own good but there really isn’t anything sexier than a lover who never sleeps.

In the midst of wallowing in my woes and missing the life I once led I  was given a gift. Yes, N.Y.C. is a special one of a kind place, but I was living in another equally special city in arguably one of the most beautiful states in the continental U.S.A. This gift would be given to me from a man I would unfortunately never have the opportunity to meet.
When we moved here we discovered a local celebrity Huell Howser, an American television personality best known for California’s Gold, and Visiting…With Huell Howser, his travel shows 
based in Los Angeles at KCET for California PBS stations. The archive of his television shows chronicled the history, people, and diverse cultures of California, and his enthusiasm was unparalleled. We first saw his show months after the move and we were smitten from the first episode we watched. My husband and I loved his unpretentious way of showcasing all of the gifts California offered; the people, the places, the unsung heroes of small towns to the glorious city attractions. He visited landmarks as well as little lesser known spots that were popular amongst locals. Hollywood, Palm Springs, San Francisco, as well as smaller cities one may have never known existed. Huell Howser put these people and places on the map, and he did so with such a genuine reverence that one could not help but to smile, especially when he said the word amaaazing. I can never say it again without hearing his melodic Tennessee twang. The way he loved California was contagious, and I had caught the bug. My days of looking behind at once was would be replaced with the present I was given by an unlikely source. My future was looking as sunny as the California skies above, Huell Howser had opened my blind eyes to the lovely illumination right in front of me. 
I started taping his various television shows, and keeping a log of my favorite episodes. I wanted to see what he saw, visit what he visited.My husband and I are planning our Anniversary dinner at the famous Musso and Franks restaurant in Hollywood, an interest we found after we saw the replay of the 1995 episode of Visiting… All of a sudden I realized I was living in paradise, a place most people dream of visiting let alone calling home. Huell Howser to me was more than a television host; he was a kindred spirit, a storyteller, a historian, a teacher. He was the epitome’ of a true Californian, a role model of appreciation of the beauty of the everyday gifts of life as well as the grand. He loved sharing the human aspect of his visits, he was a humble human fascinated with the people of California and the untold stories of their lives. Every time he appeared with his microphone and camera person people  seemed to come out of the woodwork to meet him. I wish I could have been one of those people, unfortunately that would not come to be.
It was November of 2012 that Huell Howser had announced his retirement and the fact he would no longer be shooting new episodes. We were  shocked at the news that he decided to stop future taping, we had become such fans of his work in the short time we lived here.  In early January 2013 we were extremely saddened to hear of his untimely passing. He was a mere 67 years young, but his legacy and his shows would live on forever. His entire body of work has been donated to Chapman University, and they established the Huell Howser Archive, when digitized will offer free public access to the collection of his life’s work.The collection will be available through the university as well as the Internet.
Inspired by a person I would never meet, I plan to visit many of the places he chronicled and to keep a journal or a blog of my  California adventures. I am now a proud resident of Los Angeles, C.A. and I owe my new found love and enthusiasm of my new home to Huell Howser. Living in the golden state is truly amaaazing, as amazing as Huell Howser was as a human being. He was truly California’s Golden Boy and forever my California inspiration.
(c) Rose Bruno Bailey