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Today was my weigh in, and I am happy to say I lost 5 lbs. I stayed on track, ate mostly clean and I kept my calories between 1,200 and 1,400. It was a challenging week due to the fact my cat Rascal was hospitalized and it’s the Christmas Season.

It seems everywhere I go holiday goodies vie for my attention but I bought no calorie holiday beverages to make me feel like I too can be festive. I’m trying to find joy despite caring for a very sick cat, being away from my beloved California and if course the fact I lost my Mother six months ago. She was the best when it came to Christmas and my heart is so heavy as my December birthday and Christmas approach.

I find myself in new territory, sadness has never been part of my repertoire. With that said, I’m losing weight again because feeling healthy is so much more delicious than food that makes me gain weight. Health and confidence is my priority, along with collecting cans for my food drive. So many people are sad and hungry and helping others always makes me feel better. I’m trying to find some holiday cheer.

First week done and a success. Now it’s time to add my workouts and running back into the mix. I never give up. I’m 25 lbs to go to weigh 159 lbs, the weight I was six months ago before leaving California and before I lost my Mother. My final goal is 135 lbs. I can do this. You believe therefore you achieve. 

Are you trying to lose weight and get fit during this season of joy? Did you just start. You can look at it like a bad time to start, or getting a head start on New Years resolutions. 

Let’s do this. 

Love and Light






Yesterday I went to buy tuna and some healthy vegetables at Trader Joe’s and everything there is decked out for Christmas. The temptations are endless. I am splurging at Christmas but it is not easy. The holidays are such a weak spot, but I am staying strong and not giving in. They have these delicious Christmas cookies I want to buy, and I am hoping they are not sold out right before Christmas because I am holding off. Bring on the New Year and a drop in the scale.

Tuesday I did my workout with my friend and trainer Mike, and today I am feeling the after affects.  I am so sore. It is good though, I know I need to be a little sore, and move new muscles. It was a great workout, challenging. I got a little cocky on one of the exercises and Mike could see it was just to easy and he nipped my cockiness in the bud by making it harder on a higher bench. There I was, awkward moves and all. I always say you can be humbled in a second, and in my case it was through exercise. Mike is leaving to visit family until after the New Year so I need to be up on my workouts, and make sure I do what he has taught me so I do not get soft. Motivation, and the holidays but I will hang in there and make it happen, with maybe a cookie or two.

I have not posted in two days, my allergies are bothering me and I slept in too late. This weekend I will do a post about my 20 lb charity. I am really excited.

Off for now, I am in dire need of coffee today. Love and light to all.