I climbed to the roof to see what lies ahead off in the distant horizon,
and it is as lovely as the sea and the sunshine.

I lost a pound this week, woo hoo.

Good morning to all. I love weighing in on Saturdays. It gets me ready for my weekend on a bright and positive note, and if I gain I know to change things up and not undo my hard work because it is the weekend. Today I lost another pound, bringing my weight to 174 lbs. It is my lowest weight so far, and I am so thrilled. I went from 207 last January, to 197 when I started this project. So for the sake of this project I have lost 23 lbs since July, and 33 since January. It is a slow weight loss, and I am happy with it being so. I was at a party in December and I spent the evening talking to a cardiologist, and he explained losing a pound a week is completely healthy and you will definitely keep it off. I had been on a plateau during December but since January I have broken the plateau.

I am so excited I am so close to being in the 160’s. That feels so amazing, and I am so proud. I am also proud of how far I have come in my fitness journey. My workouts with my Trainer Mike are really starting to evolve since I am becoming much stronger. We are going to incorporate  a lot of various styles of working out. I told him martial arts interest me so we may try to mix it up even more. I am having a blast, I enjoy my workouts, my yoga, and walking and running. I am changing my mind as well as my body and it feels so good.

Today my husband James is attending the Winter Classic Hockey game so I am having lunch with my friend Francie from The Richard Simmons Video. She is a wonderful and supportive friend, and I am blessed to have met her and all of my new friends I am encountered since I started this journey. My life has taken a new direction, sometimes you just have to turn at the fork in the road and see what the unknown holds.

Happy Weekend to all,
Love and Light,

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