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One of the things I really want to try is Aerial Yoga. One of my best friends teaches it in San Diego and I plan on trying it as soon as I progress in my practice.

This is how I imagine it to be.
Namaste’ and Goodnight

My tortured soul surrenders 
My resistant body to a fated flight.
Melancholic melodies of my history,
Caught between memory and reality.
My fickle heartbeat dangles, 
Caught in tangled cobwebs
Of here, then and now;  and then.
Escape to the rhythm of lyrical suspense,
Suspended aimlessly without a whim;
Midair swan dive maneuvering
Into the embrace of silken arms;
Whirling together, abandoning myself.
Hanging in the imbalance between
Rhapsody and heartbreak.
(c) Rose Bruno Bailey