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I have to remind myself how far I have come
even if some numbers are still high
I am not a number
I am a soul
with a body
I am trying to train

I cheated and had pizza. I hardly ate all day and decided to splurge when my husband ordered pizza. If you have followed my journey in the past year I have rarely deviated from my diet and lifestyle. 

I am going through some struggles at the moment and I gave in. This is not a weekend long splurge, just one meal and one time. I am trying to figure somethings out and make a plan. Next month is my one year Anniversary of this blog and I will get past the minor setbacks that are occurring in my life and make all of my goals a reality. I am not down or out, I just have to set the bar higher and work harder. I will be seeking balance as I try to accomplish multiple goals.

If I was not feeling bad already I had to go and throw salt on my open wounds. I finally had my fat percentage and measurements done today. I never did them a year ago so I do not have a starting point to compare them to. I was highly disappointed and I felt like all of my accomplishments of the year were taken away. I felt like I was back at square one. My total fat was 40%. I thought, wow, what the hell was it to begin with? My lower abs were 37, (high) my arm 12, my hips 42 and my thigh was 25. The guy at the gym was rushed for time and only did the right side of my body. He did not do around my upper waist around my rib cage so I did that, and that was 32.  According to an online BMI chart mine is 30.1 
The numbers really left me feeling down, especially with my personal issues I am dealing with now. I almost cried in my coconut water.

A friend once told me life is compromised of hills and valleys. I am stuck in a temporary valley at the moment, but I will climb out even if my fingernails end up bloody and torn, because I will believe that I can. I have come a long way in the last year and I will not let some little occurrence derail me and leave me stranded down in some creak in the bottom of a valley. I will climb high and believe in me. I am a majestic dolphin not a whimpering guppy. I will swim to the surface.

So those are my thoughts at the moment. I have been MIA lately and not been keeping up with my posts. I did volunteer with Reading To Kids last Saturday and I now have two bags of books for the children. I am hoping to have much more when I am finished with the book drive. Volunteering was very rewarding and I feel grateful for the opportunity to do so. I am grateful to friend and children’s author Benjamin Harper for his kind donation of his own books. 

No weigh in tomorrow. I am giving myself a break since I have been stuck at 169 lbs. I was told sometimes deviating from your diet tricks your metabolism so tomorrow I am back on track with some healthy changes. Starting now from square one and working my way towards my Birthday on the Winter Solstice, which is six months from tomorrow. That is the next time I will take my measurements and fat caliber test. 

Love and Light
Never Give Up


I hit a wall, before I went out of town I hit a plateau, and I cheated a little when I was away. I also did not work out when I was in Phoenix, except for some light outdoor yoga, walking, and a bit of swimming. Now I am back, my toe is on the mend and I weighed myself this morning. I am up to 173 lbs. I put on two pounds while I was away, it may be water weight but I have to now work harder than ever. 

This is a slow process and I am fine with that. I know I am gaining muscle, and losing inches and the scale may deviate from time to time. I hit a wall, and I am not taking it lightly. I am determined now more than ever, and I am fighting back. I will get out my pink boxing gloves, and hit that damn wall back until it crumbles into a million tiny pieces. I will not ever give up on my goals or let myself slip up. I just need to change up my eating a bit, trick my lazy metabolism so it works harder than it likes to. I know I can do this, and I will persevere. 

Here is a photo of me before at around 210 lbs and now. I am not an after yet, far from it. I also am focusing more on my fitness goals than obsessing over the scale. My Book drive is on, as soon as I reach 167 lbs. I am doing the leg work on that as we speak. I am also picking which item on my fitness bucket list to do in the month of May. Mike and I are picking 5 short term fitness milestones to work on and accomplish as well.

When I started this, I thought I would lose weight, do a little walking and dance again and help a charity with every ten pounds. I had no idea I would be doing the things my body is capable of doing now. I am so excited for what is to come, so proud of myself and grateful to the people I have met along the way. I refuse to beat myself up about a minuscule fluctuation in the scale. No time for that, I have to go work on my fitness goals and get out there and earn them. I will set this place on fire and fight back, pink boxing gloves and all.

Love and Light to all.
Happy Easter, Happy Passover. Happy Weekend, Happy Life
Love and Light to all


I had a pizza cheat day, and it was awesome. We went to Bruno’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant in Santa Monica. I feel if I do have a cheat day it needs to be somewhere that feels unique. I come alive when I am near water, always have. The pizza was simply delicious.

After nine months I have this, I trust myself to deviate just a little and get right back on program. I did not go overboard and I ate until I was full. After I walked for over six miles, and did a work out when I returned home. I made sure to drink tons of water, and it was just one cheat meal and not a cheat day.

I am still doing the 30 day challenge. Today is day nine and I am heading out in a bit for some cardio. I am really working on my push ups and my burpees, and I am almost in full dancers pose. These milestones mean as much to me as seeing a decline on the scale.

I am almost 169, such a great feeling since I was once pushing 210. I feel amazing in mind and body and I feel like I can take on the whole universe.

Love and Light to all.
Namaste and Happy Sunday


Buckle up, the journey continues.

I had my first cheat days in months, I splurged on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Now I find myself fighting off sugar cravings. That is why I worry about letting myself have cheat days, or maybe I have been too strict for too long. Either way I am finding my center again, with the help of some healthy staples. Headed to Whole Foods now, it is a process as I pick up the pieces of my holiday splurge. This time around I am debating having a few cheat days a month, or maybe once a month. Once a week seems like it would be too frequent.

Did you indulge a little this December? Just a day or two or for a whole month? Do you have cheat days, and if so do you allow yourself once a week or once a month? I am pondering my all or nothing attitude and wondering if I should lighten up just a tiny bit.

In the meantime, lots of exercise and fresh air helps me get back on track. I look forward to 2014 and all of my New Year’s Resolutions. One thing is for sure, my health is number one and I will never see my weight hit 207 lbs ever again. As the end of this year approaches, I can say I am exactly where I need to be, and I know where I am going. I have enjoyed the journey as well as the destination, even if the destination is miles away. The journey continues with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face.  I am buckled up and ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Love and Light