Update on the scale issue and my weight. My husband fixed the battery disk and the scale is now working. I got on and I can officially say I lost three pounds. I am now at the twenty pound mark so in about 5 pounds I will be doing my next charity which I will do a blog post about it this week. 

I have now lost 20 pounds since July, and thirty pounds since January. My weight is now 177 pounds. Wow, that makes me feel like a million dollars. Love and light to all.

2 thoughts on “SCALE WORKING

  1. Yugottu Doosh

    Rose, Rose, Rose…even when you’re under the weather you’re still gorgeous! When I feel a case of the sniffles coming on, I buy one bag of Family Sized Cool Ranch Doritos, a six pack of Schlitz Bull Ice Beer, and pop 1 milligram of Xanax (taken from my mother’s pure). It’s cheaper than the copay I’d have to shell out at the walk-in medi clinic for some goddamn antibiotics. Love ya Rosie!


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