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My Change For A Ten Charities

Added the charities I’ve helped to my site

If you read about why I launched this site (look at this post), one of the reasons was to tie my own weight-loss efforts to charities in the communities I live in. I decided to make that more clear to new readers by adding a sidebar of charities I’ve worked with on the right side of my page; you can see the charities there, with links to their homepages. I’ll be adding a new charity soon, as well.

Overall, things are good. It was a hectic weekend and I’m still struggling to get my schedule completely in line with what I want. I feel better about the direction that’s headed in, though. My husband has been stressed at work but that is also getting better. And, as always, I’m staying true to my Melissa Bender Fitness workouts. That first trapeze class experience is only a few months away.

I’ll be back with more later this week. I hope everything is doing great.

Love and light.