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Photo credit Linda Monteleone’

Good Monday Morning. I am freezing as I drink my coffee, and the heat is on. I am not letting this LA cold spell slow me down, I am out daily running and walking, but I have to admit it makes it harder to wake up so I am in a bit of a rush this morning.

I have changed my weigh in day to Friday, I like it so much better. It seems to make more sense to me. I am holding steady so far at twenty pounds. My announcement for my charity will be very soon.

Here is a poem I wrote on a frigid NYC morning, taking the train and dreaming with a cup of hot coffee warming my soul and body. Stay warm wherever you are…Love and light to all.




It’s another monotonous morning,

birds are chirping, but spring

has hardly paid a call or visit.

I drink my hot coffee, gripping

the cup like it holds liquid gold.

Fatigue sets in, mentally, physically;

a rat races inside my head.

I am emotionally, physically

drained from running mundane

marathons to empty destinations.

I imagine a kiss, a zealous kiss

that would bring summer

to my wintry body and soul.

Instead I sip, caffeinated tepid cafe;

and long for lips that scald,

daydreaming of a moment

that could warm all of my seasons.

 (c) Rose Bruno Bailey


Good Morning, Happy Friday to all. I am so excited, the holidays are coming. I was making my morning coffee and tragedy ensued, no raw sugar. I was forced to use Stevia instead, which is supposedly healthy but a little bit bitter. I gave up Splenda for good, it caused side pain every time I used it. I was later diagnosed with three liver hemangiomas and one adrenal adenoma and even though they are benign and are not supposed to cause pain, every time I used Splenda my side would ache for days. So I gave up Splenda for good.

What do you use in your coffee? I prefer a little raw sugar, it is just a hint of delightfulness every morning. I was also out of my morning think thin bar, I am just devastated.
The sun hopefully will peak out today, it has been so overcast and believe it or not rainy. I have to admit I missed the sunshine, California is spoiling me.

Wishing you a bright and beautiful day. Love and Light to all.
Namaste’ Love and Light all


Good Morning to all today. I am on my second cup of coffee, I could not sleep last night. My mind was racing about The Monday Night Mission. My volunteer date is coming up fast, and all I could think about was the little things I want to get done on Sunday, bake some cookies and bag them up and make ham and cheese sandwiches for the hungry. 

I missed yoga yesterday, we are having some minor issues on the home front, but tonight I will be back at it at Yogaworks. I have to lock my cats in the bedroom for the duration of the afternoon, the mortgage inspector is coming again and they have to come in and neither of us will be home. The building manager said they will not enter the bedroom so the cats do not flee out the front door. I hate to lock them up, but I would rather go to work and know they are safe, and hopefully the people coming in will not open the door. They said this is the last time, so I am relieved. With cats it is difficult, because every time you open the door they want to bolt. Curiosity and all, you know what they say about curiosity. I think it is imperative for humans to stay curious, but for cats not so much. I am completely curious about everything, so hopefully my curiosity will not get me into too much trouble. 

I am off for now. Long day and I may meet my friend Francie for coffee after yoga. She is my wonderful friend I met when I did the Richard Simmons video. I am so thankful, I started this project and I am making things happen and meeting some amazing friends along the way. I feel very blessed as I drink my morning coffee. Love and Light to all. 


Good Morning to all. I am so sleepy today, and I am so happy it is Wednesday. The weekend is almost here, we are almost over the hump. My little rascals were in rare form this morning, so my sleep was really compromised last night. I had to lock both cats out of the room, but of course Spanky howls loud and I had to let him back in. I adore my cats but they really love to mess with our sleep. I think they think we are their  personal play things.

Yesterday I did a new workout with Mike my trainer and friend. He had these cords you put on a tree and then you use the resistance of your own body weight.I love working out in the park, I get the fresh breeze on my face and I am surrounded by trees.  The workout was really challenging which is good, I can see this new feature to my workout is going to really work. My body is really changing and I am so happy and grateful. I am stronger, fitter and I weigh less. I cannot weight to see my weight get in the 170’s. I am so close. 

I got to meet Mike’s lovely girlfriend Maria and three precious dogs. I love dogs, we just have cats since it is a bit more convenient for us. Cats are a handful but they do not need walking. One day we will get a dog too. I would take in all animals if I could. I think it may be time I visit the animal shelter again.

Tonight is my weekly yoga class over at Pink Iron with Nicole. I love her Nicole and her class. It is not until 7:00 so it gives me time after work to figure out dinner and relax a little. I am off for now, I am so sleepy I can hardly function. Coffee, yes coffee is definitely needed today and not just for the taste. Today I need that bolt of energy from caffeine.

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.
Love and Light always,


Happy Monday to all.  I am on my first cup of coffee and smiling already, coffee and the fact that I wake up each and every morning is enough to make me smile. I am alive and able to drink this hot creamy cup of perfection, so I greet Monday morning with a big thank you.  I prefer to savor the little things in life as well as the grand.  I have chosen to make my life a happy adventure, full of creative endeavors. Yes, it is Monday morning but I am up early and ready to embrace my day with an open mind and heart. I am creating the life that I wish to have.

Tomorrow is my weigh in and my weekly workout with Mike. We are going to videotape me performing burpees either this week or the next. Melissa at Melissa Bender Fitness is going to post the video, with future videos of me improving on the move. We all know I need to improve on the move, since I feel so awkward doing them. She is such an amazing motivator. I am so grateful for her help and for Mike’s help. Mike really is a one of a kind trainer and I am so lucky to have his help.  I feel incredibly blessed to have such positive people in my corner. I could not go it alone, no one can. 

I have been working hard on my My Change For A Ten project and I am just around the corner from volunteering with my first charity The Monday Night Mission. My plan is as soon as I reach my first ten pound loss, I will give my place of employment heads up two weeks in advance so they can order the food that they are donating to the Monday Night Mission on my behalf. Then we are going to join the lovely people at the Monday Night Mission to help feed the residents at skid row. So the actual date of my first charity volunteer work with be a few weeks after I reach my first ten pound goal. Mike is going with me, and any other friends are welcome as well, I think Francie may join us. The more to help the merrier. Compassion for others is contagious.

I wish you a sunshiny day full of everything your heart desires. Yes, that may be a tall order for a Monday morning but greatness has to begin somewhere. Just order yourself a tall latte’ to inspire caffeinated creativity, after all a little coffee always helps.  Think it, believe it, and make it happen. 
Love and Light to all


Good morning and Happy Saturday to all. I am enjoying a quiet morning with my cats and my sleeping husband. Just me, my thoughts and some delicious coffee to begin the day. I think I am in good company. Richard Simmons is having a theme class today, he is going to play all Beatles music. I wish I could go since I love the Beatles, but I feel I needed at least one morning at home to decompress and gather my thoughts from the week. I will do my cardio later in the day. My ankle still feels slightly tender but I am not going full speed so it will be as good as new by Monday or Tuesday. 

I love exercise, and I absolutely love Yoga.  Yoga gives me much of what I remember from ballet class. A true mind and body connection. I plan on taking ballet classes at Align Ballet Method here in West Hollywood as soon as I feel comfortable enough to put on a leotard. I have not taken a formal yoga class in over one year, but I have been meaning to add it to my regimen. Tomorrow is the day I do so. 

My favorite local yoga teacher teaches right by my house three days a week, and today I am calling to see if you can drop in on her yoga classes. If so, I am taking class with her Sundays at 11:00 am. Her name is Nicole and I will include a photo of her at a future date. She has the quality that every yoga teacher I know has, that serene nurturing quality. I am totally happy I may be able to take classes with her again. She also has a company called Honu Yoga and she makes yoga shirts for men, women, and children. She made me one last year when I hosted Downward Dog For Cats. Tomorrow at class I will be picking up my very own bright orange Honu Yoga tee with My Change For A Ten on it. She is so lovely and I really look forward to practicing with her again.


Last Autumn I contributed three poems to the wonderful website Lightworkers World. They also have a Facebook Page by the same name. These poems are all about inspiration, light and are related to the yogi mindset.  Here is the link if you would like to read three of my poems featured at Lightworkers World. I hope you enjoy them and I wish you a beautiful Saturday full of love and light.