Happy Saturday to all,

Today is day six of my six month challenge, I feel amazing and I lost 4 lbs.  

Cue happy face.


I am on a quest to make meals the inexpensive and healthy way as I continue to lose weight, as well as making my home a beautiful haven. This is a right for all, no matters what  your economic status is.  It takes a little creativity and ingenuity and time.

I admit in the past with my weight loss I have relied on take out salads, and I lost my weight but it was a lot more expensive than if I did my own shopping and cooking. The grocery store for me can be overwhelming, and expensive as well. I used to hate all groceries stores until I discovered Trader Joe’s. 

I am well into my first week of my six month countdown to  age 50 challenge and I already lost 4 lbs. I am cooking at home and planning meals that can stretch into leftovers on the next day. When I do eat out it is because I am sharing a meal and conversation with a great friend, and I ask the server politely to adjust items on the menu for my lifestyle.

Fresh brewed iced tea with lime. A homemade turkey burger with red pepper relish, mixed greens, spinach and beet salad. Perfection, healthy and on point.

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I am using the app Lose It to watch my calories and portions. It is free and a great resource for food tracking. I try to keep it under 1,500 calories.  I never buy take out anymore, if I am home I can eat a home cooked meal. Meals at home are more delicious to me than take out and they are inexpensive and healthy. The food budget goes much further and we always have leftovers. I use a lot of produce and I am learning how to buy fresh on a dime. Today chicken dinner, tomorrow the sauce can be used for cooking delicious lentils.


Tips to buy produce the inexpensive way. Of course I always visit Trader Joe’s.

Visit local farmers markets and farm stands. I am new to Farmers Markets and I find if you walk around and look you can see what is a value to you, then walk around again and buy what you will use for the week. I try to make my meals work around what I find on sale, I just happen to love all fruits and vegetables. Trust me, I believe anti aging begins from the inside and out.


Don’t forget to feed your soul as well as your body with fresh flower and beautiful dishes. You can find a lovely bouquet for a fraction of what you would pay at the flower shop at farmers markets. Just because you are frugal and financially strapped does not mean you do not deserve the beautiful things in life. Buy some flowers, serve healthy and fresh dinners on gorgeous plates, and make yourself feel special. You are one of a kind and life is a gift, so celebrate every moment.


You can find beautiful dishes for nothing at thrift stores, I love these cake plates and I use them when I eat small meals and  for breakfast. They make me feel like a million bucks.


I have a dear friend named Mary, she is truly an angel and she teaches me so much with her creativity and food knowledge. She took me to an Armenian Market. I had no idea ethnic markets could be such a wonderful resource, now I want to visit more ethnic markets. You can find unusual products to jazz up your healthy meals as well as dried beans for almost nothing, as well as produce and meats. The options are endless. I added zucchini to my chicken dish, as well as this amazing garlic sauce. My hubby said it was my best chicken dish to date, and it was completely clean and healthy. The dried lentils work into a healthy lentil soup for lunch on the second day, using the leftover sauce.




Don’t turn your nose up at dollar stores as well. You can find dried spices, vegetables and canned beans and tomatoes. Always rinse your canned beans before using. I found carrots and zucchini for a dollar a package each. I also found vinegar and dark chocolate plus sparkling water. My dinner cost less than $15.00 and we had enough for two days. 


Baked  Italian Chicken 


One bag frozen Chicken $6.99 a bag

Can crushed tomatoes plus half cup hot water .99

Can tomato Paste .79

6 Garlic cloves, two onions sliced, 6 sliced zucchini, 6 sliced carrots $2.50

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil $5.99 large bottle

3 tablespoons Armenian garlic sauce 3.99

salt, pepper, oregano found at dollar store

Mix all ingredients together in a large baking pan, and season with salt, pepper and oregano.

Cook covered in oven at temperature of 375 for an hour or until chicken is completely done.

The secret to this dish I the garlic sauce. I’m sure it can be found at most Armenian markets, or maybe Persian markets. It’s began but it makes the dish taste creamy and decadent. I topped the chicken dish with an additional spoonful of goodness (garlic sauce).

Clean eating this good makes me feel like a bad girl. Who said frugal and healthy had to be boring. I like to serve this with mashed cauliflower or roasted potatoes.

How are you doing this week?

Much love, light, prosperity and abundance to you and yours. Be happy no matter what your financial situation is. You can eat beautiful food and nourish your body with nutrition even on limited funds. Your body is a temple, it just takes creativity to find frugal ingredients instead of trashing your temple with junk food. Don’t eat cheap eat frugal. 













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