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As Richard says when he enters the room, HI EVERYBODY!!

I think I may have met my match. Not a day goes by when someone tells me how perky I am. The conversation with guests where I work is always are you always this perky? You are perkier than coffee, now I can skip my caffeine etc. Funny though, when people read my poetry they are often shocked that I am extremely deep and reflective.  Perky does not mean I am empty headed. I just love to be alive. Richard Simmons is one perky man, and you can tell he has a natural high from life. He truly loves it and lives it.  He is 65 and not stopping, and his energy could light up all of Los Angeles. I am in awe of him, his perkiness and all. And yes, he is also very deep. I feel honored to know him and have the opportunity to take his classes.

When you take on a project such as this you need to constantly keep moving and keep the momentum moving forward as well.  Going it alone is not an option. Working out with Mike on Tuesdays and attending Richard Simmons classes on Thursdays gives me that extra motivation to continue on.  As I have said I have been attending classes at Richard Simmons every Thursday Evening. It is major inspiration for me, and lasts the entire week. When I was in his video shoot I met a new friend named Francie, and our similarities of our paths were uncanny. We became instant friends. She decided to join me Thursday 8-1-13 for class. She was a dancer as well and loves to take classes and try new things. Her first time going to a Slimmons class was on the fourth of July and like me she was hooked.

I got there a little early, I am always early. I was talking to Gigi the 91 year old dynamo and she introduced me to a wonderful young guy named George who is a make up artist, and I met Erin a real Irish beauty. George has done Richards makeup amongst others. He said sometime in the future he would like to do mine. George and Erin are regulars but they usually attend on Tuesdays. I met Shoshanna, it was her first time and she was so excited and did not know what to expect. All of a sudden I saw a head bob up and yell out my name, Francie had arrived and thought I was not there, it was so crowded and she made her way over to me and to my new Richard Simmons friends. Again, as usual the energy was completely electric. 
Francie, Erin, Richard, George,Rose, Shoshanna

Rose and erin

Shoshanna and Rose

Francie and Rose 

I had told George that my ankle felt tender, and he told me to make sure I mention it to Richard so he knows. This man works you out, and he pushes unless he feels you are injured. He came over to me, kissed both my cheeks and when I told him my ankle felt a litttle tender he had me feel his knee. He was wearing a  knee brace and he instructed I go to CVS and purchase one for my ankle for extra support. He kept his eye on me but did not push.

The class was absolutely a riot and so fantastic. I do not think words could express the energy that this man brings to the table. It was Latin night coupled with amazing Latin moves and Richard was actually playing records off a record machine. Totally retro aerobics. My ankle felt fine but I stayed on the low impact side, and danced my heart out as did everyone else. You have to be there to understand how much fun it is.

Free weights came next, and then planking. I am proud to say I planked on one leg with my right let raised. I am definitely getting stronger and Francie told me she has noticed a difference in me since the video shoot. Making progress slowly but surely, all I can say is woo hooo.

Richard gave his nightly inspirational talk and wished a few people Happy Birthday and gave them a special birthday gift, he even sang the Birthday tune from Fiddler on the Roof. We took photos and were on our way, smiles and all.   Afterwards Francie and I went to Robertson Blvd for cupcakes, coffee, and conversation. I am so happy to have met her, she is an amazing young woman and new friend. I actually had just a quarter of a cupcake and a decaf skim cappuccino. A bite or two was all that was needed for me to feel satisfied. I am feeling so fufilled in other areas, this whole journey is really becoming such a fun adventure. 

When I began this project I said anything I say I am going to do I will do, no procrastination and no backing out of things. I am proud to say so far I have stuck to that vow. I am dedicated even on days when I may feel a bit fatigued, weak or tired. At the end of the day the fatigue lifts and all I am left with is that natural perky high you get from this beautiful thing we call life. To quote one of my favorite films The Shawshank Redemption. ” Get busy living or get busy dying.” I choose to live passionately, to live big, and live my authentic life. 
Love and Light


I am in need of new sneakers that fit properly. My lovely Siamese cat Rascal  chewed the inside of the back of my  right sneaker, which caused the shoe to rub against the back of my ankle. I found myself walking in an awkward manner to compensate this problem, and I have caused a tiny strain on my foot. My ankle feels tight and a bit uncomfortable when I walk. This weekend I will be searching for the right pair of sneakers for my foot. I am hard to fit, I have a very high arch, with a narrow heal and it takes a lot of trial and error to find the right fit. 

Tonight is Richard Simmons, and my friend Francie from the video shoot is joining me as well as my friend Joanna from work. More photos to follow.  I am going to try to tone down my enthusiasm and go low impact to make sure this tightness does not become a strain. I have to admit I am upset that my foot feels a little off, we all want to be perfect all the time and when we are not well it is so frustrating. I took an ibuprofen to ease any swelling that may have occurred, something I never do. I am icing it before work as a precaution. 

I posted something on my facebook page I found on Pinterest that is completely fitting for this blog post. I love dancing the cha cha and I am an optimist as well so this is perfect for how I feel this morning. Wishing everyone sunshine and smiles on this beautiful Thursday.
Love and Light


Sometimes periods of incredible inspiration and motivation are followed by moments of self doubt. It is like that evil elf sitting on your shoulder telling you, not so fast. You find yourself questioning how you will ever go the distance, and then he has you in the palm of his little charred hand. His hold on you feeds on your insecurities and all of a sudden that motivational high comes down a few pegs. What do you do then? Let him consume you or make a quick get-a-way?

I came home from another electric Richard Simmons class last night. I met a wonderful family from Houston, Texas and my friend Joanna joined me as well. Nothing happened to me to all of a sudden feel anxious yet I do. I need to nip these little feelings of uncertainty immediately. I have no reason to worry I will not go the distance, but reasoning has nothing to do with that other side of you that seems to speak way to loudly to your insecurities.

My plan is to continue to do everything I am doing, and then some. I will not get this fleeting moment of self skepticism get in my way. I will keep up with working out six days a week and tracking my food. I am having one weak moment but I will not let that get in my way to make my goals and My Change For A Ten a success. After all, anything of worth is work, hard work. That includes battling those belated moments of self doubt that seem to high jack your positive thoughts.

I will focus on the process, the slow process, and the charities at the end of each ten pounds. I am doing this for two reasons, for health, and to make a difference in the lives of others. Each day is a brand new opportunity to excel.  I will not let those ugly emotions get the better of me. I am an optimist, sometimes to a fault so I will rely on my usual upbeat demeanor to help me forge forward. Plus I am surrounded by many inspirational people and I continue to meet new people that inspire me with their stories. I silently tell myself  “you got this,” as I listen to one of my favorite bands, The Eagles, and sing along to The Long Run. I am in this for The Long Run. 
Love and Light


I met a wonderful family from Houston, and my friend Joanna came to class.   

Mckenna from Houston

                                                           Courtney from Houston

Kelly, Mckenna, Courtney with me, Richard Simmons and my friend Joanna

                                                                       Joanna and me

                                                           Houstons loveliest family

                                      Kelly, Courtney, me, and Mckenna.


In the 1980’s the only colors we wore were neon, we watched General Hospital after school, sweated with Richard Simmons, and of course we wore Guess Jeans. It is so surreal to be able to take classes at Slimmons with Richard Simmons. Yesterday I went to another class, and it was fabulous. I invited a friend to come and share in the retro style aerobics class with me, but unfortunately she was held up and never made it to class. Of course I wore my signature pig tails, which tend to be a conversation starter.

I started talking to this lovely girl with a Guess headband on, and her name is Amber and she works at Guess in the Marketing department.  We got to discussing how we heard about the class etc. She and her whole marketing team from Guess came together. They were all so friendly and enthusiastic about taking Mr Simmons class.  I told her a little about myself, how I became hooked on his classes and of course I told her all about My Change For A Ten project. I also told her how I loved to wear Guess in the 1980’s.

She was so welcoming, and told me for the night I was to be an honorary Guess team member. She even gave me a read headband with the Guess logo. Now, in the 80’s Guess was all the rage. I was Guess obsessed if I do say so myself. So the retro headband was perfect and totally fitting for a Richard Simmons class, where everyone comes decked out in their best 1980’s inspired aerobic gear.

I introduced Amber and her team to Geri aka Gigi, or Grandma Gorgeous as she is known, and gorgeous at  the young age of 91 she is. She also got a red Guess headband and was one of the team for the evening. You should see Gigi dance, she is such an inspiration and a total sweetheart. 

The class started, and Richard was decked out in black with a long black wig. He played Korean pop music for the class, and it was a crowded one. I guess, hehe, that coming to his classes has become trendy. I love it. The aerobics was super energetic and fun but I must say Richard kicked my but during the mat workout. Hold planks on our elbows? Let’s just say Mr Simmons does not let leave without a proper workout. 

The class ended with Birthdays and Richard wished some of the members Happy Birthday, and he gave another inspirational talk. I am hooked through and through. I work out, sweat, laugh, cry, and I experience every emotion in between. It will be a once a week event for me, I am now a regular at Richard Simmons Slimmons class, and I love it. 

I walked over one mile home too. Boom!!


I was up late last night, and my husband basically did not think I would wake up to go to the Richard Simmons exercise class. It was his 65th Birthday yesterday, and today’s class was a special one. You had to be there early to secure a place. I had promised Joanne and Susan from the video shoot that I would be there. It has been on my bucket list since I have moved to Los Angeles, and the icing on the cake was the opportunity to be in his video, but I still wanted to attend his class as well.

I woke up  completely tired and almost decided to stay home. Then I remembered a promise I made to myself, to follow through with everything I say I will do.  So I got myself ready, ate a little oatmeal and fruit and made my way to the Slimmons Studio in Beverly Hills.

The minute I arrived people were already signing in two hours in advance. I met some new lovely people and caught up with Joanne and Susan from the video shoot. The energy in the room was like nothing I have experienced, it was completely electric and Richard wasn’t even in the building yet. People mingled, the music played loud and I swore I was going to jump out of my skin. I had goosebumps.

All of a sudden  Richard Simmons enters the studio, in all of his glory dressed in orange as bright as the sun, and I think he radiates as much energy as the sun. One could bottle this feeling and make a million dollars. I can see why he is considered such an icon. He comes in, yells “Hi Everybody” and basically the room takes off like a firecracker on speed.

We did a dance aerobic routine that made me sweat bullets, and the music was fantastic. It was a mix of old and new. He played Neon Trees, my favorite. Everyone sings along as they move, and I have not had this much fun since my theater and dance days. Then comes the soul train style dancing, when he picks people to go in the middle of the room to dance with him.  He makes the men take off their shirts, and you almost feel like you are either at a strip club or a rock concert. Everyone is moving, sweating, smiling, hooting and hollering. I don’t think I have smiled or laughed that much in ages.

After the aerobics and dance portion, there was free weights and mat work. At the end of the class everyone sits up on their mat and listens to Richard’s motivational speech to wrap up the class. He basically said if something is wrong, change it. Your birthday is not your dead day, it is a birthday so get to living. 

The class ended and Mr Simmons had time for some quick photo ops and then  he was off to finish a portion of his music video. This man is 65 and he is so energetic. I was completely moved, inspired and high on life. I plan to go back, it is literally just blocks from my house.

I left with an extra pep in my step. I exchanged contact information with the wonderful new friends I encountered. I felt like I was walking on a cloud. If anyone is ever in Los Angeles I highly recommend you attend a Slimmons class in Beverly Hills. You will not be sorry. 

This was a perfect way to motivate me to continue on my quest to get to my first ten pounds the healthy fit way, while having fun in the process.  My first week of My Change For A Ten wrapped on a high note, not unlike the voice of Richard Simmons as he yells at you to get moving and sweat.