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Me last summer and now.

I had my Wednesday workout with my trainer Mike before I escape to Vegas for a long holiday weekend with James.  I am getting really good at my push-ups and I am very proud at how far I have come. I will go much farther too, the skies the limit. I am really working on my fitness goals. My workouts are really changing my body, much more so than if I would have gone at it alone. I am very grateful for the help and expertise of Mike, he is a great teacher. 

I downloaded some music for my cardio, some fast 70’s and 80’s music to really get me moving.
Here are some of my new songs.

Wild Wild Life, Talking Heads
Turning Japanese The Vapors
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Meatloaf
Running on Empty Jackson Browne
Let it Ride BTO
Flashdance Irene Cara
Fame Irene Cara
Hollywood Nights Bob Seger
I’m Alive ELO
Shine a Little Love ELO
All Over The World ELO
Sweet Talking Woman ELO
I Got You Split Enz
I Ran Flock A Flock of Seagulls

Off to do some packing. Love and Light to all.


Yesterday in my blog post I talked about our digits. Those sly little numbers that seem to be our identities. Our we robots or humans? We are identified by our social security numbers, pin numbers, credit scores, weight, age, and our measurements. Ah, the nuances of numbers. It is enough to make a mathematically challenged gals head spin. I am Rose, and I am not a number.

Ok, Enough griping about numbers. I am coming clean with mine, and it is not the easiest challenge. I have accepted the fact that my weight is a high number, but accepting it and admitting it to the world does not mean I have decided to stay in the position of being overweight. Quite the contrary, I have accepted that I am overweight and  choose to lose weight for good to be a healthier, happier version of who I am today.

So yesterday I made my trek to Weight Watchers. The leader Susie recognized me from before. Yes, I had been there before and did not follow through, remember I am a procrastinator and tend to not always follow through when it comes to losing weight. But that has changed as I embark on this journey to lose weight and sponsor a charity with each ten pound loss. To lose weight the correct way, no quick fix scheme. And yes, I am doing it for me too.

Susie is quite adorable, and inspirational. We had a long chat and if time allows I am going to try to make her meetings. She told me stories about the seventies and Weight Watchers. She is very helpful and I felt empowered by her positive energy. I like Weight Watchers because it works for me. I keep a food journal, and eat my healthy meals and track my 26 daily points. It is a reminder to not skip meals, and to pace your points though the day. It works when you stick with it, combined with fitness and working out. 

Here is the beginning weight of my journey, 210 pounds. I do cringe when I look at it, and people always say I do not look it but the scale does not lie. I am coming out today, my name is Rose and I weight 210 pounds, but not for long.

Off to work then work out with my friend Mike who is a trainer. He is kind enough to help me begin my journey.  I will have more information about him and what type of workout I am doing with him as I continue on. More photos to follow. I decided this journey is to be a fun adventure, and so far I am loving every minute of it. I am transitioning, and enjoying the process as well as the final results.

Namaste’ Happy Tuesday
Make today a remarkable day


Monday has come again, like it does week after week. As I wake up, I ponder Monday, a not so popular day and word.  I really do not mind you at all, without Monday there would be no Friday to look forward to. So I awaken to coffee and water, and a healthy breakfast to get my day going.  I wish a sincere Happy Monday to all, as I continue on my journey of getting fit, losing weight, and sponsoring a charity with each ten pounds I lose. Yes, it is Monday, but it is ok.

So now another unpopular word. Weight. I have finally posted before photos and if I do say so myself I took more than I would have thought I would. I have lived through the dreaded full body photo.  Now comes the business of posting my beginning weight. It is not such an easy thing to put all of  your digits out into the world. Your age? 46  I have come clean there. Your weight? Ok, so tonight after work I am weighing in at Weight Watchers so my weight will be here tomorrow morning. No more hiding, no silk screens here. I will post my beginning weight each week after weigh in with more photos.

So Monday, and weight. I am facing my  fears and challenges head on and they are not as frightening as one may seem. I can do this, and I feel exuberant as I make my way through my Beautiful Monday. After all,Monday it is just a few days off from Friday.


Happy Sunday to all. I woke up slightly sore yet totally inspired from The Richard Simmons class. He has taught people for decades to love yourself, every single ounce of yourself. I am motivated as I make my way documenting my quest to lose weight for good and make a difference in the lives of others by sponsoring a charity with every ten pounds I lose. At the age of 46 I plan to be fit and fearless.  Combining my love for others and learning to love myself is the best thing I have done in forever. I live my life with such a love and acceptance for all people and animals but I have not given myself the same respect. Loving all of myself is the hardest part, but I am making long strides on the path to self acceptance. I have followed Mr Simmons for years, I did my Mother’s videos with my sister but somewhere his beautiful message of loving yourself alluded me until now. It took having the opportunity to dance with him in his music video and taking his extremely energetic class for the message to finally make an impact on my opinion of myself. 

There are many things I have personally put off because I felt I was not thin enough to do them. What is really an eye opener for me is I followed this self destructive pattern when I was fit and thin. The first step is to love your body as is. My body is my temple and I  am accepting it and loving it and all of its flaws. This is a first for me. I am so motivated with the process of my new transformation, the ups and downs. I am changing my mind as well as my body. Someone this week asked me if posting my before photos was liberating and I shrugged at him and said no. I felt embarrassed and ashamed. I have completely changed my outlook since my Richard Simmons experience. I do feel completely liberated and inspired.  I  really am taking the E out of EGO and I truly enjoying the beginning of my personal journey. No fear, no more. Fear is my second Achilles heal behind procrastination but that has completely changed this week. 

I have always felt such a gratitude for life, love, and living. This week I add true self love to my life filled with such beautiful abundance. Love yourself as you love all creatures of the universe. After all, you are a spectacular creature yourself. You are human. Thank you Richard Simmons for inspiring me and the masses for decades. 
Namaste’ love and light.


Today was fantastic, and I am so tired. I am uploading the photos from the Richard Simmons Video Shoot and I will post tomorrow all about it including the photos. It was a complete blast, I met some fantastic people and of course Mr Simmons himself, and I also met my twin. More on that later too.  I have my weight loss work cut out for me, but after today I am even more motivated. The energy today was unreal. I am completely inspired. 

Until then here are two of my full body before photos. Now sleep is calling me, I will tell all about my adventure raising the roof with Mr. Simmons tomorrow. Now I am just a little brain dead.