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Good Morning to all and a very Happy Friday. Today my friend and I at work bring in little surprises to kick off the weekend. We call it Surprise Friday. He usually brings me in something a little decadent and I portion it out over the weekend and share it with James. Tomorrow is weigh in and I am in my sixth day of my gluten free experiment and I will see how it reflects on the scale Saturday morning. I met someone at Trader Joe’s last night, and he was explaining to me all about gluten free and the many products that are now available. It was inspiring to listen to him and learn. I got the best compliment from one of the regular staff, he said I look like I am glowing. It is nice to get progress compliments, it keeps me going.

Yesterday was my Thursday workout with Mike my trainer. It really packed a punch and was a lot of fun. We did a circuit. First I had to use these long ropes and work my arms, and then we did some boxing, and then planking and push ups and then I had to run and do it over again in a fast manner. The boxing took a little instruction, and I now have my own pink boxing gloves. I kind of hit like a girl, but my kick packs more of a punch. It was fun, and it is interesting how it reminds me of choreography although it is a lot harder and more awkward to master. We are going to be boxing every other week I think, and you can feel the full body workout this gives, plus you can beat out your frustrations and worries on the punching bag. 

Working out in the park is like childhood play in a way, there are dogs everywhere and of course they love to come up and visit us. This little white one is such a lover, he kisses me on the face every week. His owner told us he is to be in a movie soon. I adore animals so I am right in my element. We were working out and the funniest thing happened out of the blue. Mike tells me he tore his pants from behind, and not a little tear but all the way down. It was hysterical and he mentioned he thought he was getting a bit of a draft back there. He ran to his car and changed and was no worse for wear, and he was not embarrassed in the least. It reminded me of a lesson in life my sister Dona told me. There is no embarrassment unless you let yourself feel embarrassed. I have worked out that one for years.  

Now every time I fall flat on my face in public I stand up, shake myself off and walk in a confident manner with no thought of what people think. We have control over our emotions, negative and positive. I have had some major embarrassing moments in my life. I went on a date with this guy once. He picked me up in his brand new Mercedes. He took me to the state fair and fed me cotton candy and we rode all of the rides. On the way home you can imagine how cotton candy and twirly rides affected me. I got sick all over his brand new car. Oh, he never called again. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday, full of lots of surprises and no embarrassment. 
Love and Light to all


On Tuesday’s I weigh in, and I work out with Mike my trainer and friend. I lost two more pounds this week bringing my total to 190 LBS. This made me so happy, I have been really working hard and sticking to everything I say I will do, and to see the scale go down seven pounds is such a wonderful reward. I know I have a long way to go but to know this is all working motivates me even more. I am almost to the ten pound mark, and a few weeks after I lose the first ten is when I will be volunteering with The Monday Night Mission. Of course all the time I will be working on my twenty pound loss, this is a lifestyle change and I choose to make being healthy and fit a part of my life.

My workout with Mike at the park was wonderful, I can see and feel I am stronger than I was when we began a little over a month ago. Some of the exercises are not as awkward as they once were, and my strength and balance are improving.  I can feel my once dancer’s flexibility coming back, which made me elated. He truly is a great trainer/teacher and I am grateful to him for the time he puts in. I know I am a work in progress but it is all starting to feel quite natural to me. Tuesdays are the day I measure my true progress.

We did something I would have never dreamed of doing, he brought boxing gloves and I practiced punching the targets he wore on this hands and  then he had me alternate arms and do all these boxing moves. It was fun, of course I hit like a girl but I got better and I will get better. I do have this competitive side with myself and I do not give up. We plan on doing it again, it was fun and I can totally feel the effects on my body this morning. I am sore but it a good way. The jogging felt easier for me, especially when I discovered to try to stay on the heals of my feet and not on the ball of my feet. I tend to naturally do everything on my toes.  

Today after work is my one hour walk and my yoga practice. I love the way yoga makes me feel, totally zen inside and out. If I could find a way to practice five days a week I would, it truly makes me feel peaceful inside. I wish all of you love and light and a beautiful Wednesday. full of peace and joy.