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Countdown to 50

Keep swimming to the surface, that is where the sun is.

Rose Bruno Bailey

Today I quoted myself, because I believe no matter how difficult things may appear, if you keep swimming to the surface the water clears and that is where you will see the sun again. I am doing this now. I believe we are always reinventing ourselves, and finding new ways to journey in the direction of our goals and dreams. 

I am going to reinvent my blog for the next ten months. I am counting down until my 50th Birthday in ten months on December 21st.  Ten, I am working on my change for a ten. I focus on weight loss, fitness and philanthropy and that has not changed. What has changed is instead of doing a charity for each ten pounds lost I am focusing on the ten months until my 50th Birthday. Ten months, ten charities, no cheat days, and going after my fitness goals with the motivation of being the best 50 year old I can be, inside and out.  I will start chronicling this new journey Monday and I will keep going and working harder even through my life struggles, changes, and tribulations. I am truly excited for this new chapter of my blog and I welcome you to join me as I embark on my challenge of my half century mark. 

Much love and light to all and remember you are not a number. You can own your age but do not think you cannot do what you dream of doing because of what time, or the scale tells you. You can do anything as long as you awaken and have the ability to dream. Dream big angels, dream big massive dreams.




Good Thursday Morning to all and a very Happy Birthday to my husband James. I owe so much to him, and everything I have evolved to be is because of his influence. We are two adventurers of life, never knowing what destination we will call home. I love living life like it is a big adventure. Happy Happy Birthday Jamesy!!

We are Palm Springs bound tomorrow, so I will take lots of photos and share them. I am so excited to have a get-a-way, and I look forward to eating healthy yet delicious. I did promise my husband James I would eat some Birthday cake, even though he wants to me indulge more with him but I am not giving in. My first real cheat day is Thanksgiving. My healthy lifestyle does not slow down for weekend get-a-ways. That does not mean I will not enjoy myself, but within reason and with healthy and delicious choices.

James and Rose 1998 at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio

Yesterday was my workout with Mike, and it is now getting harder. He actually said he has never seen me sweat like that. No complaints though, I know when things start to get too easy or simple it is so important to climb to the next level even if the challenge makes you feel like you are right back to being a beginner. We did the circuit machines and the TRX, and I planked on my arms with the TRX in my legs. I thought I was so good at planking, and then a new challenged fed me humble pie, it was so so hard. We ran, and we keep running more and more each time and I think I may be improving. I still struggle with my breath but I think it may be getting a little better.

I love the park at that time of night, it is dark but the whole park is illuminated my lights. People are there doing their own personal workouts or practicing softball. There is the distraction of dogs everywhere. As we were running my eyes caught this beautiful black lab leap mid air for a softball. Right there was inspiration, grace in motion from a canine. There is a feeling of camaraderie, that spirit envelops the air you breathe and you almost feel like you are a kid playing outside after hours. I am so grateful for Mike, not only does he take the time to train, motivate and teach me, but working out with him is just plain fun with lots of laughter and it never feels like a chore. 

I love feeling like a kid again, and I believe since I have moved here to Southern California I have truly become the epitome’ of a Californian. I wonder if a lot of the New Yorker in me is fading. I am a true outdoor girl now. I am making progress and that makes me very happy indeed. Life is always evolving, and it is never ever to late to learn something new and be a better version of yourself. I will continue to always have this zest for life no matter how old I get. I love life, living, and the people and animals that make it so worthwhile.

Tonight I am just doing some cardio after work than getting ready for our weekend trip, and hanging out with that cats and James. 
Wishing everyone a beautiful Thursday of love and light.


Happy Halloween to all. I am a bit under the weather so I am taking a few days off to rest and hoping I do not come down with the flu. I have been lightheaded with major body aches but this morning I feel slightly better. Mike has been really busy and unable to work out, and this week it works out for me since I need to reserve my energy. I will train with him again as soon as his schedule opens up.  I am grateful for his time always. This weekend I plan on going to the gym and using the weight machines so I am not to behind when we resume working out.

James and I have this Halloween tradition we started in Pittsburgh. We make a feast, turn on our Halloween lights, carve a pumpkin and watch scary movies together. The cold of Pittsburgh really fueled the feeling of the tradition but we still do it even here in California. Of course I am modifying the food because I am not cheating until Thanksgiving. I may try to get a walk in if I feel better after work before he gets home. 

Off for now. Happy Happy Halloween to all.Be safe with your trick or treats. xo
Love and Light.