Good morning to all on this fantastic Friday. I wanted to write something about the amazing organization Project Cuddle. I first learned about Project Cuddle on the Jeff Probst Show, one day sitting at home flipping channels and not exercising like I should have been. It made an impact on me, so I looked up their website and have been following their Facebook page for quite some time. It was a natural pick for my twenty pound goal, as I was moved from the moment I heard about all that the wonderful things they do. I understand I am far off from this somewhat elusive number, but I wanted to talk about the huge difference they are making every day in the lives of others, and how I plan to assist them when I do make it to my second ten pound goal. Of course there will be much more information as I get closer to my goals.

My plan when I reach my  second ten pound goal is to have a Virtual Baby Shower, and it will be a big party with appropriate gifts and or gift cards all to be donated to Project Cuddle for the babies. I have been in contact with JulieAnn and Debbe at Project Cuddle and they have been very supportive of my quest. They are selfless workers, in my opinion they and all of the staff at Project Cuddle are angels here on earth. So here is a little taste of what is to come. In the meantime, the journey to get there continues, and I am loving every minute of it;  well everything but the necessary evil of before photos. 🙂
Namaste’ Rose



Project Cuddle Helps PREVENT Baby abandonment through a 24 hour, toll-free crisis hot-line to help girls and women hiding a pregnancy. 1-888-628-3353. We can help!

Providing safe and legal alternatives to baby abandonment.

Company Overview
Project Cuddle is a non-profit organization that provides safe and legal alternatives to pregnant teens and women considering abandonment of their newborns. WE DON’T JUDGE a girl/woman. We are there to help her go through this tough time and be proud of the save and legal decisions she has made. 50% give their babies up for adoption, while the others are able to keep their babies because of the support that we have helped give them. We help them find shelter, medical care, volunteer support during the pregnancy and Rescue families that are home-study ready and open to adopting. The birth mom decides if she wants an open or closed adoption, and what families she wants to consider.
We have helped girls/women in crisis from coast to coast, as well as into Canada and the Virgin Isles.

Project Cuddle has saved over 720 babies in the United States and Canada through a confidential, toll-free, 24-hour, 7-day hotline, and through education initiatives across the country. You can learn more about our work, including the efforts of our Advisory Board President and National Spokesperson, John Stamos, by visiting our website.

General Information

IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE AND WANT TO REACH OUR HOTLINE, PLEASE CALL 1-88-TO-CUDDLE (English 1-888-628-3353; Spanish 1-888-483-2323). For any other questions, please call our admin office. at 714-432-9681.

Basic Info

Founded 1994

Location 2973 Harbor Blvd. #326, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (admin office)

Awards Points of Light Award, What’s Right with Southern California by CBS, Clarins “Most Dynamic Woman” Award *the first in America, the 50th in the world. People Magazine- Heroes Among Us, Honored by Oprah with the first “CHEERS TO YOU” celebration that was featured on the Oprah Show.

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