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ThinkThin Thursday: A Product Review

I have learned what works for my body in the time it took to lose fifty pounds. I go back and forth to extreme dieting to moderation. I find I feel most comfortable when I track my food and follow the 80/20 rule. I eat clean most of the time, but count in little splurges within reason. When I track and count, I do not have the psychological battle with myself. I snack, I track. I bite, I write.

I have decided to start a segment of my blog of product reviews. People are always asking me what I eat and what products I love to keep on hand. I am always trying new products, so this will be a fun segment for me.

This week I have decided to review ThinkThin Bars. It is the most natural pick for me to do my first product review, since I have had one daily for breakfast for over one year. I can honestly say I am a little obsessed with these delightfully decadent bars of heavenly deliciousness. Did I say I was a bit obsessed?


I love these bars first thing in the AM, with my coffee, banana and water. I am very sluggish when I wake up, so making breakfast is out of the question for me, and since I became a morning exerciser I find a smaller breakfast works perfect for my lifestyle. My favorite flavors are Brownie Crunch and Peanut Butter Crunch. I have a Siamese cat Rascal who loves Fancy Feast canned cat food (that’s him in the main pic of this post), and if I do not have it for him in the morning he is beyond cranky. One morning I did not have my bars, and I was crankier than my cat. I am surprised I did not scratch my husband James’ eyes out. ThinkThin Bars are sugar free, gluten free and each bar has about 20 grams of protein to get you happily meowing through your morning.
When I travel I take these bars, and I order room service of coffee and fruit and enjoy my ThinkThin Bars in whatever hotel I find myself in. Vegas was much more enjoyable when I woke up to this amazing sight. I never tire of my bars and they are the one reason (besides the glorious  California sun) that I look forward to rising early in the day.
If you are looking for a Protein Bar that does not have sugar and gluten, I think ThinkThin Bars are a win win. Perfect for before and after your workouts, or if you are not a breakfast person like me, perfection with coffee.
Happy Morning



Monday was weigh in, and I lost a 1.5 pounds. It was less than I expected, but it was good that I did not gain that week being female and all. The Weight Watchers lady said I was lucky I did not gain. So I am now 196 pounds. Going down the healthy, slow way. I intend to lose the weight, get fit, and keep it off the healthy way. She suggested I eat a more substantial breakfast than fruit and a protein bar. My argument is at 7:00 am I am lucky I can eat that. I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I cannot eat much this early. I am lucky I can eat something at all.

Work today, then a workout with trainer/friend Mike.  I am a little tired and I am dragging a bit but I will pick it up as the morning progresses. More photos to follow soon, it seems I need a new battery for my digital camera. 

So today, no words of wisdom or poetry, I am too tired and my eyes are not properly focused as of yet.  Just a quick update on my progress so far. I admit I was a bit disappointed, but I cannot let that get me down. I lost over a pound. Plus I have heard not all victories are on the scale. So onward and forward it is. Wishing everyone a beautiful Tuesday.

Love and Light