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Good Morning to all. It is Thursday and I am back to my routine since being out of town, even though my routine for today is a little different since my trainer Mike is out of town. I believe he will be back next Tuesday. My friend Francie invited me to join her at Equinox in Beverly Hills for a ballet class, followed by a stretch class after work and I accepted. She feels this will be a good prerequisite before I join Align Ballet Method. I happen to have shoes, I think they may be too big but they will totally work for this class. I am looking forward to it immensely, getting my ballet toes wet so to speak. I am still doing my burpees and my to do list from Mike. I may bend but I will not break.

Coffee now, darn cats have been so wild since we were away, and they woke me up about three times last night.  Work has been hectic so now I have to bring my clothes with me so I make it to my classes and training sessions on time. I have to overcome the skipping meals issue, it is my biggest challenge now.

Wishing you sunshine and smiles today.
Love and Light.